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To whom it may concern

by Bob Striffler

My thoughts on gun rights however I feel they are reflected by many

ConstitutionI promise not to kill anyone until you come to get my guns. Then I'll be forced to kill as many of you as possible who participate in trying to take my guns from me! As Charlton Heston put it, "Out of my cold dead hands!" Would you personally want to be the one to take Charton's gun....out of his cold dead hands? Why? What was it that, your fellow American, Charlton ever personally did to you that he would deserve this?

My "unalienable" and "individual" right means just that! I don't care what you say and watch what you do say. Because, as angry as I am when foreign enemies attack the very freedoms my troops are dying for and trying to preserve, I'm equally angry when those freedoms come under attack by those within my own borders! You can't alienate "my" right by "your" voting it away or dismissing it! That is what "unalienable" has always meant! Make no mistake! Do not pretend "you" have the right to redefine this for someone else. It would be un-American for you to try! If some of you tried to take this right away, that would be a "Mob Rules" environment and that's d**n sure not what America is or was ever meant to become! When we do become a "Mob Rules" society please see "The Declaration of Independance"

This right has been recognized in this country, as fact, for 230+ years. Hmm, that long. I'd say that shows our founding fathers intent has been acknowleged from the beginning and till the present. Don't think you'll keep getting away with trying to redefine this like seemingly has been done to much of the rest of the "Bill of Rights."

The first legal document was the "Declaration of Independence" which actually tells us when and why it's "our duty" to use our guns. As an American citizen I have had a duty to bear arms since the Declaration of Independence was written. It wouldn't be our proudest holiday, if this wasn't so. We wouldn't be here without it! Without it we couldn't promise our children and their children a future of freedom either. History and just plain common sense should show you that.

And you do realize that our founding fathers are currently rolling over in their graves right now at the liberties being taken, not at the consent of the governed, but by the government anyway. I would suspect that only a government deserving of being replaced would allow for the promotion of giving up this right! Ya think? Or do you even think at all?

You folks better stop soon before you start biting a mouthful of something you don't want to be chewing! Gun owners are serious lot about this right. Don't create more harm then good. People are keeping this right sacred, just in case the government gets a little too abusive. A little too free with their own liberties and a little oppressive with the citizen's liberties. But we can all tell that's not happening and there is no need for that. Right? Our government is nothing but honorable? One of our presidential hopefuls just publically reiterated the point that "gun rights are to keep the government in check."

So you see, there is nothing to fret about. Lawful gun owners are not a threat to you or you family. Don't be a threat to me and mine!

Gun crime "prevention" and crime "prevention" in general are unattainable ideals! This has been true since the beginning of time. You can't make laws that "prevent" this. You can only make laws as punishment to deter crime. You lose your freedom in an environment where your government becomes so irresponsible that it starts letting victims write the laws! As sad as being a victim of a serious crime can be, when you let victims write "prevention laws" is when you and "me" lose our rights. If your not concerned with your rights fine. But, "me", I love "my" individual, unalienable rights. My other duty is to keep these rights so my kid can have them also.

I take it back, I guess you can prevent all crime, all at once, if you passed a law that made everybody stay in their houses twenty four seven. Or maybe prison camps? That would prevent crime. But that would be ridiculous and not very free for law abiding individuals. Would it? Or you could do the same thing slowly one law at a time. But that's not freedom either and us gun owners will be watching so that someday it doesn't become, not just our right, but our duty to bear arms.

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