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Wolves in Sheep Clothing

by Brigid - Home On The Range

ABC News reported that Barack Obama has collected the endorsement of the American Hunters and Shooters Association. That sounds like a guns rights group to you, doesn't it?

"Sen. Obama will be a strong voice an unabashed voice for America's hunters and shooters and it is with great pleasure that we endorse his candidacy," President of the Association Ray Schoenke said, citing Obama's commitment to the traditions of gun ownership. Schoenke said they had reached out to the Obama campaign several weeks ago to offer their support – but the announcement wasn't made public until today. Schoenke added that the timing amid the controversy was important.

"We believe recent attacks on Sen. Obama's stand on the 2nd amendment and his commitment to the hunting and shooting heritages are unfair."

If there's anything in this statement that's not fair it's Obama's record on firearms. but don't expect the President of the American Hunters and Shooters Association, Mr. Ray Schoenke, to confirm that though. Schoenke, a failed Democratic candidate for Governor of a Blue State, has donated thousands to Handgun Control, Inc, a virulently anti gun forerunner to the Brady Campaign. He has donated tens of thousands more to anti-gun Democratic politicians.

As for who are their members are, they are not many, but have an operating budget of half a million. So at $25 to join, where did all the money come from? Well, if you follow the money they read like a who's who of "give me your guns !" Five of the AHSA are anti-gun lobbyists.

The Executive Director of this supposedly pro-gun group is calling those who buy weapons for self defense whackos. And women who buy guns? We are "the first sign of law-breaking".

It's a matter of public record:

  • They want to allow the FBI to keep records on law-abiding citizens who buy guns and put an end to gun shows as we know them. Not to mention the fact that they want to regulate .50 caliber rifles in the same way that machine guns are regulated.
  • Their leadership. Bob Ricker ... is a former NRA employee who switched sides and has actively worked for gun control groups for many years now. ... John Rosenthal ... is one of the founders of the Massachusetts based group Stop Handgun Violence, a group that has been a major force in passing some of the most Draconian state gun laws in the nation."
  • President of AHSA, John E. Rosenthal, is one of the founders of the Massachusetts anti-gun group, Stop Handgun Violence, a group instrumental in having many anti-gun laws in Massachusetts passed.
  • ASHA officials have testified in favor of gun control legislation, such as Washington State bill SB-5197 which aims to restrict sales at gunshows.
  • ASHA opposes the views of the BATFE and Fraternal Order of Police concerning the Tiarht Amendment. These law enforcement groups claim ASHA's perspective would jeopardize both lives and law enforcement operations and I heartily agree.

So these are the pro gun hunters and shooter that endorse Obama. With leadership like that, there is no doubt as to their true goals, a soft sell campaign to fool the people who won't look too deep at their background and goals, all while working behind the scenes for their real agenda. Gee, no wonder they endorse Obama, that's his whole campaign.

Do any of you recall reading of The Trojan Horse? No, not the computer term, the one known as the Wooden Horse, a device resorted to by the Greeks, after the death of Achilles, to capture Troy. The story is referred to in the Odyssey. Epēius, a skillful craftsman, constructed a very large wooden horse inside which picked Greek warriors, including Odysseus, were concealed. Then the Greek army sailed out of sight, leaving Sinon, one of their number, behind. He pretended to be a deserter and told the Trojans that the horse was an offering to Athena; if brought within the city it would render it impregnable. In spite of the warning given to the Trojans by Lāocǒon (a priest of Apollo) not to trust ‘Greek gifts’, the Trojans dragged the horse into the city. At night the Greeks came out of the horse and the city was taken. Virgil tells the tale of the horse in Aeneid 2.

Laocoon, follow'd by a num'rous crowd, Ran from the fort, and cried, from far, aloud: ‘O wretched countrymen! What fury reigns? What more than madness has possess'd your brains? Think you the Grecians from your coasts are gone? And are Ulysses' arts no better known? This hollow fabric either must inclose, Within its blind recess, our secret foes; Or 't is an engine rais'd above the town, T' o'erlook the walls, and then to batter down. Somewhat is sure design'd, by fraud or force: Trust not their presents, nor admit the horse.’

The AHRA is nothing more than a Trojan Horse gun organization that poses as a group that respects our Second Amendment right to liberty and free will, while providing the money and resources to those who wish to strip us of those rights. A Trojan Horse group endorsing a like candidate.

It's as dishonest as Obama's claims that he is in favor of the Second Amendment while his records and actions indicate otherwise. Remember that if you get a postcard from AHSA in the mail, as I did. Remember it when you vote.

As Virgil said. "Trust not their presents, nor admit the horse."


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