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Glock Safety in Question (?)

Submitted by Joe Nizzari

Line of Fire, LLC

Before you click on the below link and read the article, please keep this in mind: "guns are bad and Glocks are more dangerous than most" the sensationalist press screams... but if you read between the lines and know *something* about firearms technology, handling firearms safely, AND personal responsibility... it's essentially a non-issue.

Top police gun prone to accidental firing Detriot News

Glock pistolGlocks are probably one of the best combat handguns since John Moses Browning's 1911 Government Model. Glock represents the new generation of combat weaponry, and by no means will I put down this fine, fine handgun. As a matter of fact, when I recommend defensive handguns to my students, Glock is alway in the top three, with Sig-Sauer and Heckler and Koch in that group respectively.

Unfortunately I have known three people who have shot themselves with Glocks (none fatally) within the past seven years. All of them (including a police officer) received self-inflicted wounds because of omitting one very important firearms safety rule: "Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot."

A safety is a man made, mechanical device subject to failure, and the liberal media would lead you to believe that the warm and fuzzy notion of a mechanical safety will prevent accidents by even the most experienced gun handlers. The only true safety in the handling and operation of any type of equipment (especially firearms) is COMMON SENSE and THE OPERATOR.

A Glock out of the box has a 5.5 lb. trigger pull (about that of any semi-auto in single action). Any Glock owner can get a "New York Trigger" spring (approx. 11.5 lbs.) installed very inexpensively. The 11.5 lb. spring would be equivalent to most double action revolvers (which have no manual safeties) and most double action semi-autos.

As far as the Glock being converted to full-auto: any person with criminal intent can convert ANY firearm to operate in full-auto mode no matter how many steps the factory takes to prevent it. A criminal is a criminal is a criminal, and they will always find ways to defeat stops put in place to prevent criminal activity.

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