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Firearms Act Fails Again

9mm registered Handgun Used in Double Murder Suicide

By R.B. (Bruce) Hutton -- Executive Director, LUFA

First, let me say I have the utmost sympathy for the families of the victims of the recent murder-suicide at the offices of the provincial Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection in Kamloops, British Columbia. My heartfelt condolences go out the survivors of Mr. James McCracken, regional manager, Mr. David Mardon, union steward and Mr. Anderson, the perpetrator in this incident.

This unfortunate occurrence is a perfect example of the Firearms Act in action. This ill-conceived, irrational, piece of legislation does absolutely nothing to protect or enhance the safety of the Canadian public. Mr. Andersonĺs 9 mm handgun was registered (Canadian law since 1934) and yet it was used in this horrific crime against humanity. I challenge anyone to show, without emotional rhetoric, how the Firearms Act truly enhances Canadian public safety. The Act is nothing more than a catastrophic waste of taxpayerĺs dollars creating another useless federal bureaucracy.

Perhaps if the Federal Liberals hadnĺt wasted over one billion dollars in the last 4 years on this Firearms Act there would have been more money available for counselling those who need it, more money for womenĺs shelter, and more money for additional police protection and equipment. These are all things that would truly make Canadians safer.

Unfortunately, the cop on the street and their union, the Canadian Police Association know this Act doesnĺt make Canadians safer and they donĺt appear to have the moral fibre and courage to admit it publicly. The CPA has, in the past, threatened to withdraw support for the Act. The federal Government has failed to address concerns outlined by the CPA at their AGM in Regina in 2000. It is time for honest police officers to stop playing politics for their own gain and tell the Canadian public the truth on this issue.

Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association
R.B. (Bruce) Hutton
Executive Director

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