"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights


"You have the Right to an Assailant"

Imagine you're embarking on a journey to an undiscovered country whose history and customs, its heroes and geography, its language and way of life are totally foreign to you. Your permit to carry is your passport, your contract with its "government," which expects you to be aware of all these things and will hold you fully accountable for them - even to the cost of your life. As a new arrival on this foreign soil, you want to fit in harmoniously among its good citizens and be regarded as a reasonable and prudent member of its society, a sober individual whose judgments and opinions can be relied on.

Just as you wouldn't go to a distant land without learning its ways, you don't expect a mere permit to carry to instantly make you anything greater than you already are. You become intimately familiar with all facets of "legal defensive firearm culture," its history, language, its notable personages, and how legal defensive firearms integrate into a total program of both mental and physical preparedness so that no sudden event can ever take you unawares, both in the present and in the future.

As you travel abroad in this strange land, you soon discover that you're treated with entirely less dignity and respect than others are. Although you expect to fit in harmoniously, having studied the country's history of how it was founded by legally defensively armed citizens: farmers and businessmen of high moral character, who put into their founding documents for all to see, that every citizen had the inalienable right, in fact, the duty to be legally defensively armed at all times and that there were specific prohibitions for all time to prevent "government" from ever removing this right, you discover that somehow the very opposite has taken place, that contrary to written tradition, nobody has any rights except "government," and then only if they're in a good mood.

You're strongly cautioned to beware of the roving goon squads of mercenary ninjas employed as "government" assassins dressed as storm troopers, complete with jackboots, black SS uniforms, Nazi helmets and German machineguns, but, embarrassed to publicly show their bloody faces, all wear the same sinister ski masks other predatory criminals do, but whose job it is to thoroughly intimidate the population from even contemplating the legal resistance, built into the founding documents, to the very tyranny they employ.

You, naively, thought this kind of thing only happened in third-world dictatorships. You started to get a bad feeling when you landed at the airport, and as you disembarked, were surrounded by surly offensively-armed gangs dressed in camouflage, much as you'd expect to see in any third-world dictatorship, and then were rudely
accosted by arrogant men who demanded, "your papers, please," in heavily accented English, and led you off to be electronically strip searched, insolently threatening you with unwarranted violence, arrest and prison if you dare protest your shoddy treatment!

Their founding documents speak of "liberty" and "the pursuit of happiness," but what you see with your own eyes is citizens annually robbed at gunpoint, not by predatory thieves, but instead, by the very "government" sworn to protect them! You read of innocent citizens burned alive for their religious beliefs and other citizens rounded up and deported as slaves in foreign armies, with those who courageously refuse imprisoned for life!

You're surprised and dismayed to discover an underhanded campaign, orchestrated by the "government" and administered by the Disinformation Ministry, whose results are printed and broadcast daily, loudly and constantly propagandizing the party line, that only mercenary proxy-guardians and the standing army may legally possess defensive firearms, and to selectively report only those rare instances where arms are misused by predatory criminals, but to deviously suppress all the numerous instances of honest citizens successfully protecting their lives with legal defensive firearms.

You're confused and disheartened by the obvious duplicity of both the "government" and an entire segment of this country's population, who all fervently believe that passing infinitely more immoral malum prohibitum laws further restricting more of their already meager liberties will somehow reverse their incomprehensible repudiation to address that lawless segment of their population who refuse to obey any of their nebulous laws, when in fact, not even their duly elected "government" obeys them, assaulting and even murdering innocent citizens with no retribution.

When you decide to pay homage to the founders by visiting the site of the important first battle in the armed revolution that established the once-great country, begun because the citizens' legal defensive arms were to be illegally confiscated by the "government," a place dedicated to the freedom of individuals, you're shocked and disillusioned to discover that today, you can't even go there because you're legally defensively armed, and in fact the local mercenary proxy-guardian "police" chief and attorney general both publicly brag that they allow no one legally defensively armed, and its drunken senator, himself guilty of lethal felonies, gleefully announces a "war on individualism!"

You're parsimoniously restricted to only specific diminutive areas in the country, and then only particular small unimportant places within those areas. All others can go anywhere, but not you. Places like airports, "government" buildings, schools, and long arbitrary lists of other establishments, which constantly change from location to location. Although the country's founding documents clearly spell out that all citizens have rights, you discover that in one part of the country, you're welcomed, and right down the street, you're shunned. You hear tales that long ago in this country, a certain group wasn't even allowed to sit at the front of a bus or train. Well, today there are planes, but you're not allowed on board because you're legally defensively armed!

There's no consistency, and the myriad arbitrary, capricious laws not only keep changing, but the interpretations of the same law changes depending on which crooked politician looks it over. Although downtrodden citizens have litigated parallel case law, when you point out the glaring inequities, you're told that they have "no relation to your circumstances" and in fact, the long-standing law that unequivocally sanctions you to carry really doesn't mean what it says, that any citizen can plainly see it means just the opposite.

When desperate citizens petition the holy lawgivers for help, the "government," smiling benevolently, tells them it has no obligation to do so and further forbids them, like recalcitrant children, from ever protecting themselves from likely deadly attack. You're told that the country's founding document proudly proclaims, "A well-regulated population being necessary to the security of a mercenary proxy guardian "police" state, the right of the "government" to seize and destroy arms shall not be infringed," and that the highest court had unanimously decided that all citizens must be issued this dire warning: "You have the duty to remain helpless. Should you fail in this duty, anything you do will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an assailant. If you cannot find one yourself, the
court will release one for you." Horror stories abound.

You forlornly read in the Disinformation Ministry's daily journal, not of law-abiding citizens heroically protecting their own families, but instead sordid tales of how hundreds of disarmed victims are daily slaughtered with no hope of any "protection" from their fat and happy thieving politicians, and heartbreaking example after brutal example of how those downtrodden citizens with nothing left to lose are daily imprisoned or murdered by the treacherous "government" sworn to defend them.

You're even informed that one of the country's most revered leaders said during the most distressing event in the nation's history: "Now we are entering the opening engagements of a great civil war, testing whether this nation, or any nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that free men bear arms, can long endure."

You're viewed with contempt and hatred by people who not only don't know of the tests you had to endure and the harsh and intrusive investigation into your background to assure the citizens here of your sterling character, yet scurrilous liars intent on your destruction constantly propagandize a gullible public into ardent belief in the most vile fables concocted since Germany in the 1930s. Good but ignorant citizens are continuously exhorted to generously donate their hard-earned but increasingly extorted income to a disgraceful band of incompetent fools, intent on your complete extinction.

Not only do "government" officials hound you, but bands of political lackeys and dupes clamor for more immoral malum prohibitum laws and increasingly severe punishments for invented crimes and imagined wrongdoing, going so far as to arbitrarily determine that inanimate objects of certain size and even color are somehow suddenly evil. Of course, the notion that one need only "apply for a permit" is nothing but misdirection, equivalent to telling the Jews as they boarded the trains to the East that they should be careful to "label your luggage for when you return."

Keep up the fight.
Molon Labe!


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