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By Joseph Nizzari, Director LINE OF FIRE, LLC

Dear Friends and Students,

I am happy to report that I have fulfilled my product testing regimen with the BlackHawk Close Quarters Combat (CQC) Holster with the innovative "Serpa Lock” technology feature. After completing several hundred draws to date I will tell you that the CQC holster is probably one of the best holsters I have ever used for training, duty, and concealment. I originally wanted to conduct my testing with my Sig P-220, but unfortunately the P-220 CQC holster was on backorder at the time of my testing, so I will present my evaluation as tested with my Colt, 1911 Stainless Commander.

The first time I had the opportunity to fondle the new BlackHawk CQC line of holsters (in a non live-fire environment) was at last year’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The display holsters at the show had solid plastic “Blue” (non-firing) Glock dummy guns stuffed in them. The holsters at the show offered an early, but very positive glimpse as to what we could expect from this new generation of holsters from BlackHawk.

When I am introduced to a new product I am usually skeptical; therefore while I was at the BlackHawk booth at the Vegas show I made sure that I asked a lot of questions and made certain that I extensively fondled and “worked” the product. Needless to say that the BlackHawk staff manning the booth was very professional, helpful, and informative - which is one of BlackHawk’s many industry trademarks.

The holster used in my testing was my personal CQC holster with the “Serpa Lock” feature. This dynamic safety feature did not impede any of my draws in the least - considering that some would deem having to depress a button in able to draw your handgun could be costly in time. This is by no means the case. Please note: Although I am a BlackHawk dealer, the company did not provide me with this product without charge. I personally paid for this holster as not to give the impression of impropriety.

The "Serpa Lock" release is advantageously located on the outside of the holster directly in-line with the trigger finger (the trigger finger should always be placed in the exact position of the Serpa Lock release during the draw to begin with). After completing several hundred dry-practice draws I was ready to test the holster in live-fire drills.Blackhawk Industries

When testing this product during live-fire drills I used an electronic timer and I compared my draw times to my previous draw times when utilizing other thermoplastic holsters that do not have a retention device. What I found is that I was still able to put two well-placed shots on the target from the surrender position in about 1.5 seconds. For those of you that practice that particular drill know the importance of being able to get the gun into action when you only have mere seconds to react. The BlackHawk CQC holsters with the Serpa Lock retention device provide excellent “Snatch-Proof” security, while at the same time providing flawless, lightning fast deployment, and positive, deliberate re-holstering with no impedance whatsoever.

As an added bonus these quality holsters provide not one, but four holsters in one. Each CQC “Serpa Lock” holster is shipped with belt-sizing adjustment screws (which allow accommodation of various belt sizes); holster mounted platform including an adjustable 3-position “cant” (forward positive, straight-drop neutral, and rearward negative); belt loop attachment, and an easy to install paddle attachment option. Wow.

If you are looking for a holster that will provide a high level of security found in other holsters costing much more, while meeting the demands of versatility and lightning fast reaction times without having to be a contortionist in order to get the gun into action, the BlackHawk CQC line of holsters are for you. You can’t go wrong with this product.

Joe N.Be Safe.

Joseph Nizzari
Training Director
Line of Fire, LLC
Las Vegas, Nevada

(702) 242-8288



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