DHS is Looking for a Few Good Terrorists

by Armed Females of America

DHS watching youRecently Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano assailed Americans who disagree with her and some policies of Barack Obama as "right-wing extremists" and potential doers of evil.  The DHS memo specifically targeted combat veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as those who could be recruited into so-called right wing terror groups.

It only gets worse:

Napolitano alluded that the memo really means that veterans could be “victims” of extremist groups who want to recruit them to commit violent acts in the US.  There you have it.  The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t think military veterans have the ability to think for themselves and to decide right from wrong.

Napolitano recalled as her reasoning for including veterans as a threat is that when she was United States attorney in Arizona Gulf War veteran Timothy McVeigh bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK.

We can be assured that Tim McVeigh never learned about ANFO bombs in the US Army.  But he did learn how to hate from the government who just 2 years before incinerated nearly 100 men, women and children at a Christian church and living quarters in Waco, TX who were initially defending themselves from unlawful force by a rogue government agency.  This was not a legitimate defense for McVeigh’s actions, but indicates how an out of control government can contribute to these disasters.

Maybe oppressive big government is really the “extremist”

The DHS memo goes on to target other Americans who either disagree with her liberal policies, or the ones who the liberals just like to hate and want to silence.

In the DHS memo there is no mention of domestic terror groups, like the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), or the Earth Liberation Front (ELF).  Both are cute sounding acronyms for deadly left wing groups who would kill for the advancement of their extreme agenda. For the FBI, eco-terrorism is the number one terror threat in America. Should we suspect anyone with an "Earth First" bumper sticker or the owner of a Hybrid vehicle a terrorist?

There is no mention in the memo regarding criminal gangs, like MS-13 and gang members who join the military to gain combat training to teach to other gangbangers, or to steal military assets to be used for gang criminal activity, of course not.  This memo is intended to target those who we used to consider normal law-abiding Americans and war heroes.

In our new age of compassion and understanding for our enemies we are not allowed to profile young middle eastern men with suspected ties to al Qaeda, or those suspected of breaking our immigration laws, but to Janet Napolitano it is acceptable to place a target on the backs of veterans, Christians, abortion foes, Second Amendment supporters, constitutionalists and illegal immigration protesters. We reject that narrow-minded extremism and bias.

Since November 2008 7 million firearm background checks by been recorded by the FBI.  This does indicate a growing distrust of the present administration and uncertainty over our economy, but it does not prove that there are 7 million potential terrorists on the streets of America.

Lawful gun owners recognize there is no place in this country for extremist terror actions from either side of an issue and lawful American gun owners will stand shoulder-to-shoulder against it.

Even though Janet Napolitano has backtracked from her comments she hasn't apologized.  If she did it would mean little to those who have been harmed by her bias.  She still has the same underlying sense of bigotry and will only use more discretion in the future to avoid the controversy in public.

Every American should contact their members of Congress and President Obama to demand her resignation, or fire her if she doesn't resign.

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