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Memorial Day Message

by Joe Nizzari - Line of Fire, LLC

"I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all..."

With that said I will endeavor to reflect on the extended weekend of yet another Memorial Day. As always I find myself full of honor for being an American, but on the other hand I find my heart full of dismal regret - not regret for the lives that were lost in battles that our soldiers and our American allies have fought for freedom..... a regret that is felt from the weight of non-patriotism that is surrounding my country; our country.

Any soldier that is in the fight will tell you: "We have boots on the ground filling with blood for the cause." That cause is the cause for freedom. Yes freedom. The cost of freedom is so intrinsic in my heart that I cannot accept as true the number of people who are taking advantage of this ‘holiday’ weekend as motivation to get drunk and barbecue in the console of their own homes and neighborhoods - and yet speak angrily of our President and our brave, very brave men and women who are on foreign soil fighting the hostilities of war and dying so those here at home can party in an affable, safe and cozy environment.

Those who have never visited the grave of a veteran whom they have never known, or flown a flag in "Honor of the Fallen" don't have a clue what it is like to be in the muck, the mire and the sand far away from loved ones..... or, what it’s like to be under fire when friends are dying.... or, what it is like not to have a uncontaminated place to go to the bathroom or a dry roll of toilet paper of which to wipe their ass. Although I have never experienced the aforementioned, I do know those who have and those who are, and I choose to voice those words in this writing.

People who take their freedoms for granted make me sick, because they don't have any indication of what the cost of freedom involves. By no means is this post meant to insult or criticize anyone personally, but on the other hand if anyone is offended maybe they should check themselves and realize what our troops are sacrificing so WE can live in peace and comfort. Our troops are the only thing standing between life as we know it and becoming a terrorist-torn country.

Like me, I am sure that many of you who are reading this post have your hearts swelled with pride of country and your throats lumped with emotion. Although Memorial Day is a day reserved to remember our soldiers who have fallen silent, I believe that it should also be a day to remember all soldiers living and dead, because when a soldier dies so many more are affected; and when a soldier dies America as a whole loses a son or daughter.

Please know that we celebrate the holidays and we remember the dead. Therefore, Memorial Day is not a day of celebration; it is a day of remembrance - a day of respect.

Those of you who know me personally know that this message is not one of self-service; it is a message of truth, honor, loyalty, patriotism and love of country. And most importantly it is a message of remembrance for those who have served; those who are serving and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom.

And please, also remember the brave men and women of Law Enforcement who have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe here at home.

May God bless America, and may God continue to bless our Troops.

Be Safe.



"Honor and Integrity is my way of life... Period." Joe N.

"Always stay in a round room - you'll never get cornered." Joe N.

"If he says he's your enemy, watch him... If he says he's your friend, watch him closer." Joe N.

"Guns are the only products in America that are demonized for doing what they were designed to do...." Joe N.


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