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Fox News Anchor Calls Eligibility Questioners Right-Wing Crazies

by Armed Females of America

FoxNews anchor Shepard Smith declared war on those Americans who believe that Barack Obama is hiding personal information that would prove that he is not a Natural born Citizen of the U.S.

Smith said of those who question Obama's eligibility as being "out there in a scary place".  He went on to say that there is no truth to the claim that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen.  These comments were made Wednesday June 10, 2009 on his highly rated program "Studio B" on Fox News. Smith also compared those who question Obama's eligibility to the White supremist who shot the guard at the Holocaust Museum.

What is the "truth" Mr. Smith? Have you seen it?

We can assume that Mr. Smith is claiming the short form birth certificate circulating on the Internet as his 'proof' that Obama is a Natural Born Citizen.  In fact, it is this very document that proves Obama is not natural born as the law requires. 

The document states that Obama's father is Barack Obama and mentions his race as "African", but no mention of his nationality.  Presumably this information would be on the long form birth certificate that no one is allowed to see, or question.

Barack Obama freely admits his father was a citizen of Kenya and a British subject at the time of his birth.  The law makes clear that to be 'natural born' both parents must be citizens of the U.S., either natural born or naturalized.

If you notice, no one in the media answers questions regarding eligibility.  They ignore the question or dismiss the person asking as somehow a candidate for the funny farm. It's like they know and they have seen the evidence, but they refuse to share it.  I want to know what they know.

The truth deniers need to put up what they know.  If journalists like Shepard Smith will resort to name calling instead of researching the subject then they are no different than Iranian President Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD who denies the Holocaust ever happened. 

So-called conservative talk show hosts don't dicuss the eligibility issue.  If you listen to talk radio you will see a pattern of accusations against the left for not being forthcoming on important issues.  How often do you hear a conservative talk show host make this statement - "and the Obama administration has been silent..."?  But they don't smell the filth they are sitting in.

Internet forums are full of those willing to talk about this subject and exchange ideas to get the word out, but the wrong questions are being asked.  These media types and politicians need to be asked directly what evidence have they seen to prove that Obama is a natural born citizen.

The media is even critical of the fact that eligibility is only discussed on the Internet.  Hello! No one in the mainstream media will touch the subject so the Internet is the only source for dialogue.

In April 2008 the Senate passed resolution S.R.511 that recognized John McCain as a  natural born citizen and eligible to be President of the United States.  Senator Barack Obama served on that committee and reviewed the long form birth certificate of McCain that showed the hospital name, doctor and other pertinent data you would expect to find on a birth certificate.  Obama somehow avoided that scrutiny.

The longer the media ignores this matter, the worse it will get down the road. Everyone should write, fax or call their representatives in Congress demanding to know what proof they use to support their position that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen.

Do it now! This is what we need to do to protect our country and our rights from this foreign imposter.


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