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I Have A Dream

by Scotty Phillips

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Most Americans know the history of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King. His famous "I Have a Dream" speech set the foundation for the freedom rights movement in this country. We have a national holiday to honor Dr. King's achievements and his legacy is taught in just about every public school system in America. Like Dr. King, I also have a dream.

Currently, the city of Chicago is embroiled in one of the hottest gun debates in the country. John Birch, president of Concealed Carry Inc., appears to be the main leader for gun supporters in Chicago. His main adversaries are the local government and the mainstream media. Mr. Birch recently added fuel to the fire with his promise to give away one gun, each month, to some deserving Chicagoan. Not only has this idea upset the liberals and antigun activists in the city of Chicago, but throughout the country.

Cindy Richards of the Chicago Sun-Times joined the fray after writing several articles attacking Mr. Birch and the rightful gun owners of Illinois. Her article suggested that gun owners are no better than rapists and child molesters. Ms. Richards also stated that studies show that the vast majority oppose laws that allow people to walk around with concealed weapons. Like many, I have some questions about this supposed "study" and would like to review its contents, if such a study does exists. I recently offered to forward two books to Ms. Richards for review. Robert Waters, author of "The Best Defense," and my book, "Justice Rendered," are documented stories of those who have used their Constitutional rights to protect themselves from the evil beings on this planet. The rightful gun owners in these books cannot be classified as rapists and child molesters. They are average, hardworking Americans, like you and me. These two books are mandatory reading for anyone who questions the rights of America's to defend themselves against criminals. I offered to send these two books, at my expense, to Ms. Richards in hopes of reeducating her about the "real" world. I have yet to receive a reply. How can we resolve this continuous debate over Chicagoan's, or any other American's, right to carry concealed firearms, or any weapons for self-protection?

As I said at the beginning of this article, "I Have a Dream." I dream of one local government, such as Chicago, taking the bold step of holding a referendum over this gun debate issue. For once, let not the elected officials tell the citizens what is good, or not good, for us. Let us, the voters, decided if our community should, or shouldn't be allowed our constitutional right to be armed. We have referendums over local sale taxes and other issues, why not a referendum on concealed weapons? What could possibly be so wrong in a referendum, concerning a right, which is so clearly defined in the Constitution of the United States?

I also dream of a media that will cover both sides of this issue fairly. Although most in the mainstream media will tell you they're unbiased in their reporting, we know the mainstream media doesn't always tell the complete story when it comes to gun control. Many major-chain bookstores have even gotten into this one-sided reporting act. For example: look for the two books I recommended above to Ms. Richards. Although these books are listed by most bookstores, through Ingrams database, chances are one will have to special order them. One bookstore manager told me they only took special orders for these types of books. The only explanation I received was they were considered "too controversial". Keep in mind that this same major bookstore carries books, on the shelves, on how to teach our children to accept and understand homosexuality.

Finally, I dream that someday our Federal Government will honor the Constitution of the United States as written by our Forefathers. That local government, as in Chicago, will cherished this document and understand that the Men who wrote it understood the importance of freedom. And that all Americans adhere to the principles of the Constitution, regardless of their personal agenda. To do anything less, will someday turn my dream of continuous freedom, and yours, into a nightmare!

Scotty Phillips is an independent columnist. He is the author of the book "JUSTICE RENDERED 2000."

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