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Armed Females of America

A Message From Carma Lewis

Many in our ranks deny that a threat to our firearms even exists. We want AFA to be the voice of those who have no voice, or choose not to use it. It is the obligation of every American, and especially firearm owners, to educate other citizens who do not perceive the anti-gun agenda to be a threat to them. All firearm owners are targets! Not just the handgun owner, collectors, .50BMG shooter or semi-auto shooters. The muzzleloaders; reenacters; airguns and cowboy action shooters are also in the target zone of the anti-rights league.

In other words, stop being lazy about your liberties; stop allowing the anti’s the ability to make the law-abiding citizen pay the price with their unconstitutional legislation and become pro-active! Take action and speak up for your (our) rights! Call your senator, write letters to your legislators and tell your friends!! As the only nation in the world with a Constitution that guarantees the private ownership of firearms, we can never be accepted into the new world community without a change in our laws, or a civil war! There are people in this country that will fight to their death before they give up their right to self defense!"

This is why AFA came to be. I am hoping you share the vision of AFA and choose to join our mission. If you are a like-minded woman (or man) and would like to join AFA and help spread the truth to your own states, cities or towns, please select the “MEMBERSHIP” page and follow the instructions.

Live Free, or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!

Carma Lewis, Executive Director