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What We Can Learn From Jim Zumbo

by Anonymous USCCA Member

This is an excerpt of a letter from a USCCA Member:

I don't hunt. Don't want to. That said, I support hunters because they've generally done more for land and wildlife management than most any conservation organization I can think of. But I don't hunt. The rifles and pistols I own and that I intend to purchase are not to shoot deer with; they are intended, if it ever comes to it, to shoot dirtbags, those who would callously attack me or other innocents. My guns are intended to defend my life and the lives of others.

Because of that orientation, I had never heard of Mr. Zumbo, much less did I know who he was and is, until late last week. Since then, I have read his original blog post, his apologies and other comments, and many articles and forum entries by those who attacked him and defended him, who have forgiven him and who still refuse to. And in all those articles and entries, up to the original posting by and subsequent discussion of Mr. Zumbo's first entry here, I continue to see something which concerns me greatly.

What I saw originally from Mr. Zumbo and others and what I still see is a disconnect, a mental and emotional separation of what they consider a hunting or "sporting" weapon and, well, everything else. Even when someone talks of hunters and shooters, my overwhelming impression is that they refer to "sport" or competition shooting as opposed to shooting intended to train someone for defensive combat. This concerns me greatly, very greatly indeed.

Why? Because it offers me no hope that the majority of "sportsmen" will fight for my rights to keep my weapons. They're not hunting weapons, after all; they're not sporting weapons, after all. They're not OUR weapons, after all.

This worries me because even now, Mr. Zumbo and others posting here don't seem to understand that I AM THE CANARY IN THE TUNNEL. The liberals, the Democrats, they will start with me. "You don't hunt, you don't have hunting weapons. You must be dangerous to us!" Some of you will nod your heads and not protest; they're not going after the hunters, after all.


They'll take me first because I'm a small group compared to hunters and "sportsmen." That will give them momentum and set a precedent. That snowball will get bigger as it picks up power. They may not need as much to get me as they do you; they don't care. They'll get what they need, just like the Australian government did; just like the English government did. Look at Australia. Look hard. Seen any guns? Rifles? Shotguns? Heirlooms? Anything passed down from father to son? They'll be hard to find; government picked them up and melted them all to scrap. INCLUDING HUNTING WEAPONS.

And I'd be willing to bet they lied to the hunters before they did it, too; just like the politicians are lying to you right now.

So, please, I beg you, help me to keep my defensive arms. Help me not because you like "black rifles", but because you like your scoped, bolt-action Remington 700; not because you're fond of AKs but because you like your Ithaca; not because you necessarily want me to keep my guns, but because I WANT US ALL TO BE ABLE TO KEEP THEM NO MATTER WHAT KIND THEY ARE.

So maybe you don't like the NRA any more. Well and good. Try the 2nd Amendment Foundation; the Gun Owners Of America; even Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership (you don't have to be Jewish to join). By this time next month I intend to be a member of all of them--not because I agree with every line of their respective platforms, but because I know that a kind word and an active organization will get me farther with Congresscritters than a kind word alone. I invite you to join some of them with me. Please.

Don't do it for me personally. I'm just a canary. Do it for you, so the gas won't flood the mine and destroy you as well.

Received via email from US Conceal Carry Association

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