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I'm Mad as Hell!

Why do Most gun owners think like gun grabbers?

by Lori Broadhead, National Director
Armed Females of America

I just finished reading this very disturbing article, "More Newspapers Drop Gun Classifieds", about a type of gun control that's happening throughout the country, right under our noses, and nobody seems to care. Major newspapers are opting to refuse classified advertisements for gun sales from anyone who isn't a licensed dealer.

Are they going to restrict ads for antiques painted with lead paint, next? Or first have an item certified by the Gestapo that it's not stolen property? What about making people get a car certified before listing it so we all know exactly what's wrong with it, making it harder for the seller to lie about it?

You notice that they're not banning advertisement for karate classes, or sports equipment (lethal baseball bats), or kitchen knives! Just so you're not sucked into this controlling behavior, selling guns through the newspaper is free enterprise, advertising a legal item through a legal venue, and they have no right to ban it. Advertising is free speech, isn't it? Newspapers should know all about that.

What's really disturbing about this is that the newspapers caved to an anti-rights group calling themselves the "National Campaign to Close the Newspaper Gun Loophole." But the most disturbing part is that other anti-rights groups joined in their campaign to help back the effort. Gun owners won't unite in any large number for a charity shoot, let alone to back their cause.

Check out the NCCNGL web site and look at how many "Participating Organizations" (link toward the bottom left) they have. We can't get gun owners to even think alike, let alone participate! We have to start asking some very pointed questions, here. What are we doing wrong? What could we be doing differently? Why would any American jump on the anti-gun bandwagon so quickly but the average gun owner won't do one thing to save his or her rights to equal out the "teams" in the fight?

Granted, anti-rights people like to pick and choose which rights you get to have while personally enjoying all of theirs. And, they don't realize (or won't acknowledge) that as soon as our gun rights are taken away, the rest will quickly follow, even their rights. But you'd think that gun owners would know better. I always thought gun owners knew more, were somehow smarter than the gun grabbers, appreciated America more, wanted to fight for our constitutional rights. I guess I thought wrong.

I realize that pro-gun organizations all have different agendas and philosophies, where the anti-gunners have ONE -- take our guns (read, rights) at any cost! It's not hard for members to belong and participate when the agenda is laid out in front of you in such a simple package. But, don't gun owners see that we're being trampled on over technicalities? Pro-gun organizations don't want to work together to save our rights because . . . why? We're right and they're wrong? (not necessarily meaning AFA) Because we each want the notoriety? Because "everybody else" is willing to compromise? Because they don't reflect how I feel about the Second Amendment or guns in general?

One of the responses to Nicki Fellenzer's NRA article "Betrayal of Trust" is proof of this. The guy writes,

"I am an Arizona resident. I've worked at a shooting range, as a firearms salesman, and I am a CCW instructor. I own 3 glocks, several other pistols, an AK-47, AR-15, and all sorts of other evil "assault weapons". My degree is in criminal law, and I consider myself to be very pro-gun. I've recently read your article on the NRA and I wanted you to know that I have some disagreements. I share many of your views about the NRA. I will not compromise on the AWBan either, it must sunset or the Pol will lose my vote forever. I do, however, support the NICs system. I have seen felons get denied, it's a good thing. I can't understand why anybody would have a problem with an instant background check. I understand being passionately pro-gun, but do you really think that a felon right out of florence (prison, ed.) should be able to walk into any FFL and pick out anything that he wants? please let me know your response because this issue is the catalyst that will help me decide to support your organization or dismiss it.

Thank You, Michael H."

Here's your response, Mr. H. -- You might enjoy being treated like a common criminal to exercise a Constitutionally protected right, but I do not! I don't want anyone, least of all the government, snooping into my background because of what a criminal might do in the future. These people are known criminals, they have been convicted of a felony (not all felonies should be felonies either, by the way). What are violent criminals doing back out on our streets in the first place? Why does this seem so natural to talk about for everyone, that a violent criminal is not only alive, but out of prison? Why is letting someone loose on society that will never change and has killed before an accepted practice to Americans? Why aren't we allowed to protect ourselves from the very people the government is turning out and disarming us against?

Violent criminals shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets, let alone walk into a gun shop, or ice cream shop for that matter, Mr. H., so why should we be punished because our justice system isn't working to keep us safe from them? It's our responsibility to protect ourselves, but our government keeps taking away our tools. If we all were allowed to have guns with no restrictions, we'd at least be on an equal playing field with the criminals the government turns loose on us. As a gun owner you should know that the majority of criminals don't buy their guns from a gun shop, they steal them or purchase the "illegal" ones from the black market.

See what I mean about gun owners thinking like the gun grabbers? This is just one tiny example, there are many more like Mr. H.

Gun owners and the respective organizations they choose to belong to are as different as the guns they choose to own. How do we unite them? How do we make them understand that ANY gun control law, regulation, ordinance, or legislation is illegal under the Bill of Rights and cannot be tolerated any longer? That some gun owners are part of the problem?

Some, like Mr. H., actually like the background check, some don't mind registering their handguns, some willingly give a fingerprint to purchase ammunition. Duck hunters don't want people to own full-autos. Handgunners don't know why people have to kill animals and deem every hunting rifle a "sniper rifle." Deer hunters think people who own handguns are all out to murder somebody (of course I'm generalizing, but it's not far from the truth). But, they're all NRA members because they "want to protect the Second Amendment" (HA! These people will be the downfall of the Second Amendment). How do we WAKE UP GUN OWNERS, and make them see how stupid this all sounds, how wrong they are? It's not okay to be treated like a criminal, Mr. H., Ms. gun owner, anti-rights zealot! It's not okay, period!

This is where gun rights organization meetings would really come in handy to get all pro-gun orgs working together and working as a force multiplier to accomplish our goals. I hoped that meetings like these would be a main focus of Armed Females, that our main goal wouldn't be yet another pro-gun organization, there's already hundreds, probably thousands across the country, but to focus on getting all those organizations together, working on the same projects. How can we all come together if we don't even know where to find each other, or how many of us there truly are?

I envisioned Armed Females of America as being the hub for unity. I'm not saying that what we're doing isn't right, or isn't effective, because I truly believe it is or I wouldn't be here. Is it enough, though? Are our projects big enough to make waves, to make people sit up and take notice? Is what we're doing going to get our rights back faster?

That's the bottom line, isn't it, getting our rights back, at any cost? Or, is that the problem? "At any cost" might mean that gun owners have to change their stubborn minds about gun control. "At any cost" might mean having to part with a few lousy dollars a few times a year. The anti-rights crowd don't even blink when they hear, "at any cost," because it translates to, "for the children." We're losing our guns to them at OUR cost, for OUR freedom and theirs, in the face of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and most gun owners refuse to see that, or don't care.

This newspaper loophole organization got all kinds of publicity; we won't. We won't unless there are millions of us doing the same thing at the same time, whether that's sending postcards, marching, boycotting, calling/writing legislators, or even thinking the same. The anti-gun organizations have a few people here and a few people there. They might even have big chapters in large cities, but the few gather and make it seem like many because they all think the same, they're all doing the same thing -- taking our guns! (Getting huge donations from "celebrities" never hurts either. That will never happen for us so we have to think, work, and organize smarter than what money can buy.)

We are many, 80-million many, but so many gun owners are hiding behind the protection of the Second Amendment or the NRA, or all of these different organizations with all these different ideals, goals, and philosophies. How do we change that? How do we make gun owners think alike, come out from behind their shell, stand up and scream, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!"? Your ideas and suggestions are, as always, more than welcome!

Lori Broadhead

Lori is the National Director for Armed Females of America where she draws from her background as a Training Supervisor to carry out her duties. She is also devoted to her family, active in shooting sports, and horsebackriding in her home of Grantsville, UT. Besides her family, her main passion is her strong desire for the preservation of our Second Amendment freedoms.

Copyright © 2003 by Armed Females of America. All rights reserved. Permission to redistribute this article for noncommercial purposes is hereby granted, provided that it is reproduced unedited, in its entirety, appropriate credit given, and that the author is notified.

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What a great editorial :

I would like to extend my great appreciation and gratitude for what you and AFA are doing...I think that what you have written in your article is more than just truth, it is a reality we need to be completely focused on, hence our name: Guns Unified Nationally Endorsing Dignity. This has been an absolute goal and dream of mine to bring gun owners into at least one area of agreement, on just ONE issue!
Mike S.

I thought this was/is a good article/rant,and as a gunowner and NRA member I also am mad as hell about the division among our ranks.
I recently posted on one of the sites that I frequent often about- why can't we as" firearms enthusiasts" get together and have a march similar to the"million mom's march" to show our solidarity? And believe this-an all male audience gave no replies.I guess that the belief is that we have the second ammendment guaranteed, so why say anything more?JUST PISSED ME OFF! So I decided to reply to this article after reading the contents.I could be a great deal more frank on my beliefs on this subject,but it would not be printable except for "loggers and sailors".
I'm certain that our criminal justice system is broken,and I don't know of any kind of fix that would work to reform it with any speed.I do however believe that if all americans were armed that the death rate would increase for a while,and after, the country would not have a criminal justice problem,less police would be needed ,less lawyers,less prisons.Ah but now we're getting to the root of the problem.
CRIMINALS are BIG BUSINESS! Take away the guns,criminals run rampant and the legal system becomes self sustaining,more jobs,more justification for police, prisons,lawyers,etc.,and at the bottom of the food chain-politicians.....MK...my 2 cents


First let me say that I AGREE with many of the points you made in your article: Gun owner ARE their own worst enemy.

As someone who is involved at many levels fighting to protect and regain our rights here in the definitively unfriendly state of NJ, I am always amazed at the total display of apathy of most gun owners.

I must report to you, however, an example of such counter-productive efforts that you might not be so pleased to hear.

I run several Friends of the NRA fund raising dinners each year. At my dinner last Thursday, someone was placing on tables all over the hall a little "note" saying how the "NRA is lying to you" that proceeded to discuss several issues. The note was 'signed' "Armed Females of America".

We quietly collected the notes and dropped them in the trash. So YES, I agree that we are our own worst enemies, but I refuse to attack other pro-gun organizations for their position on the issue (after all, we ALL agree that our rights and freedom "...shall not be infringed..." ),
but I do not have a solution to how to stop all the counter-productive

You are joining many other voices in calling out for "Some one" to lead us into the light. Perhaps the ultimate answer is to stop calling for "some one" and for you and I (and others like us) to step into the light and see who will follow. Problem is, our greatest fear will probably be realized:

No one will follow because they are content to let us speak for them. That is why NRA is so politically powerful: They DO speak out while the other 70 million gun owners sit on their collective arses.

Bottom line is: I stopped complaining about why "some one" isn't doing anything to fix the problem and started doing something about it myself.

I raise money for NRA, I recruit new members, I teach Firearm Safety classes, we hold events for Women, Youth, and Minorities to introduce them to shooting (about 800-1000 new people each year), I hold political fund-raisers, speak to civic, Scouting, and Business groups, etc. In
other words, I FIGHT every day to protect my rights.

I hope that you will fight too.

Michael B.

In other words how do you convince 80 million people that it is open season on guns and gun owners. All I've got at the moment is that we should create a Deck of Gun-Grabbers. NewsMax.com is having great success with their Deck of Weasels and Deck of Hillary. Robert L.

Dear Lori,

I read AFA's articles all I can and I've read this article as well as "gun owners make me sick" (I think that's the right title). I get fired up but there is really nothing in the articles about what to do. I do all that I can with the resources that I have. With so many pro-gun organizations out there, and not being a rich man, there are only a few that I can donate to and become a member. Here's what I do and why and then afterward, tell me what I can do that would help the cause:

NRA: I am a member. Why when I don't agree with everything they do (and don't do)? Because they are a thorn in the side of the anti's. Their name is always brought up as "the NRA made them do it and we hate the NRA". It makes the socialist angry and I like that. I have emailed, written to, and called the NRA to tell them my concerns with some of their policies but I am not a stupid person, I know that they only exist to make money off of the Gun Owners and that if they every really fought for the 2nd and won, they would be out of a job.

GOA: I really like the views and policies of this organization. Larry is starting to get more "air time" and the organization is "moving up" as being a recognized thorn in the side of the socialist/anti-gunners. I am a member of this organization because I am waging that it will be a contender to take over and be better than the NRA, in the future.

JPFO: I am not a Jew. I don't even believe in their beliefs. But I believe in them as people who should know better then to support gun control. If no one else in this world, they should be the most firm believers in gun ownership. But, most of the major Jewish organizations are not of the "Never Again" crowd, they are of the "Please Again" crowd. I also like their policies and how they are more aligned with GOA and may actually join together in the future.

Pink Pistols: I am not gay. I don't believe in the gay life style. But I believe in them having guns because they are targeted and are Americans. I don't agree with many people or their life styles but I believe in America and that everyone has the right to pursue happiness and to live free to make their own decisions. That as long as they are not infringing on any of my rights, they can do whatever they want. Even through it "grosses" me out to see two men or ladies kissing in public, it doesn't infringe on me so I have no say in the matter, as is the same with men/women kissing (straight couples) in public. I am ex-military so I was trained in no PDA's but I can't force my opinions or thoughts on others (well, in the real America that is).

Flyers, business cards, booklets: I print out flyers and business cards and go around in the parking lots at the malls and put these under wipers. Or, if a business doesn't have gun books in their magazine racks I give the manager a business card with "no guns = no money" to your business. I even have a booklet that I made from varies flyers, articles, etc.. that I've found on the net. I leave these in places that offer magazines in their waiting rooms.

So what now? Most of what I've written takes up most of my resources. I get "yelled at" by articles stating that "I'm not doing my part" that "I am not giving my all or every penny that I earn so I am a "bad" gun owner". Since I work during the day I can't just take off to protest an anti-gun protest. I have to work so that I can make money, so that I can support myself as well as the cause with as much as I can. I go to gun shows when they are in my area and if there are protesters out, I will give them a business card or protest the protesters but they are not stupid, they will do it during a normal working day when we gun owners have to work and they, on welfare mostly, can do whatever they want.

So, tell me, what now?

L. Kelly

Dear Lori.

Thank you for sharing your top notch thoughts about an extremely important issue.

I am sorry if I sound pessimistic, but I don't think we are ever going to awaken gun owners to what has actually been taking place in America for quite a few years. I believe most in America lack the spirit of our forebears, the pioneering, free spirited, clear objective THINKING that is needed in our society along with guts.

I think we are seeing the fruit of the labors of our left-sided school systems, media and advertising. We have become too fat in our minds and far too permissive. It will take a life and struggle...I mean a real life and death struggle to pull some out of the mental stupor that is so pervasive. But by then, I think it will be too late. As a few of my collegues say, "medival times they are a comin".
R. Henry

You must be kidding, right? You really can't understand why newspapers don't want to participate in gun sales to just anyone? You people are insane. But we already know that, judging by that silly photo of you on your website. Cowgirls unite!

It's very simple--see if you can follow along here--guns were created for one purpose only--to kill! Furniture, cars and all the other items you use as examples weren't. Are you capable of understanding that?

You are so ridiculous you make me wish I was a man, and that's saying something. Keep up your ranting, you make the rest of look better when you do.

No name with this one, of course! ed.

AFA Response to the above. (You wouldn't expect us to keep quiet would you?)

"You must be kidding, right? You really can't understand why newspapers don't want to participate in gun sales to just anyone? You people are insane. But we already know that, judging by that silly photo of you on your website. Cowgirls unite!"

My Goodness! Is this what you liberals call "compassion?" I call it bigotry and ignorance. Let's get something straight, madame: No, we cannot and will not comprehend why newspapers would want to lose profits and potentially readers by limiting legitimate transactions between consenting adults. It boggles our minds how easily gullible the decision makers are and how enemies of self-defense such as yourself cannot comprehend a simple fact:

Much like you and your ignorant ilk want to perpetuate the myth of the gunshow "loophole" - this pathetic attempt at vilification will also be unsuccessful. So few criminals buy their guns via newspaper ads, that the Bureau of Justice Statistics doesn't even register the number. According to the federal government, the VAST MAJORITY of criminals get their guns through friends, family, black market, theft or other illegal means. Don't you think that if newspaper ads provided easy access for criminals to firearms, they would actually USE IT? But that doesn't matter to you, because you are interested in one thing: perpetuating lies to further your agenda.

No, we don't understand how newspaper editors and managers can be so gullible as to believe the pernicious dung you and your liar friends feed them.

Maybe you can explain it to us.

But I doubt it, because you are so blinded by your ignorance that you are unaware of the facts - as demonstrated by your next statement.

"It's very simple--see if you can follow along here--guns were created for one purpose only--to kill! Furniture, cars and all the other items you use as examples weren't. Are you capable of understanding that?"

This shows just how historically uninformed you are. So let's see if you are capable of understanding THIS:
Cars were first produced for military use - yes WAR MACHINES. They were produced to facilitate killing. And yet, you bleat pathetically about guns, but duly ignore the military purpose of the NUMBER ONE KILLER IN THE UNITED STATES - automobiles. But your historical and hysterical ignorance doesn't end there. So let's see if you are capable of registering this:

Guns are tools.

These tools prevent at least 85,000 crimes per year (according to gun control advocate economist Phillip Cook), but most likely even more, according to Florida State criminologist Gary Kleck, who calculated defensive firearm uses to be 2.5 million a year. Are you capable of comprehending that 2.5 MILLION crimes are prevented, and God knows how many deaths are averted thanks to these extremely effective tools?

Intent nonewithstanding - Guns are responsible for TWO PERCENT of accidental deaths in children in this country (CDC numbers, not mine), while cars are responsible for 51 PERCENT. Comparing these numbers, why would anyone with the exception of those with a political agenda, care what the intended use is?

And finally, your last little gem of hatred and ignorance:

"You are so ridiculous you make me wish I was a man, and that's saying something. Keep up your ranting, you make the rest of look better when you do."

A fine little gem of hatred from an obvious bigot. Let me lay this out straight for you: Your ignorant ranting makes you look like a hate monger. If strong, independent women, capable of taking responsibility for their own safety and fighting for your freedoms and your ability to defend yourself make you wish you were a man, I certainly advise you to seek out a sex change immediately, because we are not going anywhere. You may want to leave your right to defend your life and the lives of your children in the hands of the government. You may want to recoil away at the most effective tool of self-defense on the market today. You may want to act like a helpless sheep at the mercy of armed thugs. But don't you DARE excoriate others for not conforming to your warped view of femininity. Nothing can make the "rest of you" look better, because by sending hate mail to people you've never met and could never outmatch in passion, conviction and intelligence you demonstrate your complete cowardly mediocrity.

Congratulations on making yourself look like a bed-wetting dullard.

Nicki Fellenzer
Armed Females of America

Dear Lori Broadhead;

I was compelled to write to you regarding your recent article, I'm Mad as Hell! (Why do Most gun owners think like gun grabbers?). It was offered in a gun owners forum/community in which I participate, and opinions begin to fly. I believe it has been a healthy exchange and speaks to a point sorely in need of addressing.

I was feeling a bit crestfallen after reading 'R. Henry's' pessimism, and then kicked in the gut by the rancor of the rabid socialist directly beneath...

And then it hit me. Perhaps there is hope. Of course there was no name on the final post! The anti-rights movement is all sneering sarcasm, personal attacks and insults. It is all that they can offer. They have only knee-jerk reactionism fueled by misconception, misinformation and an all-consuming fear. Our rights -- to bear arms and otherwise -- are protected; the burden falls to them to deny them. It is easy to see how we have rested on our laurels, sniggering at the 'anti-gun' nuts thinking, "Don't worry, it'll never happen". Indeed, maybe it never will, but only by switching our focus from dismissal to a convicted optimism. In a society where violence has become a problem it has been easy to point the finger at inanimate objects and justify stripping away rights in the name of "making our streets safer", the fact that violent crime and gun ownership among the law-abiding are inversely proportional notwithstanding.

Amid the arm-waving and shrill cries of the left, we gun owners and pro-rights activists largely quietly plug along on the road to Truth. We must make our voices heard; write or lawmakers and journalists, talk about the positive aspects of gun ownership to those receptive to the discussion and, most importantly, vote. From the NRA to the AFA, GOA, on down to "Jane's Shooting Club" we have a message and a voice. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. We abide by the laws, thereby proving that we are not nuts (No, Ms. Anonymous, we are not insane. Psychiatrists, by the way call that projection.) and fight to affect real change.

Thank you, Lori for raising the point. Perhaps it will stir others as it has stirred me and we will act more as one in a cause to preserve freedom, liberty and the safety of our streets through responsible gun ownership.

Best Regards,
Kevin B.

The liberal media are in bed with the liberal, firearm-hating politicians. According to Charles Shumer (Sen. D., N.Y.), Sen. Diane Feinstein (D., CA.) and their ilk, the Bill of Rights contain NINE (9) Amendments: 1, 3, 4-10!
Sen. Feinstein was quoted as saying, when voting to maintain the ban on "assault rifles", (paraphrasing) if I could I'd vote today to take all firearms from everyone, Mr.& Mrs. America, all firearms confiscated and illegal to own. The typical mindset of the extreme, liberal left...twice as bad as she is from California.
Lori, that's what we're up against. It will take a POWERFUL pro-gun lobby and Republican leaders with balls to gain our rights back...as stated in the Second Amendment.
Thank you.
John M.

I enjoyed your article and have seen the same problems over the last couple of years. I've been a long time NRA supporter but after checking out GOA and other organizations I find that the NRA hasn't been the friend I thought it was. The NRA comprimises and declares victory. I have always been comforatable around firearms, having grown up in a gunshop, and see them as the tools they are. I cringe as the liberal press highlights firearm violence over all other and he PC environment cuts the legs off of rational discusion.
All my non gun owning friends are actually afraid of the device itself. In one instance with a group of 8 people, I was showing off my new Beretta 92 with the Operation: Enduring Freedom engraving (open w/o mag) and #8 shows up and walks into the room, sees what we are doing and literally backs out of the room and goes to a different part of the house. The rest of us looked dumfounded at his reaction but realized that his ultra liberal docter wife has throughly clipped his nads.
When the subject of firearms comes up in conversation, the fearful quickly add that they are afraid of them and will nothing to do with them. When quizzed about why they are afraid of an inanimate chunk of metal, they either don't know or believe that the item is evil. I've gotten a couple out to a range and watched their hesitation disapear but the majority are dead set in maintaining their fear. It is these uneducated ones that are so easily manipulated by the anti self defense crowd. I'd like to find some program that designed to free these minds from their matrix of fear and lies.
Texas (still free as of June 20)

I just read your article concerning uniting gun owners and thought it was great. Unfortunately I don't think it will ever happen. I know plenty of people who own guns or support gun ownership, but I am the only one who cared enough to join an organization that fights for my rights ( I am a lifetime member of the NRA). The sad fact is, these people just don't care. And when all firearms are banned, they will be the first ones in line to give up their freedoms. They are just too lazy and pathetic to get involved. At the same time these anti-gun zealots are relentless, and I do believe that they will ultimately be successful. But I will never give up my freedom nor my guns to anyone. As Charlton Heston proclaims, "From my cold, dead hands!"

Thank You,
Scott M. F.

"Associate yourself with men of quality if you esteem your reputation, for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company." --George Washington

Hi Lori,

You cite a lamentable fact about most people in this country... they don't want to get involved. Haven't quite figured that one out myself yet. Maybe it's just unvarnished selfishness.

Personally, I think the problem is multi-faceted. People don't think they can make a difference. They don't want to make the effort (because there are things they'd rather do). They don't understand the problem, or (and this is the big one) they don't think it will affect them. In today's society, to get people involved you need to convince people that if they don't take the desired action, then something bad will happen to them. Personally. Really, it's game theory. If the "cost" of the expected outcome times the probability of the outcome is less than the cost to be involved, they just aren't interested... even if they could do the math. So if they're going to lose their $1000 shotgun, but they think the odds are 1 in 1000 that it will happen (to them personally), they they'll be willing to give you about $1 worth of effort. Which is nothing.

On the other hand, if you can put a charismatic leader out front to lead the herd... (Isn't that what Heston was?)

But look on the bright side - the anti-gunners aren't doing much better. I recently signed up to attend a local "Million Mom March" meeting, just to see what they were up to. Who knows? I might get a chance to ask some really embarrassing questions! But in the process, I learned that their great nation-wide local-level meeting plan has managed to scare up just over 1000 people. Total. For all 50 states. 20 people per state. For a meeting that's planned for about two weeks from now.

They've sent notices to everyone on their email list - a couple times each. The meetings are local - no great traveling required. They're free. And the agenda includes preserving the "assault weapon law", etc., with all the usual, "We must save the world" rhetoric.

Of that 1000 people, there's no indication of how many will actually attend a meeting. If they have 100% attendance, at this point they're looking at fewer than 1100 people nation-wide.

So take heart. The anti-gunners aren't any better organized. And truth isn't on their side.

Kurt A., J.D.

You might want to remove the commie picture of the chick flexing her right arm - are you too stupid to realize that that is a very old(like WW2) USSR propaganda image? Paints your cause in entirely the wrong light.

Get rid of the commie and replace with something more american. <milspace@insight.rr.com>

"During World War II, an unprecedented number of American women responded to government encouragement to enter the high-paying world of heavy war-production industry. Women who had worked at pink-collar jobs, or in lower-paying women's industrial jobs, flocked to war production work as an opportunity to learn new skills and make higher wages. The documentary The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter presents these women's experiences as they developed throughout the war years, and after, when the men came marching home. Some of the valuable elements of the film are interviews with several of the women who entered war production work. When watching the film, pay attention to the juxtaposition of their stories and experiences with government propaganda films which encouraged women to become war workers, described their work on the lines, and then encouraged them to "return to their homes" after the war was over."


To milspace:,As you can see from above the lady flexing her arm is a patriotic WW11 poster called Rosie the Riveter. When men went off to war, women filled in the work force to build ships,tanks and airplanes. The motto for these heroic women was "We can do it"! Rosie and other like posters were definitely not "commie". Unfortunately you are severely undereducated and probably just another victim of selected history deletions in whatever school you may have attended.My condolences for your loss. Armed Females of America.

(Our Rosie)

(Original Rosie)

I completely agree with your editorial. It was terrific and I faced this sort of gun owner anti-gun biasness myself.

I was at the range one day sighting in my brand new .50 Cal bolt action rifle. Next to me was a guy sighting in his 308 bolt action rifle. When he say me unbag my rifle his comment was "your not going to use that thing here are you!? in a loud and disgusted manner.

What makes this more interesting I knew this guy from work as he was one of our vendors from the Big Blue Company (not named). He took the usual I don't see why anyone would own one of those approaches.

He promptly went to the range master to complain. Fortunately me being a 5 year member at the time and always in good standing with the range master. They found another bench for "Him" to move to.

My point is these rifles were completely identical in function and use. Yet our average community feels like, if I don't have one why should you? Kinda like the pick-up driver versus the sports car driver, versus the SUV owner.

The only difference between the 2 is politicians pass laws pitting one bias against another when it comes to firearms. America needs to wake up and stop the "If I don't own it, who cares if they out law it approach", because sooner then latter your hobby will be the target of the next anti-whatever law.

I'm 40 and never dreamed politicians around the world would try to outlaw "Toy guns". Nothing is beyond a politicians legislative pen and nothing is safe from politicians. Keep in mind politicians by nature are control freaks why else would they run for office other than to control what you are allowed to do.

Now every Christmas I hand out stockings filled with toy guns, knives, GI Joes and Jane's, Cow Girls and Boys, Grandpa Jack comic books, and old copies of the original comic Batman and Captain America when they carried Colt .45's on their hips, before the politically correct people corrupted the comic book industry. I never hand out Superman comics, to me he represents an illegal alien wearing the red Socialist uniform representing the governments I will protect you since your are took weak syndrome.

Daniel G.

Thanks for your article on why gunnies sometimes sound like gun grabbers. I agree with what you say. I have expressed most of the same thoughts over the past several years. Here is what I think ought to be done:

1. Raise a lot of money.
2. Hire the best advertising agency in the advertising profession. We need to sell the general public, as well as the gunnies, cops, anti-gunners, and everybody else, on the RKBA. We need to bring them to want, and to believe they NEED the RKBA, all types of guns, etc.. The people who sell the public on cars, cosmetics, and deodorants know how to do that.
3. Keep raising more and more money. You will need to keep the advertisers producing the advs. And, you will have to keep paying the media high prices over the long haul.

1. Find people who know how to raise a lot of money and get them to work for you -- and keep working for you.

I hope this helps. Bill M.

Just wanted you to know that I agree with you and I do my best to help. Dave M.

Dear Ms Broadhead
I have just Finished reading your article "Why do Most gun owners think like gun grabbers?"
I agree with every word and sentiment in your writing. However I feel you have missed one logical point that must be made. Maybe missed is the wrong word here, possibly the case simply must be made stronger. The criminal background check seems to be logical to most, and must therefor be attacked by a stronger and more logical argument. We must convince the public that the government is the biggest threat to human life, freedom and rights that exists, that is all rights, not just second amendment rights.

#1) We could build a case against government first with a brief history of government evils, from owning slaves, to Jim Crow laws, the internment of Japanese for no reason in WWII, the blacklisting and destroyed lives of the McCarthy era, etc.

#2) Point out how these evils were paired with gun control to oppress persons, this is especially true with Jim Crow laws and the lynching, raping and other crimes perpetrated against black men and women.

#3) Then make the case for any gun control leading eventually to registration and confiscation, such as Nazi Germany and Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, where gun control laws under the British were used to disarm and then oppress millions. And that's only two.

#4) Then establish a clear gun control-genocide link. Finally leading back to the fact that the founding fathers gave us Rights to protect us FROM GOVERNMENT, not from other people. Rights protect us from government, the law protects us from each other, at least in the opinions of the founders.

Please do not take this criticism as critical, I love your writing and would not hit the links to your site from the JPFO if I did not.

Thanks for taking the time to read this
Van C.

"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil
interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good." -

George Washington

"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be
properly armed."
- Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers at 184-188.

Dear Lori
You are 100% correct in your articles. One of the major problems in this country is most of the population does not have the comprehension and understanding concerning the 2nd amendment. It is not only the "militia" statement, it is the realization that our forefathers intended the 2nd amendment to protect us and ALL of our Constitution against the corruptiveness of our political leaders. Liberal politicians KNOW and UNDERSTAND this fact. They indeed have a fear that someday the liberal policies will lead to an armed protest of these policies and so we the American must be disarmed NOW!!! The average American has to be educated on these facts. A major problem of course, is most Americans are ignorant enough to be mislead by the media, which is in bed with the entertainment industry to undermine the conservative and preservative principles of this nation.
Frank B.

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