by Armed Females of America

praying handsArmed Females of America joins with America and the entire gun rights community in denouncing the shootings at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007.

We grieve as the families of the victims grieve. And we also offer our condolences to the Virginia Tech family and the city of Blacksburg, VA. However, we ask our leaders to exercise restraint in presenting more gun laws that will have little effect on these events.

Some reports claim this shooter was a student at VA Tech with a nonimmigrant visa. Under federal law an illegal or a nonimmigrant alien cannot own a firearm or possess ammunition. That being the case, how can there be calls for more laws which will be ignored by those intent to kill?

Virginia Tech has a long standing policy against firearms on campus. In June 2006 the VA Tech governing board reiterated its policy of banning firearms on campus. Did this policy have a bearing on the deaths of 32 students?

In the weeks to come there will be many proposals calling for more controls on guns, more security measures on campus, rapid law enforcement response and more metal detectors. But nothing will have a greater impact on the outcome of armed attacks than unwilling victims who are willing and encouraged to fight back with proper self defense tools.

Tragedies like this will always occur where victims are easy targets. Any one student with a permit to carry a firearm may have prevented these horrible deaths. We ask the Virginia legislature to reconsider HB 1572, which was proposed by Del. Todd Gilbert and rejected by the Virginia House Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety.

Armed Females of America encourages everyone to take responsibility for their own safety and security rather than relying on law enforcement officers who always arrive in the aftermath of a crime.

Furthermore, school policies of herding students into small rooms make them easy non-moving targets must change. School lockdowns must stop!

Our schools and universities have a duty to keep students safe, but continuing to enforce student victimization is irresponsible and foolhardy.

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