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American Soldier

by Mike Straw

 I'mjust trying to be a father
Raise a daughter and a son
Be a lover to their mother
Everything to everyone
Up and at 'em, bright and early
I'm all business in my suit
Yeah, I'm dressed up for success
From my head down to my boots

I don't do it for the money
There's bills that I can't pay
I don't do it for the glory
I just do it anyway
Providing for our future's my responsibility
Yeah I'm real good under pressure
Being all that I can be

 I can't call in sick on Mondays
when the weekends been too strong
I just work straight through the holidays
And sometimes all night long.
You can bet that I stand ready when the wolf growls at the door
Hey I'm solid, hey I'm steady, hey I'm true down to the core
And I will always do my duty no matter what the price
I've counted up the cost, I know the sacrifice
Oh, and I don't want to die for you
but if dyin's asked of me
I'll bear that cross with honor
'cause freedom don't come free

I'm an American soldier, an American
beside my brothers and my sisters I will proudly take a stand
When Liberty's in jeopardy, I will always do what's right
I'm out here on the front line
Sleep in peace tonight
American soldier, I'm an American soldier

Yeah, an American soldier, an American
Beside my brothers and my sisters I will proudly take a stand
When Liberty's in jeopardy I will always do what's right
I'm out here on the front line
So sleep in peace tonight
American soldier, I'm an American
An American, an American soldier

AmericanSoldier by Toby Keith

Whatif one day, the worst occurred?

Whatif a crazed mob attempted to break into your peaceful home in the dead of nightand brutally murder your entire family (assume, just this once, that we’re nottalking about the local jackbooted Ninja Ensemble)?

Imean, it’s not as if it hasn’t happened once or twice before- just ask CharlesManson.

Your spineless mercenary proxy-guardian “police” chief, cognizant thathe owes no obligation to any individual, and pressured by bigger politicalwhores than himself, officiously commands that you simply dial the official“government” number for dial-a-prayer, nine-one-one, and complacently twiddleyour thumbs as sadistic assassins gleefully raise their baseball bats ormachetes over the cowering heads of your terrified wife and cherished children.

VindictiveSarah (Brady), who herself illegally purchased an expensive high-powered scoped sniperrifle for someone else, insanely rails that you should submissively give the viciouskillers “what they want”- even if they want your precious life.

Inthe evil social fascist oligarchy of Massachusetts (where the Revolutionbegan- and died in ignominy), one despotic group’s managed tohijack the legal system, maliciously manipulating it for their own avariciousbenefit: practically speaking, it’s illegal for you to defend yourselfor your beloved family.

No kiddin’: this is the‘commonwealth” that requires useless trigger locks on the Minutemen’s two-century-oldrust-encrusted muskets grudgingly displayed behind dusty glass in the stodgyState House as a sop to the complacent citizenry.

Asthe old saw goes, “Follow the money:” if you actually possess the testicularfortitude to protect your worthless life, you’re gonna need a lawyer.

Onthe other hand, if, baa-ing pitifully, you mindlessly obey the heartlessState’s immoral, unconstitutional mala prohibita laws, well then, yourgrieving heirs will definitely be interested in retaining the servicesof a lawyer.

Meek grandmotherLinda Hamilton, a Registered Nurse Anesthetist, while returning from work lateone dark night, was illegally tailgated by a monstrous eighteen-wheeler, andwas subsequently arrested and convicted for “criminal brandishing” after sheprudently drew her legal defensive pistol from her purse.

Genial Doug Burns, fivefeet six inches and weighing less than one-hundred-forty pounds, when verballyassaulted and physically intimidated by a swaggering much larger man in broaddaylight on a public street, merely stated that he was a permit holder and wasthen arrested and convicted when it was discovered that the bully was a deputy,even though witnesses sided with Burns.

Alec Costerus, the statesmall-bore rifle champion, had his legally-possessed arms illegally confiscatedin a Gestapo-style home invasion by mercenary proxy-guardian “police” without aransack warrant violating his Fourth Amendment protections from illegalransacks and seizures in Concord, where the first shot "heard 'round theworld" was righteously fired.

Good thing he didn’t livein Waco Texas, huh?

Marinereserve sergeant Daniel Cotnoir, thirty-three, of Lawrence, chosen from one-hundred-eighty-thousand to bethe Marine Corps Times' Marine of the Year, his grinning countenance shared ina staged publicity photowith admitted war criminal John Kerry, amartial arts instructor whose family owns RacicotFuneral Home, located at 256 Broadway Street in a dangerous neighborhoodterrified mercenary proxy-guardian “police” referred to as “a hotbed of drugsales and prostitution,” was assigned to mortuary affairsin Baghdad, the ancient Babylon, the seat of Satan himself, where the captives of Israel werefinally freed by Cyrus, named by God five hundred years before his birth, and wastasked with the grisly job of cutting down and identifying the charred and mutilated remains of BlackwaterSecurity Consulting of Mayock North Carolina contractors WesleyBatalona, forty-eight, of Honoka Hawaii, MichaelTeague, thirty-eight, of Clarkson Tennessee, Jerko “Jerry”Zouko, thirty-two of Willoghby Ohio, and even the legendary ScottHelvenston, thirty-eight, of Oceanside California, a Navy SEALand successful entrepreneur in his own right, who’d trained actress Demi Moorefor her role in the hokey Ridley Scott fantasy “G. I. Jane,” and who boasted asuccessful line of videos under the title “Navy SEAL Workout.”

The father of twogirls handed an Iraqi man two bags holding the remains of his wife andfour-year-old daughter who were killed by an American fuel truck.

He tenderly wipes off thecongealing patriotic blood of dead American soldiers to prepare them for theirfinal journey home.

Possessions are gathered atthe scene and where the Marine was housed.

Blood-splattered picturesand other belongings are gently washed before being sent home.

He checks to see whetherthe Marine, or soldier or sailor, had anything in his possession that’dincrease the pain of family members.

He’s empowered to ensurethat such things don’t reach the grieving family, even though he’s yet toexercise that authority.

Letters on the bodies areoften wrenching.

Some’re from loved ones:"I hope you are well when this reaches you."

Sometimes there areunfinished letters to parents and others, such as, "Don't worry about me.

I'm going to be OK."

Manycombat-toughened leathernecksprefer not tothink about what the mortuary Marines do.

"Theydon't want to know the details," revealed sergeant Mark Sohm,thirty-one, of Frederick Maryland.

More than once, sergeantCotnoir squared his shoulders when called upon to do his duty.

After saluting the dead,he took deep breaths before separating the remains of soldiers from twistedwreckage.

He took care tosort through the soot of extinguished fires for every piece of flesh and bone.

He was hit hard by finding the sonogram of an unborn child on the torsoof a Marine tank lieutenant who’d been torn into many pieces.

The dropout rate inhis unit is about forty-five percent.

"It's such a mind-setover there. You don't know who the good guys are.

When you're over there,you're on the edge all the time.

It's a roller-coasterride," Daniel related.

The smell of cheap dieselfuel brings him back to Iraq.

The sound of a truckhitting a pothole can make him twitch, the loud boom ringing in his ears likemortar fire.

He may flinch whenhe drives under a bridge, because that’s where Iraqi terrorists slyly laid bombs.

“Because I do it in thecivilian world, everyone says it's easy. It's not.

It's hard ...No one getsto die peacefully in their sleep over there.

I just get a littlejittery, a little nervous.

I try to take deep breathsand let it go and remember this is Lawrence.

Car bombs don’t go offhere.

Nobody shoots at me whenI'm … trying to pick up a body at a hospital."

Matthew Fixler,twenty-five, switches quickly to an outside highway lane when he spots a box orobject in the road in his native New Hampshire, a reflex action acquired on thebomb-riddled roads of Iraq.

MethuenMassachusetts construction worker Charles Marsden had trouble sleeping when hefirst came home.

He’d wake up with hisheart pounding, thinking for an instant that he was still in Iraq.

Reservists went to warexpecting a three-month stint, but their tours of duty were extended over andover.

And the environmentis different this time- urban warfare in searing one-hundred-twenty-degreeheat, with soldiers engaging in house-to-house combat.

There’re land mines on thehighways, hidden in trash, even disguised in dead animals.

Since he returnedhome in October 2004, Daniel talked to a counselor at the Edith Nourse RogersMemorial Veterans hospital in Bedford, and he relies on his father David forsupport.

Every time he wearilycloses his eyes, the shattered remains of the one hundred eighty fallen Marineshe prepared fill his vision.

As a funeral director, hisfather understands fully the business of dealing respectfully with the dead.

It’s helped him alot, he said: "A lot of guys don't want to 'fess up to needing helpbecause they want to get back to civilian life.

Of course, you don't wantto be labeled.

You don't want to be thatguy under a bridge talking to a rock ... because you've seen it in the Vietnamera.

And you don't want to bethat guy walking around in a flak jacket."

At the Veterans Center inLowell, Paul Steinke declared, "They're told these things and everybodythinks, 'That's not me.’

They don't find out untilother people such as their family members begin to tell them they'reacting different."

Combat stress is typicallyshown by irritability, short temper, uneasiness, jumpiness, nervousness incrowds, anxiety.

"For example, it'ssafe to drive in the middle of the road in Iraq.

There are no land minesthere.

You do that for a year,and it's hard to drive on the right side of the road when you get home.

You basically have toretrain your brain," Paul stated.

In1998, when Daniel justly complained about rowdy drunks at the Punto Finaleginmill at Broadway and Tremont, across the street from his father’s funeral home,Lawrence mercenary proxy-guardian “police” sent him to the one man who knew themost about it: officer Emil DeFuscoJunior, who rakes in a good pile of cash double-dipping there.

When Daniel informed himof his concern, officer DeFusco, more concerned about himself possibly losing afew shekels over the legitimate complaint than any sense of justice, arrogantlyhanded Daniel a ticket for speeding!

On March seventh 1998,Daniel videotaped a large brawl that included scores of drunks and abat-wielding man outside the saloon.

No one was arrestedbecause mercenaryproxy-guardian “police” knew arrestsmight prompt the Licensing Commission to take away the dive's license.

The next morning, arrogantofficer DeFusco knocked on his door and handed him a ticket for noisepollution, snidely telling him: ''You can videotape me all you want.

It isn't going to do anygood.''

The next time, greedyofficer DeFusco threatened to have Daniel’s license revoked.

Whenhe returned from proudly serving his country, Daniel wasn’t rewardedwith peace: the smug drunks at the ginmill still refused him a decentnight’s sleep.

In2004, three bullets were recovered from the side of his residence, one adjacentto his daughter’s bedroom.

Bruce Reynolds, whoowns the parking lot where the shooting took place, confirmed he loanedneedle-nosed pliers to an officer to extract the bullet from the wall.

When asked if heknew Daniel, he replied, "He was the person who went out and picked up thesoldiers who got blown up."

OnAugust thirteenth 2005, the lunatics atthe bar were at it again.

Abeer bottle broke the sturdy shutter of his second-floor bedroom window.

Daniel dutifully called mercenary proxy-guardian“police,” not hoping for much, then went out and yelled over that he’d calledmercenary proxy-guardian “police,” so they’d better pipe down pronto.

The mob’s response?

After the drunkenanimals saw him standing at his bedroom window, they "started makingviolent gestures, like banging on their chests and sticking up their middlefingers."

A bottle of mango juice smashed Daniel’s window, cutting his hand severelyenough to require hospitalization.

Fed up with corruptmercenary proxy-guardian “police,” and justly fearingfor the continued safety of his wife Mary Kate, thirty-three, and four-year-olddaughter Ashley, Lawrence Rod and Gun club member Daniel prudently retrievedhis camouflage-painted Winchester twelve-gauge pump-action hunting shotgun fromthe hard case under his bed (Taxachusetts is yet another “Democratdictatorship” to arrogantly shove a nebulous “safe storage” malum prohibitumlaw down our collective throats [if it costs just one life…]) andextended the barrel out the window to display to the unruly mob.

Pop quiz: what would areasonable and prudent person (the standard employed by every court) do aftersuddenly discovering himself staring down the gaping, nearly three-quarter-inchbarrel of a deadly weapon?

Their reaction? Nothing.

Quick- off the topof your head- what’s the legal definition for justifiable employment ofcountervailing lethal force?

What? You sayyou’re not sure?

Don’t pass “go,” don’t collect two hundred dollars-you’re going directly to jail.

It goes like this:“The immediate, unavoidable danger of death or crippling injury to the innocentwhere no subsequent danger to the public exists,” within the constraints of atriangle composed of ability, opportunity, and jeopardy under a ceiling of“equal force.”

Memorize it.

Was Daniel in“immediate danger?”

Well, I suppose he could’vewaited to see if the third bottle turned out to be a blazing Molotov cocktail,but I surmise his cherished family might be a little upset if it turnedout that it was.

Was he in“unavoidable danger?”

You could ask the rhetorical question as to why there was never anillegal shooting at a school before the murderous “[Legal Defensive]Gun-Free Schools Act,” but then you’d also have to inquire why weren’t planesemployed as bombs before only law-abiding unorganized Militia members werelegally forbidden from justifiably immediately protecting themselves.

All politicians that vote to exterminate only law-abiding unorganizedMilitia member’s rights to justifiably immediately protect themselvesare power-hungry politicians who‘ll be willing to destroy the lone Amendmentthat protects all others.

Thelaw says you must act like a coward.

Inyour own home. Even when your life is illegally threatened.

Many despotic social fascist states have criminal-friendly"duty to retreat" laws.

The demented director of theholier-than-thou Wyoming Association of Churches, reverend Warren Murphy ofCody rants in opposition to HB 46, that “it is immoral” because it allowshonest citizens the luxury of not cowering before predatory criminalsintent on deadly harm, and that “Nothing should allow one who … will bea victim of a crime to be judge, jury and executioner all at the same time.”

Right, we should insteadallow predatory criminals the same rights and dignity we’ve accordedCharlie Manson.

Let’s see, you seen SharonTate aroundanywhere lately?

A victim in his house is mandated to retreat from athreat until he’s cornered.

Only then is the prey allowed to employ lethal forceon the predator.

Evil social fascist prosecutors in those states havebeen known to victimize the victim(such as maliciously arresting him for manslaughter) who prefers to fire back rather than to back off.

How could anyone actually believe that you shouldn’t defend yourself until you'vefiguratively painted yourself into a corner?

When did it become a person's duty to scurry into some dark corner of the basement like acockroach fleeing the exterminator?

A duty-to-retreat law is the ultimate debasement ofMan.

It means that your life isn’t worth protecting except as a last resort.

It also means that the threat's life is worth protecting except as a lastresort.

You’re little better than your tormentor.

The Castle Doctrine rightly says that your bricks andmortar are sacrosanct.

But is there an equivalent doctrine for your fleshand blood?

You have no "duty" to retreat whenthreatened in your house, car, or anywhere else.

Your life is no less precious when you’reoutdoors.

A man's home ishis castle. A man's duty is to himself.

In his book “No Duty to Retreat,”published by the University of Oklahoma Press in 1991, Richard Brown exploresthe legal basis for the concept of retaliation, and he logically concludes thatboth historically and legally the fanciful concept that one should retreat fromillegal violence, rather than justly take preventive action, has absolutely nobasis in fact.

From a legal standpoint, you must consider that this unreasonabledemand is untenable: if I’m already in the only place on the face of theearth where no greater historic, sociological and legal advantage exists, whereI belong, which I own, that I have an absolute and unchallenged rightto be, then by voluntarily deserting such a manifold gainful locationand retreating to the general public property of the outdoors-physically demonstrating my intrinsic guilt in occupying that space,else why would I abandon it -am I now in a superior legal position?


From this weakened attitude, I have lesslawful right simply to be there, subject to myriad restrictions, exclusions,curfews, and a host of other legal encumbrances.

Even the supreme court came down against the "duty toretreat" in Brown v.united States, 256 u. S. 335 (1921) and even in specific circumstances, aswhen confronting a spouse's paramour, in Alberty v. united States, 162US 499, 16 S. Ct. 864, 40 L. Ed. 1051 (1896)

Statistically, threats tend to illegally assault in multiples, notalone.

In early English law, practically allhomicides were offenses.

The killing of a robber incurred a forfeiture of theslayer's goods.

The man who committed a homicide by misadventure orin self-defense (even after having "fled as far as he could") wasguilty of a crime, and needed a royal pardon before being relieved ofthe consequences.

Some time later in the course of legal developmentthere was a modification of this attitude, leading to an outright recognitionof the privilege of killing another in self-defense, without having torely upon the grace of the Crown for complete exoneration.

The accidental killing of another was consideredexcusable, and under certain conditions to kill a felon or to kill an assailantin self-defense was deemed justifiable.

One of the early requisites for justifiable homicidein self-defense carried over from the days when it was a prerequisite for apardon was the necessity for the assailed person to flee as far as he could tosave his own life before taking that of his assailant: he was duty bound to"retreat to the wall."

The courts in dealing with this problem wereconfronted ultimately with the following situation: "A, in the peaceable pursuit of hisaffairs, sees B walking rapidlytowards him with an outstretched arm and a pistol in his hand, and usingviolent menaces against his life as he advances..."

Should the law require a man to retreat underthese circumstances?

Is retreat even practicable?

To instruct a jury that, where the assailant isapproaching the accused with a pistol pointed directly at him and threateningto take his life, and the parties at the time are only fifteen or twenty feetapart, the accused must retreat to the wall if he can do so without increasing the danger to himself, is submitting tothe jury an impossible issue and imposing upon the accused aburden which the law never intended he should bear.

Although the foregoing quotation is taken from arelatively recent case, it’s illustrative of the judicial attitude of theearlier decisions that first declared that retreat wasn’t required of aperson assaulted with a firearm.

The inapplicability of this "retreat to thewall" doctrine to firearms cases is nowhere more clearly indicated than inGarnerv Tennessee 471 u. S. 1 (1985):

“The doctrine of 'retreatto the wall' had its origin before the general introduction of [firearms].

Justice demands that its application have due regardto the present general use and to the type of firearms.

It would be good sense for the law to require, inmany cases, an attempt to escape from a hand-to-hand encounter with fists,clubs, and even knives, as a condition or justification for killing inself-defense; while it would be rank folly to so require when experienced men,armed with repeating rifles, face each other in an open space, removed fromshelter, with intent to kill or to do great bodily harm.

What might be a reasonable chance for escapein the one situation might in the other be certain death.

Self-defense hasn’t, by statute or by judicialopinion, been distorted, by an unreasonable requirement of the duty to retreat,into self-destruction.

The supreme court of the united States hascontributed one of the most interesting groups of cases upon the subject.

In Beardv. u. S., 158 u. S. 550, 559 (1895), the trial court had instructed the jury that the defendant was obliged to retreat from an assault made uponhim by the deceased, who was reaching into his pocket as if to draw afirearm.

Upon appeal to the supreme court this instruction washeld erroneous.

Justice Harlan delivered the unanimous opinion, inwhich he cited with approval the early decisions of state courts relieving adefendant in such instances from the duty to "retreat to the wall":The defendant was where he had the right to be, when the deceasedadvanced upon him in a threatening manner, and with a deadly weapon; and if theaccused did not provoke the assault and had at the time reasonable grounds tobelieve and in good faith believed, that the deceased intended to takehis life or do him great bodily harm, he was not obliged to retreat, nor toconsider whether he could safely retreat, but was entitled to stand hisground and meet any attack made upon him with a deadly weapon, in such way andwith such force as, under the circumstances, he, at the moment, honestlybelieved, and had reasonable grounds to believe, was necessary to save his ownlife or to protect himself from great bodily injury.

Although the self-defense doctrine was modified tomeet the exigencies occasioned by firearms, the influence of the firearm hasn’tbeen confined within its own group of cases.

It gradually caused a general disruption of the"retreat to the wall" formula, affecting other classes of cases aswell.

And now it may be said that the weight of authority doesn’trequire retreat where the person feloniously assaulted is without fault and ina place where he has a right to be.

Gourkov. u. S.153 u. S. 183 (1894) establishedthat prudently carrying a legal defensivefirearm is an innocent act and Thompsonv. u. S. 155 U. s. 271 (1894) decreed there’s nothing wrong with carrying a defensiverifle for protection.

In Philips v. Commonwealth,63 Ky. (2 Duv.) 328 (1865), it was held that if a person believesthat another is drawing out a pistol to shoot him, even though it afterwardsdeveloped that the deceased had no weapon and was only maneuvering to make thedefendant run, there’s no culpability attaching to him for doing what he had"good reason to believe was necessary for either the immediate orultimate security of his life."

Starrv. u. S. 164 u. S. 627(1897) decided that even criminals may employdeadly force in justly resisting attacks by law-enforcement officers.

Rowev. u. S. 164 u. S. 546 (1896) prescribed that withdrawal from a fightrevives the right to self-defense.

Thedecision in Allisonv. u. S. was that self-defense is for juries to evaluate, notfor judges to exclude, and in Wallacev. united States, that prior threats by an attacker are relevant to adefendant's employment of deadly force.

The single fact should dramatically place in propercontext the irresponsible theory of retreat: have you documented,incontrovertible proof that the threat’s statistical allies aren’toutside, just lying in wait for your precious family?

Employ tactical imaging: they’ve had unlimited time to placethemselves in the best position to illegally assault your beloved family andyou still fully intend to foolishly abandon a fixed and plotted positionto allow a mere vagary of malum prohibitum law promulgated by evilsocial fascists bent on your cherished family’s destruction to prevail overyour reasonable and prudent concerns about their security?

I think not!

A similar preposterous example would be that if I were illegallyassaulted while I was seated inside my own vehicle, that a malum prohibitumrequirement was established forcing me to go inside a Post Office or school inorder to legally satisfy the outrageous demand.

Obviously, this would severely restrict my options, and any resultantharm to either persons or property would damage my legal standing even further.

 What do courts say about it?

In Houish v.People, 75 111.491;

reaffirmed and quoted in State v. Leach, 7Conn. 452;

State v. Gleason, 32 Kan. 245, 4 Pac. 363;

Ballard v. State 43; Ohio 349;

State v. Rousseau, 241 P 2nd 447;

State v. Spaulding, 34 Minn.3621: "When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has aright to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force,and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self-defense, his assailantis killed, he is justifiable."

Actually, the courts go further: Runyan v State, 57 Ind. 80;

Miller v. State, 74, Ind. 1.;

Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. 1.;

Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. App. 1 75;

Skidmore v. State, 43 Tex.93, 903: "These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to makean arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by theuse of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual whounlawfully uses such force and violence."

It’s simply another evil social fascist assault on your individualliberty, as granted by God and guaranteed by the Constitution.

Which right will they set out to destroy next?

Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Freedom of assembly?

Freedom from unreasonable ransack and seizure? Right to trial by jury?

You name it!

They’ll probably go after the rights that most stand in the wayof more usurped “government” power, slyly christening it “campaign financereform.”

Was Daniel “in danger of death or crippling injury?”

An alternate term for “crippling” is sometimes rendered, “grave bodilyinjury”; a synonym would be “disfiguring injury.”

Clearly, this doesn’t mean we can sprint to the closest phone booth (nowonder I haven’t seen Ubermensch lately) and transform ourselves intoRambo at the first stubbed toe, but I’d bet that a good plastic surgeon, oreven a half-competent general practitioner would declare the laceration Danielsuffered to be “disfiguring,” even discounting nerve damage or reducedcirculation.

Was the danger “to the innocent?”

Until insolent Lawrence mercenary proxy-guardian “police” settled upwith him for exposing brave officer DeFusco as the avaricious scoundrel that heis, even Daniel could indisputably be certified as “innocent.”

When he unwiselyfired a warning shot toward an empty area to the left of the rabble, the slugunexpectedly struck a curb unseen in the dark, shattering.

Fragments hit ROTC cadetLissette Cumba, fifteen, of Lowell, in the left leg near her femoral artery.

Kelvin Castro, twenty,also of Lowell, a waiter at the Tewksbury Cracker Barrel restaurant, was struckin the left leg near the ankle: "I didn't even know I had been hit.

I see blood runningdown my leg, but I'm so stunned. I don't feel anything.

I had three little holesdripping blood.

He is a military man. He knows not to fire a warning shot intothe crowd.''

Not part of thedrunken mob, they were simply returning to their car after a meal withLissette’s twenty-two-year-old sister, two cousins, and their friends atMelinda's Restaurant across the street.

Don’t do anything that isn’t defensible in court, like a“warning” shot.

Warningshots aren’t allowed.

Mercenaryproxy-guardian “police” are supposed to shoot at people only tosave themselves or someone else from serious harm.

On June fourteenth 1988, influential social fascist Washington Postcolumnist and extremist victim disarmament advocate Carl Rowan illegally shotan unarmed eighteen-year-old trespasser with a “warning shot.”

Of course, he got away with it, defiantly publicly asserting he’dalways be armed -illegal or not!

His written stand about your legal possession?

“We must reverse this psychology.

We [evil social fascists] can do it by passing a[nother immoral malumprohibitum] law that says any [honest unorganized Militia member] foundin possession of a [legal defensive firearm] except a [slave of the state] goesto jail-period!”

What you mean “we,” paleface.

OnDecember eleventh 2005 in Tshikwarani South Africa, a terrified forty-year-oldmercenary proxy-guardian “police” inspector fired “warning shots” thatsenselessly killed unarmed seventeen-year-old Ndivhuwo.

“Allof a sudden, he just started shooting at us.

Hemust have fired at least eight shots in our direction, for noreason at all.

We allran away in different directions,” recounted one of the boys.

Theylater saw how the mercenary proxy-guardian “policeman” and his brother went andslyly picked up Ndivhuwo and put him in the mercenary proxy-guardian“policeman’s” car.

“At first wethought they were taking him to the clinic for treatment, but he was alreadydead then.”

If you’re not justified to shoot the threat, your “warning shot,” anact of deadly force, will be what puts you in prison!

Now, there is a slight discrepancy betweenwhat your jackbooted “servants” can get away with, and what ignorant jurors,awed by snazzy uniforms and shiny badges, are likely to allow a mere taxpayerto get away with: take for instance on April first 2006 in Muskegon Michigan,terrified mercenary proxy-guardian “police” officers burst through the frontand rear doors of the peaceful home of Leo Johnson, forty-four, at 772McLaughlin Avenue and commenced wildly shooting- at each other- leavingfourteen “government”-issued bullets peppering a wall, ceiling, closet, and anunarmed refrigerator.

Three people, including one of the residents,twenty-one-year-old Nicholas Johnson, in the basement " thought [mercenaryproxy-guardian ‘police’] were going to shoot them," revealed Leo.

Terrified sergeant Ronald Hepworth shot at panickedofficer Roger DeYoung.

Frightened officer Chris Martinez then unloaded atsergeant Hepworth, who wildly fired back.

SergeantHepworth negligently blasted five shots and officer Martinez blindly blazedaway nine times, or on March seventh 2006 in TontitownArkansas, arrogant state trooper Larry Norman, assuming him to be prisonescapee Adam Leadford, eighteen, callously executed disabled Joseph Hamley, whosuffered from cerebral palsy, already surrounded by a cordonof another trooper and four Washington County Sheriff's deputieson u. S. 412 with a “government”-issued shotgun blast.

Armedstate executioner Norman, who hadn't yet laid eyes on theunarmed man, proudly declared "I had a feeling, I had an intuitionthat this subject that they had called in on was the one we were looking for,was indeed the escapee."

The trooper who arrived first- and who had theauthority in this situation- ordered trooper Norman to go block westboundtraffic.

Arrogant trooper Norman willfully disobeyed thatdirect order, or on March third2006 in Yuba City California, deputy Jason Nakamura shot Eric Day, twenty-five-surrounded by eight angry deputies- in the neck with his “government”-issuedassault weapon after he’d compliantlyplaced his hands behind his back.

Smilingdistrict attorney Patrick McGrath casually swept the brutal attempted murderunder the rug, calling it “an accident” and declaring the incensed deputy “did not commit a crime.”

I’msure he’d extend you the sameprofessional courtesy, or on January twenty-eighth 2006 in Chino California, anunarmed passenger in a blue Chevrolet Corvette on Francis Avenue near BensonAvenue, Elio Carrion, twenty-one, an Air Force mercenary proxy-guardian“policeman” at Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport Louisianawho just returned from Iraq, was shot in the right side of his chest, leftshoulder and left thigh, suffering a bruise to his right lung and a fracturedleft leg, by forty-five-year-old sheriff's deputy Ivory Webb, under previousscrutiny for misconduct in a 2000 lawsuit.

The attempted execution was captured on home video by a resident acrossthe street, Jose Valdes, thirty-seven, who was then arrested by Pomonamercenary proxy-guardian “police.”

The video shows Elio lying on the ground next to the car, talking to asilhouetted deputy Webb who’s menacing him withhis “government”-issued firearm.

Elio supports himself on one arm and his face is brightly lit by deputy Webb's flashlight.

Elio’s heard informing deputyWebb he’sunarmed, and is in the military.

At one point, a voice isheard saying several times: “Get up.''

Elio says: “I'm gonna get up.''

As he rises, at least fourshots are fired and Elio collapses, crying out in pain.

“Shots fired! Shotsfired!'' someone shouts.

Ina telephone interview, Valdez said after the shooting, Elio asks deputy Webb,"Why did you shoot me if you told me to stand up?''

Luis Carrillo, who’s been representing Valdes and the family of Elio Carrion,said the arrest appeared to be "some kind of retribution on a goodSamaritan who taped something that law-enforcement didn't want thepublic to see," or on January fifteenth 2005 in Owens Crossroads Alabama,mercenary proxy-guardian “police” officer Richard Young illegally shot andkilled New Hope man Curtis Anderton in a fit of rage at officer Young's housefollowing a heated argument.

According to wife Christine, officer Young told her and Curtis thatnight he was having an affair with Curtis' wife.

A fight broke out and officer Young went off the deep end.

Officer Young angrily grabbed his “government”-issued firearm andillegally shot Curtis because Curtis was upset about the alleged affair, or on Decemberthirtieth 2004 in Shelby County Nebraska, after terrified deputy Chad Butlercharged unarmed forty-one-year-old Dwayne Jens' truck, smashing out the window,he negligently assumed he saw a “firearm” in Dwayne’s hand, sonaturally, deputy Butler, indemnified to kill by the amoral state, callouslytook the opportunity to execute him with a gunshot to the back of the head.

Dwayne's innocent twelve-year-old daughter, Angie, who was bothtraumatized and splattered by her innocent father’s blood, testified it wasmerely a cell phone in his hand.

His unpardonable capital offense?

Exceeding the arbitrary speedlimit, or on October twenty-eighth 2004 in Rockville Maryland, in frontof more than forty shocked witnesses, enraged twenty-eight-year veteran deputyu. S. marshal Arthur Lloyd, fifty-three, publicly executed terrifiedtwenty-year-old Naval seaman Ryan Stowers, the unarmed driver of a Camaro with ashot in the back at the Rockville Mid-Pike Plaza after a minorfender-bender involving the jackbooted thug’s expensive new Ford Excursion.

Ryan made a frantic nine-one-one call from the scene: “Yeah, someonejust shot me in the left foot.

I can't believe he just...he just...shot me."

Ryan informed marshal Lloyd that he’s in the military, to which marshalLloyd, apparently taking his cue from actor Tommy Lee Jones in the movie, “TheFugitive,” arrogantly replied, "Listen, I don't care."

Ryan prudently got back into his car while continuing to argue withmarshal Lloyd, then drove around marshal Lloyd's vehicle.

Marshal Lloyd then arbitrarily chose to sadistically open fire onunarmed Ryan, blasting out the rear window, and one of his “government”-issuedbullets severed Ryan’s aorta.

One witness heard a popping sound- quickly followed by two morepops- as he left an arts and craft store nearby.

He and others began running and ducking into stores for safety.

Ryan’s car rolled into a storefront, and several “government”-issuedbullet fragments were found inside.

Marshal Lloyd’s been disciplined repeatedly by the MarshalsService for various infractions.

In 1999, marshal Lloyd's son Aamir called nine-one-one and toldmercenary proxy-guardian “police” he suffered cuts to his face, "…frombeing thrown through a window" by marshal Lloyd.

In 1985, marshal Lloyd bound the hands and feet of a prisoner in a celland alternately verbally abused the man and read passages to him from theBible.

Marshal Lloyd's wife obtained two restraining orders against herhusband, including one in which she revealed that marshal Lloyd "broke thekitchen door with her head."

In one application for a restraining order, Wanda Lloyd testified herhusband warned her, "He can do whatever he wants because he is a u.S. marshal," or on October twenty-fifth 2004 in Colonial Heights Virginia,unarmed forty-three-year-old Bruce Thompson died in a hail oftwo-two-three-caliber bullets traveling at a velocity of two thousand ninehundred feet per second indiscriminately fired from “government”-issuedmercenary proxy-guardian “police” sub-machineguns.

The shower of “government”-issued bullets from almost a half-dozensub-machineguns with an effective range the length of about six entirefootball fields pierced a nearby house, in which an innocent family cowered asan estimated twenty to thirty “government”-issued rounds ripped through walls,ceilings and even a bathtub; some fragments landed in the back yard.

Arrogant state mercenary proxy-guardian “police” superintendent,colonel W. Steven Flaherty, dismissed concerns: the setting was "Probably as safe as you could want…

I'm not concerned…

There are not any specifictimes when you say you can'tuse the M4…”

Of course, this is whyvindictive Sarah insanely demands that onlypeople like these should be trusted with firearms, or on Octobertwenty-first 2004 in Boston Massachusetts, when arrogant mercenaryproxy-guardian “police” deputy superintendent Robert O'Toole reacting invengeful rage, angrily grabbed a FN303 pepper-ball gun- which he wasn’t trained to use- from a supplyvehicle and indiscriminately fired it at innocent twenty-one-year-old EmersonCollege student Victoria Snelgrove of East Bridgewater, senselessly killingher.

Two others caught in the mercenary proxy-guardian “police” rampage wereluckier: innocent nineteen-year-old Boston University student, KapilaBhamidipati only had her foreheadpierced by a paint pellet, and another pellet tore a hole in the cheek ofinnocent twenty-four-year-old Cambridge resident Paul Gately.

A total of sixteen innocent citizens were brutalized by riotingBoston mercenary proxy-guardian “police.”

Are such weapons dangerous?

On December twenty-seventh 2005 in Wichita Kansas, a fourteen-year-oldboy shot and killed Elizabeth White, his forty-year-old mother, with a pelletrifle, standing about twenty feet away in their home near Twenty-seventh andBluff.

The pellet, shaped like a bullet with basically anarrow at the end of it, entered between her ribs and pierced her heart.

One video clearly shows a young guy cheering and happy, his arms abovehis head in a victory salute, being shot in the solar plexus and knocked fromthe ledge totally unaware that a weapon had been pointed at him.

He flew forward in a "belly flop" motion to hit the pavementbelow.

Several people are still in serious condition in the hospital.

Witnesses confirm mercenary proxy-guardian “police” were repeatedly over-reacting, behaving very aggressively in what was, in thisarea, a non-destructive, festive atmosphere of Red Sox fans who poured into thestreets outside Fenway Park to celebrate their team's victory:offensively-armed mercenary proxy-guardian “police” menaced revelers celebrating with high fives, cheers,hugs; no burning cars, no destruction of property at all.

Victoria's grieving father, Rick, justly expressed outrage and declaredhis daughter did nothing wrong.

Standing outside the family home, he held up a photograph of hissmiling daughter.

"What happened to her should not happen to any American citizen… no matter what."

Two officers sworn to “protect and serve” lied to investigators looking into the needless shooting.

Superintendent Al Goslin became an accomplice when he arrogantly refused to identify the officers or givedetails about their lies.

When mercenaryproxy-guardian “police” were merrily placing decorated sergeant Cotnoir underarrest for armed assault to murder, he asked them, "What would you do if youwere under attack with your wife and children in the house?''

Lissette’s even-handedassessment? ''I don't think he deserves any of those awards."

When the juicy story hitthe airwaves, the conservative media justly treated the decorated veteran withrespect and dignity:

The Boston Globe, “Cracked underpost-war stress”

The Boston Herald, “Inexplicably fired a shotgun”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Marine bears up under Iraq's horrors, but cracks athome”

DC Indymedia, "’Marineof the Year’ Turns His Violence Against Americans”

Associated Press hackwriter Denise Lavoie, “Another veteran snapped”

Newsmax, “War Stress Blamed in Iraq Vet Shooting”

Thad Enouf, “This psychologically-strugglingMarine, named 2005 Marine of the Year by the Marine Corps Times, apparentlyfelt it appropriate to treat a crowd of u. S. citizens like a bunch of Iraqisand opened fire with hisservice revolver,most likely because the revelers were keeping him awake.”

Congressman Martin Meehanfrom Massachusetts, embarrassed by awarding sergeant Cotnoir his Marine of theYear award, retaliated by filing malicious mala prohibitalegislation that would require every returning veteran to undergo a thoroughpsychological and physical examination.

If this is how the Marine of the Year is treated after justifiableself-defense, what chance have you?

Originally chargedwith attempted murder- with a sentence of up to twenty years in prison- a grandjury wisely returned reduced charges of two counts of assault and battery witha dangerous weapon, the shotgun, and discharging a firearm within five hundredfeet of a building.

Glum sergeant Cotnoir wasput on display like King Kong, shackled in leg irons.

Evil social fascistprosecutor John Dawley blatantly set about stacking the deck, urging jurors notto "give him extra points [just] because he was in Iraq," slyly refusingto allow details of his harrowing military service and exemplary honors.

Ward-heeler Dawleygleefully attempted to set a fiendish trap by alleging that if Daniel hadsufficient time to locate his shotgun, retrieve the hard case from under thebed, open it, remove the shotgun and load it with ammunition, surely that provesthat the threat wasn’t “immediate,” and therefore voids his claim of self-defense.

Discussing thetrajectory of the slug, hack prosecutor Dawley whined, "You have no way ofknowing where that is going."

Weapons expert Cotnoirpatiently disagreed, from long experience expecting the shell to simplyricochet into a nearby wall.

Sergeant Shawn Quagliettaswore sergeant Cotnoir was "kind of emotional" when he responded tothe scene, and falsely inferred Daniel was drunk.

With his sham case rapidlycollapsing about him like the flimsy house of cards it was, cowardly prosecutorDawley enticingly dangled a bargain for four years of probation in exchange forfalsely pleading guilty.

Sergeant Cotnoircourageously rejected it, “sticking to his guns.”

Incredibly, even in theevil social fascist oligarchy of Taxachusetts, twelve honest citizens may stilloccasionally be found: savvy working-class jurors knew a stinking pile of“government”-issued horse manure when it was thrown at them, and returned thefavor by justly acquitting sergeant Cotnoir.

"We all feltit was self-defense," gushed juror Becky Flessas of Salem, as tearsstreamed down her face. "We felt he was protecting hisfamily."

Two jurors hugged him outside the courtroom.

After the acquittal,sergeant Cotnoir’s carry permit was revoked by arrogant mercenary proxy-guardian “police” chiefJohn Romero, who also refuses to give back the shotgun, atwenty-two-caliber Remington revolver, an “M-16 military assault rifle,(undoubtedly merely a common AR-15)” a Smith & Wesson thirty-eight-caliberrevolver, a twenty-two-caliber Beretta self-loading pistol, a forty-caliberSmith and Wesson self-loading pistol and a three-eighty-caliber Walther PPKself-loading pistol.

How does Daniel view hisamazing acquittal?

He stressed all residentshave a right to feel safe in their own homes: "Never mind thesanctity of their bedroom...

You don't have to be a warveteran or see anything gruesome to be scared when something comesflying through your bedroom window."

Now comes the inevitablecivil trial for negligence: I hope the Cotnoirs have deep pockets- trembling ingiddy anticipation, Cumba and Castro are ecstatically salivating over visionsof gleaming Rolls-Royces and Lear jets.

By now the weary,financially-exhausted sergeant Cotnoir’s finally thinking of moving fromMogadishu-on-the-Merrimac, but still hasn’t the sense to abandon the evilsocial fascist oligarchy of Taxachusetts once and for all.

Allow me to provide ahint: just as downtrodden slaves did a century and a half previously, movenorth- from where you live, you can probably see that shining beacon of libertythat proudly proclaims, “Live Free Or Die.”

Of course, givenall the evil social fascist yuppies from Taxachusetts employing the Granitestate as an expedient bedroom community, I wonder just how much longer thatwill remain true.

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