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Where's your elitism now?

by Dudley Brown -NAGR


After "serving" more than 30 years in office as the most virulent anti-Second Amendment activist in the state, North Carolina state senator R.C. Soles . . .

(...wait for it...)

...shot an intruder and potentially stopped a crime!

Clearly, guns cause crime.  Why else would a "keep-the-streets-safe" gun control nut like Soles keep a gun around the house?

Now, the story could get juicier as time goes on.  The two men who tried to kick in Soles's door weren't typical street thugs.

In fact, several media outlets have reported that the wounded intruder is a former client of Senator Soles -- who doesn't exactly have a squeaky clean history.

Wait, wait, wait -- so let's get this straight.

The most vociferous anti-gun zealot in North Carolina used a gun to wound and stop an intruder who wasn't even a thief or common thug -- but someone he knew personally?

This story is fun -- almost as fun as breaking in a new pistol.

You can contact the distinguished Pharisee in a variety of ways.  We've rounded up most of 'em.

Email: RC.Soles@ncleg.net Mail:  NC Senate        16 W. Jones Street, Room 2022        Raleigh, NC 27601-2808

Legislative office: (919) 733-5963 Law office: (910) 653-2015

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