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NYC ALERT: "The NYC Rally for Illegal Guns"

by Nic Leobold - SCOPE-NYC

 Announcing: "The NYC Rally for Illegal Guns"
When: 12:30pm Sharp, Monday, September 25th, 2006

Where: Outside the gates of City Hall on Broadway in Manhattan, New York City
Dear New York Friends of Self-Defense Rights and Human Rights,

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has declared all-out war against our Gun Rights and thus against our Individual Sovereignty. Bloomberg wants to obliterate our Rights to Defend ourselves and our loved ones and family, and leave us vulnerable to criminals, terrorists, and other violent/evil people.

He is waging this war on our Gun Rights under the guise of a PR campaign against what he labels "illegal guns", guns which he claims are causing crime in inner cities and responsible for thousands of deaths. Bloomberg is even teaming up with other big-city mayors and attempting to attack our gun rights on a national scale and, likely quite soon, an international scale as well.

We think that Bloomberg has been allowed to go way too far with his un-American rhetoric for much too long. It's outrageous that any politician in our country would use his official position and his public power to attack our sacred Constitutional freedoms.
That's why we, the New York City supporters of Gun Rights and ALL our Constitutional Rights and Human Rights, are joining together on Monday, September 25th at 12:30pm in front of the City Hall gates on Broadway in Manhattan, New York City, to hold the first "NYC Rally for Illegal Guns"!

How do you like that name for a knockout headline? We think that this rally is really going to turn a few heads.

You see, what Bloomberg and the other gun control extremists don't understand is that there are presently thousands of honest, decent, respectable New York State citizens and residents who own so-called "illegal guns", who are not violating anyone's rights, committing any crimes, or hurting anyone. They simply want a private, secure, dependable way of protecting themselves and their loved ones and family or their businesses, and for that reason they choose to own and carry one or more gun/s which they choose not to declare, and the government considers those guns "unlicensed" and "unregistered", and thus labels "illegal".
There's just one small problem with this line of government thinking: In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, there is no such thing as an "illegal gun"! All guns are legal, because the Constitution says so!

When you mention the term "illegal guns", most ivory tower left-wingers and socialists
have a spasmatic episode, and immediately denounce all of them as   "Bad". "Illegal guns?", they exclaim. "Everyone knows illegal guns kill people!"

It's funny, but I never knew or heard of any gun that got up, walked out of a house or a gun store, and proceeded to shoot someone. Usually when I read about a murder or a robbery or a rape involving a gun, there is always someone called a "criminal" who committed those crimes.

Please don't laugh, but obviously there are millions of brainwashed Americans who have been led to believe that guns can kill people by themselves. Anyone who has studied crime, though, or can apply any common sense, realizes that inanimate objects like guns, knives, or baseball bats can only hurt people unlawfully if a criminal uses those objects to do so.

Meanwhile, thousands of our most upstanding and responsible citizens agree that keeping "unregistered" "unlicensed" guns in their homes and businesses is a smart thing to do. Maybe that's because they know that if you register and license your guns, the government then knows exactly where the guns and you are so they can arrest you and seize your guns on their slightest whim. That possibility is particularly dangerous and worrisome when governments become more tyrannical, intrusive, and desirous of separating people from their money and other hard-earned property, through excessive taxes, for example, or separating them from their Human Rights and Freedoms.

Even more important, many New Yorkers also know that if they "asked" the government for "permission" to buy guns, simply to protect themselves and their families as is their Human Right and Constitutional Right, that the government would refuse to let them.

We don't think there is any such thing as an "illegal gun", because the Second Amendment guarantees all citizens the Right to Own and Carry Guns, without any conditions. The Amendment states this right "...Shall not be infringed", i.e., the Right shall not be abridged in any way, PERIOD.

Indeed, we don't (supposedly) need permission from the government to exercise our 1st Amendment Rights, so why would we need government permission to exercise any of our other Constitutional Rights, including our Second Amendment Right to Carry Guns?

Let's not forget, the United States won our War of Independence with guns that King George's governors tried desperately to declare "illegal", so if it wasn't for so-called "illegal guns", we never would have won our free country that we now, btw, have to fight so urgently to restore.

Also, the Supreme Court of the United States has unequivocally ruled that "...any law repugnant to the Constitution is null and void."  Therefore, all these thousands of gun control laws and regulations really do not apply to citizens of the fifty states (they're null and void), and they do not cancel or supersede any other resident's Human Rights of Self-Defense, and so do not change or affect our basic Right to Own and Carry Guns without limit.

So we're gathering outside City Hall on Broadway in Manhattan New York City to hold our first "NYC Rally for Illegal Guns". We're going to demonstrate against Bloomberg's idiotic and outrageous attempts to infringe on our Constitutional Rights, and we're going to loudly and proudly proclaim our support for "illegal guns" in New York, the guns that keep thousands of us safe and free.
We want all New York City Gun Rights supporters to be there for our rally, and IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL for you to RSVP immediately to nycrallyforillegalguns(at)yahoo.com to confirm your attendance on the 25th. We hope that state and national gun rights organizations will publicize and endorse our rally, but if many of you want to attend simply as private and anonymous individuals, that's fine too. Just let us know that you're committed to showing up, with your gun rights signs supporting "illegal guns" and your powerful voices. We need to know all of you will be there at the rally for all of us, so we can go ahead and send out the press releases starting in a few days.

Please reply to: nycrallyforillegalguns(at)yahoo.com and let us know you will be with us 
at City Hall on the 25th of September.

Jim Lesczynski of the Manhattan Libertarian Party's "Guns for Tots" fame and the "Unauthorized Protest", Libertarian Party Candidate for NY State Governor John Clifton, and the LP's Candidate for U.S. Senate, Jeff Russell, and other luminaries will be at the rally, speaking for us, and have all proudly endorsed our gathering. Now we need you, too.
Please reply to nycrallyforillegalguns(at)yahoo.com, and we'll see you all on the 25th at 12:30pm!
One more thing: Please arrive ON TIME, at 12:30pm. That's when the rally will be held, because if you're late, you will probably miss most or all of the festivities. You should probably plan on arriving 15 or 30 minutes in advance if possible, to be safe.

And please FORWARD THIS MESSAGE to all your gun rights contacts, gun lists and groups, and all your friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you for your support and your commitment to our Human Rights.

In Liberty,

Nic Leobold
Nic Leobold is a Proud supporter of the Liberty Dollar (LibertyDollar.org)

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