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by Dale Lowdermilk

I understand why well-intended liberals are concerned about the abundance of firearms in America. I agree that the loss of innocent children in Sandy Hook is tragic. I respectfully disagree with gun "ban" supporters who think these disasters can be prevented. Maybe these random acts of violence are "hard-wired" and part of a deeper and unfixable human condition.

I believe that the 2011 massacre of children in the Netherlands (Google: Dutch mall shooting),  the 2012 Norway slaugher of 77 humans (Google: Killer Breivik), the victims of the 2010 Chinese ax mass-murderer (Google: Xiong Zhenlin), the 35 innocents murdered by a computer programmer in Australia in 1996 (Google: Port Arthur massacre), the 1994 gun/bomb killings inside a secured German courthouse (Google: Mikolajczyk), the 2007 spree-killing hacker, as in "machete"…not "computers,  in the Phillipines (Google: Danny Guade) or the hundreds of other examples (Google: List of Rampage Killers) are no less tragic than what happened at Sandy Hook School.  Every child lost in ANY disaster is a deep personal tragedy to someone.

Perhaps the REAL "problem" is that we crawled out of the caves with a genetic predisposition for violence as a survival trait.  Visualize the scenario between a "progressive" Neanderthal who tries to "negotiate" instead of DEFENDING his food, mate or territory? The lack of sympathy by less-enlightened neighbors probably resulted in a primal grunt followed by a whack on the head. This may explain why the appeasing "Neville Chamberlain Neanderthals" dropped off the evolutionary grid.  Maybe we are simply mean little animals, from the chromosomes up.

Throughout history, including "all-of-the-above" horrific events...the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun…or a bigger club.

Dale Lowdermilk, Founder NOTSAFE (dot) ORG

Author "The Pinata Syndrome" and "Guns In The Cockpit"

Editorial Board Member,  Journal of Irreproducible Results  

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