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Armed Females of America Recommended Reading

The World's Great Machine Guns: From 1860 to the Present Day - Roger Ford

The last 150 years have seen dramatic changes in the history of firearms. In that time we have moved from powder-and-ball charged, muzzle-loading volley guns to automatic weapons and a dazzling array of machine guns and pistols. Lavishly illustrated with full-color illustrations (including detailed cutaways) and color and black-and-white photographs...

Justice Rendered! - Scotty Phillips

Have you ever been a victim of crime or do you know someone that has? What would you do if a robber, rapist, or someone who wanted your car confronted you? Could you fight back? How would you defend yourself? The following stories are those of common citizens that have had to answer these questions in real life in the year 2000. They will tell their stories about the eventful day that changed their lives forever.
The phrase "It'll never happen to me" is one that most of us believe when we hear of unfortunate events happening to others. This phrase no longer applies to the victims in this book. They tell their stories with hopes and prayers that those who read this book will never encounter the acts of crime that they had to endure.

God, Guns and Rock 'n' Roll Ted Nugent

Rock and roll legend Ted Nugent believes that responsible gun ownership is good, constitutionally protected and a proven crime G.G.& R and R, he explains the elements of gun equipment, training, and safety; and talks about how hunting can instill a sense of the spirit of the wild. Certain to be controversial.

Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish
Ted Nugent, Shemane Nugent

Ted Nugent likes to say, "You can't grill it until you kill it." Well, even if you don't kill it personally, now you can grill it just like the Nuge. In Kill It and Grill It, Ted Nugent shares his favorite recipes for such exotic fare as wild boar, pheasant, buffalo and venison. Kill It and Grill It is filled with hunting anecdotes, detailed instructions on cleaning and dressing your game, helpful hints for those new to hunting and cooking wild game, nutritional information, and of course, recipes. And while Ted doesn't buy his meat wrapped in plastic, there are plenty of recipes to tide you over when the hunting party comes home empty handed. Ted has a recipe for every meal and every occasion.

In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection - Massad F. Ayoob

This book is a must have for anyone considering owning a firearm for personal protection.

Guns Save Lives: - Robert A. Waters

True Stories of Americans Defending Their Lives with Firearms


Unintended Consequences - John Ross

"This is a very important, unique, and gutsy book for two reasons: its main theme is that gun control will lead to civil war, and it goes about methodically explaining to the reader how that will happen. For those reasons, I give it five stars." a reader

Flight from Eden - Kathryn A. Graham

What could a computer expert, a mercenary with admittedly sadistic tendencies, a cashiered U.S.A.F. officer and a world-famous astrophysicist possibly have in common?


They are each prepared to sacrifice life, fortune and sacred honor to free their nation from the grip of tyranny. To accomplish this, they must attempt the impossible. If they fail, the streets of their nation will run red with blood.

If they succeed, they will die millions of miles from their homes . . .


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