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Lessons Learned

By Joe Nizzari

Dear Friends, 

The below was sent to me by a LEO friend. Most of you that have gone through any of my firearm training courses know how much I stress the importance of carrying a "hot" gun for self-defense. To some I might even sound like a broken record about this. Look, if you are carrying a firearm in "Condition Three" (full mag, empty chamber, hammer down), you are ASKING to be killed.
You will be no safer in "Condition Three" than you would be if you just employed positive firearm safety and good handling habits with a hot gun.
Some of you may remember this article that I authored on "Condition Three" two years ago. For those who have read it, read it AGAIN; for those who have not read it, read it and LEARN!  
Remember: "Complacency Kills." The one time you are complacent is the one time Murphy will find you! Keep your gun hot, your awareness in Yellow, your Combat Mindset ready to attack the attacker, and be prepared to fight and never give up.
Be Safe. 


Joe Nizzari is a certified Law Enforcement and Civilian small arms instructor, and Lead Instructor of Line of Fire, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada.

e-mail: ishoot2live@yahoo.com

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Subject: ICE Agent Killed by Cop Killer info....
Date:     04/15/2005 9:09 PM

Remember, you are REQUIRED by CBP regulations to have a round in the chamber of your duty weapon, while at work.  Don't let this happen to you.
Be Safe.

Louisville, KY


Last night, I learned of facts concerning the shooting of the ICE agent, deputies, judge and court reporter in Atlanta that
were not made public for obvious reasons.

The ICE agent who was killed, was going to his house to lay tile and when he entered his house, he observed the cop killer laying on the floor asleep. The ICE agent pulled his weapon and ordered the subject to stand up. When the cop killer stood up, he had the slain deputie's Glock in his waistband, knowing that  he was going to get the death penalty anyways, he drew the Glock to shoot the agent.

Before the cop killer could get the Glock out of his waistband, the agent pulled the trigger on his weapon  and CLICK! The agent had loaded his pistol, but failed to chamber a round. Before he could TAP RACK REASSESS, he took one round to the arm and one to the chest, he bled to death before help arrived.

This of course was one of the worst instances that one could be placed in, going up against someone who doesn't care if he lives or dies (such as al-Qaeda guys etc..). It is very difficult to survive these encounters without a lot of tactical thinking and preparation.

Remember, when the gun goes on, check to see if you have a round in the chamber and the magazine is firmly seated. Make it a habit every time you pick up the gun. Don't just rack the slide and hope one goes in, because the pickup arm may slip and not grab a catridge.

Also, have the will to live, nothing that guy can do, is going to beat me! Have an attitude, WIN!

DO NOT ever go into green mode at work and think this will never happen to me! There is one officer in Lynden who was
in the shootout on the Southern Border who would differ with you.

In the last month, we have had 3 mental cases come across the border. Any of them could have planned what the Atlanta cop killer did.

As the guns flow north and the dope south, we are going to see a change in attitude, if I knew I was facing 20 years in prison for dope in the US, you would have a hard time stopping me from getting back to Canada.  Also on primary (trucks too), if I know
I am caught, what do I have to lose.

Take time and be careful, you new guys have a long career ahead and I will bet you will be involved in something in the next 20 years.

We always learn from the unfortunate mistake of another officer.

Learn from this one.


"Honor and Integrity is my way of life... Period." Joe N."Always stay in a round room - you'll never get cornered." Joe N."If he says he's your enemy, watch him... If he says he's your friend, watch him closer." Joe N."Guns are the only products in America that are demonized for doing what they were designed to do...." Joe N.

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