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Gun Owner Survival Creed

by Dennis Jackson

The will to survive an attack, must be foremost in my mind.

Therefore, preparation and not paranoia is the key to my survival.

To survive I must be aware, be alert, be confident, be deceptive, be decisive, and be ready.

I must expect the unexpected and do the unexpected when threatened.

When faced with violent assault, my life depends upon my reaction without hesitation.

My response, if attacked, must not be fear but aggression.

The perfect defense is a counterattack that succeeds before the attacker can attack again.

Therefore,if I am assaulted, I will retaliate instantly.

I will be sudden and quick. I will be fast,not fair. Speed is my salvation.

I will seize the initiative and take every advantage. My concern is to stay alive.

If I find myself under lethal attack, I won't be kind. I will be harsh and tough.

If I must shoot, I will shoot with precision and shoot to stop the threat.

If I must use my hands, I will use them with all the strength I possess and more.

When I strike, I will strike hard; I will kick,punch, gouge, and do what must be done to survive.

I will strike no more after my attacker is incapable of further action, but I will see that he is stopped.

I will not die on the floor of my home, on the street, or in my car, or in any other place I have a right to be. I will prevail by my sheer will to survive.

I must hold fast to these basic principles of survival and adhere to the attitude that is suggested in them.

I will continue to train to enhance and perfect my skills and utilize good and safe habits,tactics, and techniques.

adapted from the "Officers Survival Creed" Tactical Talk Newsletter

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