TSA handgun contract draws ire of firearms makers

CongressDaily ~ (the) Transportation Security Administration has run afoul of the world's leading gun manufacturers in an attempt to award a three-year, $5 million contract for the semiautomatic handguns it plans to give commercial airline pilots to defend their cockpits.

Air Neglect

What's wrong with trained pilots having guns?

Dave Kopel & David Petteys ~ The core problem is the bureaucrats really do not want pilots to be armed. "I don't think we want to equip our pilots with firearms," said Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. Asked why, Ridge replied "Where would it end?"

'You're an officer of the federal government'

Vin Suprynowicz ~ To get around admitting that it could ever, ever be a good thing to allow mere "civilians" to go armed, the authorities have mandated that pilots who complete the training will now be officially deputized.


David Brownlow ~ The Homeland Security Act, The Patriot Act, and the soon-to-be-unleashed Patriot Act II have very little to do with providing security to the homeland. They have everything to do with providing our government with a myriad of new powers for keeping all of us under control.

Pilots say TSA Disrupting Gun Training

Editor ~ The TSA is moving their pilot training base to a remote facility in NM. Since pilots must provide their own transportation, on their own time, the TSA is attempting to make participation in the program geographically inconvenient.


William A. Shields ~~ But now you might say that things are different since 9-11. Thereís more security at the airports, more and better screeners. Searches are more thorough and more items such as nail files are prohibited. Iím here to tell you itís all window dressing.

APSA Action Alert

Airline Pilots' Security Alliance - APSA is committed to an FFDO program that will be successful with great participation. We call on all supporters to contact Congress and ask them to perform their vital oversight function of the agency assigned this responsibility.

Tell the Senate: "Let's Finish the Job on Arming Pilots"

CCRKBA - Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning has introduced a bill that would allow cargo pilots to defend themselves and their aircraft with the same vigilance that the government affords pilots of passenger aircraft. S. 516: The Arming Cargo Pilots Against Terrorism Act would make an additional 12,000 cargo pilots eligible to defend the cockpit and protect Americans from another air-to-land airplane attack.


This is the first APSA update since before the February 25 deadline the TSA had to begin arming pilots. This update will outline to you the footdragging and interference by the TSA to sabotage the FFDO program to the hazard of whats left of the flying public.

Arming of Pilots Is Way Overdue

John R.Lott, Jr. - 1 1/2 years after 9/11, the first class of 48 commercial pilots finally starts training to carry guns on airplanes. Unfortunately, the Bush administration's rules for screening and training pilots mean few will qualify. Our air travel system is still very vulnerable to hijacking, and quick measures need to be taken.

Senator Introduces Bill to Arm Cargo Pilots

Washington, D.C. - We are here to enhance our national security by closing a loophole in the Federal Flight Deck Officer Program. Last year both the Senate and House overwhelmingly passed provisions to the Homeland Security Act to allow both commercial and cargo pilots to voluntarily possess a firearm in the cockpit. Yet, during conference of that bill the cargo pilots were excluded. They should not have been excluded.

TSA Trying to Discourage Armed Pilot Volunteers

Jeff Johnson - As the February 25th deadline approaches for aviation security officials to begin training pilots who volunteer for the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, those pilots said Friday that administration officials who oppose the program are still trying to interfere with the mandate from Congress to put guns in the cockpits.

Federal Bureaucrats Obstruct Armed-Pilots Law

Phil Brennan, - Congress voted last year to allow the training of pilots to carry firearms on flights. The program calls for volunteer pilots to become "federal flight deck officers." But the requirements proposed by the TSA, which has until Tuesday to implement its firearm-training program and finalize its requirements, could discourage pilots from entering the program and all but gut it, frustrating congressional

TSA Poised to Kill Armed Pilot Program

APSA - It looks like our fight starts again! This is the latest news from APSA regarding the Federal flight deck officer
program. I don't think that there is one of us that
expected a fair shot from the government regarding giving pilots the tools to effectively defend themselves and their aircraft from a terrorist intrusion, but this goes beyond the pale of common sense.

Arming the Troops in the Sky

By Vin Suprynowicz -- Las Vegas Review-Journal

From the days of open cockpits, up through the 1950s, federal regulations required commercial pilots to pack sidearms if they were carrying the mail.

APSA Responds to Armed Pilot Legislation

By Airline Pilots Security Alliance

The U.S. Senate passed the Homeland Security bill this evening; the House of Representatives passed the same bill earlier this month. The President will soon sign the bill into law. A key provision of the bill allows for arming the pilots of passenger airliners.

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