by ArmedFemalesofAmerica

Fellow America loving Patriots,

The Social Security Administration has recently purchased 174,000 rounds of .357 Sig JHP ammunition.

Social Security Agency is charged with the responsiblility of assisting the elderly and disabled with financial benefits earned over their lifetimes. The agency claims that they need firearms and trained agents because they investigate cases of fraud and to respond to threats against Social Security offices, employees and customers. Excuse me, but I thought that was the job of local law enforcement.

Not only has the Department of Social Security been beefing up its federal arsenal, but the Department of Homeland Security has acquired 750,000,000 rounds of this ammunition.

When our Founders wrote protections against a "standing army" into our Constitution they didn't envision departments of the government to use their federal powers to get around that protection to become that "standing army".

These government departments are becoming quasi-military units of federal law enforcement. Can you recall the last time a Social Security office was robbed, or employees threatened? This is part of the plan to militarize all federal departments to use unlawfully against civilians. Or worse. This ammunition could be used to equip and arm the Obama "Civilian National Security Force". This could happen with the use of the ultra racist and violent New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, or some group unheard of at this point.

If the Social Security Administration needs protection from imagined threats consider the plight of the Social Security recipients who are mugged, assaulted and robbed when they cash their meager benefit checks. The Social Security Administration would better serve the elderly and disabled if they used this ammunition to arm and train the recipients in the use of self defense and marksmanship. That would be real social security!

For the government to create armed police forces within the governement is an outrageous abuse of federal powers and a snub against legitimate local and state law enforcement departments.

Your future plans should not include reliance on government for your protection. Armed government agents are not armed for your protection, only theirs!

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