Repeal All Gun Laws. You Read Me Right

by John Longenecker

One of my suggestions for the Top Ten of the Stand Your Ground Movement's mission statement or agenda to was to repeal all gun laws.

Thatís right; repeal all gun laws. And, no, Iím not out of my mind.

The Top Ten were only starting points, and repealing all gun laws was a very sincere one. Believe me when I say that itís good for the country. The list is a reflection of American values which are being discouraged more and more every day in order that the nation be looted. Where the Household is the Stronghold of resistance to adversity in America, it is the Number One Target on the world stage, and I mean the World Stage. Recapturing those values is the only simple thing we need to do to recapture the nation, and courage is one of those values.

I advocate due process and follow-through on all of those.

So, why would a former Paramedic be for guns?

Well, as Iíve said many times, itís not about guns, itís about governance.

Citizens in America are sovereign, which means that the individual is the supreme authority here. Some people think thatís an unwanted burden. Americans know itís Creator-given, burden or not.

Sovereignty. Liberty. Burden or birth-right? People come down on the side that tells the most of their beliefs and values system. Theyíre either brave and support values and courage to the benefit of all, or theyíre cowardly and support surrender to officials to the detriment of the rest of us.

Iíve also said these two things: 1) the war on crime, the war on drugs and the war on poverty have not worked because this is not where crime is fought.

Crime is fought instance by instance by facing down grave danger with your authority and superior force. Tying the hands of citizens to fight back cultivates violent crime to the advantage of officials who thrive on crisis. Discredit and revoke go-nowhere national anti-crime policies to untie the hands of citizens and watch the country grow even further.

I agree with my libertarian friends that the war on drugs is futile. Worse, itís a scam, like a protection racket.

Criminals do not fear police, but they do fear armed citizens, another of the best kept secrets in the debate. Same authority, different policy.

2) Iíve also said that privacy is the safeguard against mistake, abuse and retaliation. Intrusion into oneís private life is usually verboten without jury oversight, but when people lie to get a warrant Ė itís easier to obtain forgiveness than to obtain permission Ė many an honest person has been railroaded. Other abuses occur all the time.

And William Pitt said this: Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human liberty; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

What is America being told about necessity for infringing on our liberties today?

Most Americans have forgotten or do not like the idea that though we delegate authority and force to our officials, we have not surrendered any of our own authority and force. Thus, we have two co-existing entities of lawful force here: one we delegate to servants and one we reserve for ourselves in the immediate absence of those servants.

Just as our laws are backed by force, so our personal sovereignty is backed by force. Our lawful individual force.

The move is on to disarm you and relieve you of that force to which you are guaranteed by the Constitution, by talking you out of it by peer pressure, media, lies, abandonment of critical thinking and other subtle tactics, including not-so-subtle illegal sting operations.

On that subject, The United Nations wants to disarm Americans on the grounds of alleged worldwide illegal trafficking in weapons. Well, some observe that such transfers are not illegal, and that the truly illegal trade is nearly insignificant.And finally, the thing I dislike about the Quarantine laws regarding the anticipated Bird Flu pandemic is that their plans might not be so unreasonable and fearsome if they werenít backed by force. Life gets worse in nations where only officials have all the force.

And with skin patches and nasal spray delivery systems for modern vaccines, one has to wonder why officials want to use the injection as the delivery system of choice. Would it happen to be so they can deliver an RFID Chip into the muscle which canít be delivered by patch or spray?

Put them all together and what do you have?

You have a nation of sovereign people where the sovereignty is being mashed, disrespected and ignored, discouraged as passe, even punished, made anti-social and then attacked from neighbors and the U.N., all with the cooperation of our own officials.

Why all of these moves to take away guns (sovereignty) when not one of these laws will ever touch the criminal?

Probably because our sovereignty (our rightful authority and our rightful use of force) stands in the way of looting the country. Itís easy to get cooperation when the People believe theyíre cooperating for the common good, but itís a lie when youíre asked to give up your very means of protection.

There are billions upon billions to be made. At the expense of your rights.

Your sovereignty, in the process.

The beginning of the solution is, of course, to get rid of all gun laws Ė as well as dropping the War On Poverty, the War On Drugs, and the War On Crime Ė because criminals donít obey them, and they only tie the hands of the law-abiding who need weapons for personal self-defense when facing grave danger alone.

Defeat all go-nowhere, anti-crime laws and you defeat the need for intrusions, hi-tech surveillance and, of course, supervision of the law-abiding.

Law enforcement cannot protect individuals, and oftentimes, individuals can do a better job of it, because theyíre already on scene, they already have the authority, and if they choose not to be a victim, it all usually works, if officials would get out of the way.

Repealing all gun laws will free assets for things they were originally developed for and best equipped to do: apprehension, evidence collection, administration of justice, you get the idea. Meanwhile, police have no duty to protect individuals, and you canít sue them if they donít.

Remember that you do not fight crime by chasing it: crime is best fought by facing it down when it faces you. Armed individuals can do one thing that turns it all around: an armed person can stop the situation from escalating.

Itís not about guns, and itís not about crime: itís about using violent crime to do the dirty work of creating justification for intense go-nowhere anti-crime policies; itís about looting America and pushing aside your sovereign authority to say No to it, and your right to back your No with lawful force.

Officials will always want more and more, and that necessarily means that you pay for it all out of the balance sheet of your authority just as certainly as funding unwelcome programs comes out of your taxes.

Just as an aside, I had spoken on the air with Liberal talk show host Michael Jackson several years ago. Jacksonís against guns, so I asked him if he owned a gun. He answered, no comment.

Of course, that answer is hostile to your rights for the following reason: in being against guns, he wants to take them away from you, yet Jackson reserves for himself the very core principle of concealed carry, namely. . . to keep them guessing.

The citizen is the ultimate authority in America.

On this Memorial Day, I want to call attention to the soldiers and sailors who serve, and I want to mention thanks to the civilians who fight for liberty in due process and follow-through in media, education and elsewhere, and to all the moms and dads who teach it Ė the individuals who understand that if you donít hand down knowledge of your rights, you might as well hand them over.

To each and every one of you, I say thank you for joining the fight for me and my kids, and their kids, and their kids.

Protecting your neighborís weapons is to protect your own right to run your home the way you want, and this reaches down through the generations. The ony thing weíre talking about is facing grave danger alone. In our judgment, on our authority.

And finally, one more thing in the instruction to repeal all gun laws: because we say so.

In such a debate, we do not need reasons, proof, exhibits or anything, because we have the authority. If we do furnish such exhibits or reasons, it could only educate, but they shouldnít be necessary if officials take orders instead of giving them. If the People say to repeal all gun laws, then we repeal all gun laws.

If thereís positively any balking, any worry about what would happen if there were no more gun laws, my answer to public servants is this: ďWhy donít you let us worry about that?Ē

Indeed. And Iíd repeat the question for the record.

Repeal all gun laws and restore the sovereignty of both gun owner citizens and non-gun owner citizens alike.

Itís good for the country.

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