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MEDIA RELEASE: Letter to Governor Owens by Rick BiesadaRick Stanley

Rick Stanley, Constitutional Activist, former U.S. Senate candidate, Enemy of the State, and self avowed extremist on the order of our forefathers of America, gave the following media release for your use: (please distribute)

Dear Governor Owens

By Rick Biesada

Honorable Governor Bill Owens
136 State Capitol
Denver, Co. 80203 -1792

Dear Governor Owens;

It is a pleasure to write a man of your stature;

Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, 2003.

Governor Owens announces Reduction in Alcohol - Related Traffic Deaths.

Governor Owens Receives Energy Leadership Award.

Public Knowledge, Praises Colorado Governor Bill Owens for his Veto of Colorado State DMCA Bill.

Governor Owens joins New Town Builders and Forest City in ground breaking for Inspirational House at Stapleton, to Benefit Home Builders Foundation.

Governor Owens has brought accountability to education.

The Colorado Legislature and Governor Bill Owens signed into law; Bill SB 25, which clearly affirms the states responsibility to uphold the right to openly keep and bear arms, and states that local unconstitutional ordinances are preempted by this law.

Now Sir, with this understanding, along with the knowledge that Thornton, Colorado's Ordinance TRM - 38237 is superseded by Colorado's State Constitution, Article 2 section 3: by interfering with a persons natural, essential and inalienable right to self defense, and all of these laws are superseded by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution; the Supreme Law of our Land, I am befuddled why you have not intervened into the persecution of Colorado Citizen, Rick Stanley, who was denied justice in your court of law for having committed NO crime.

Therefore, I am requesting a plea for executive clemency, on behalf of Richard E. Stanley (Rick Stanley) case # CR-2002-006386-ms: In The District Court; County Of Adams, Colorado. I believe this is the most expedient way to administer justice, although Rick Stanley is guilty of NO crime, his administrators of justice are guilty of denying him justice.

I believe that Rick Stanley had been egregiously, and irrevocably harmed by the Colorado Judiciary, as I will demonstrate that he had been denied due process of the law, and had been denied justice, in your courts by judicial usurpers, who ignored what the law is - and interpreted it the way they think it ought to be.

First Sir, lets review your view of the Judicial Selection Process, as professed by the remarks made by your Chief Counsel; Troy Eid, at the swearing in ceremony for judges; John Daniel Dailey, and Henry Nie, to the Colorado Court of Appeals, January 7th, 2000.Governor Owens has appointed twelve judges since taking office. One thing that I have learned this past year is that participating in the merit- selection process for judges is one of the most important civic duties that any of us can perform as citizens of this state. The Governor (Bill Owens) will tell you that he will leave No More Important Legacy, Than the Men And Women HE APPOINTS TO THE BENCH.

This statement flies in the face of this repugnant persecution of Rick Stanley, of constitutional subversion by those, who did not uphold their oath of office, to preserve the law. Surely you don't want to stain your fine reputation by associating with these renegade usurpers who are not fit to distribute justice in a court of law?

They have besmirched justice and made an arrogant mockery out of your judicial system, is this the kind of legacy that you want to leave?

A legacy that exhibits a willingness to let a corrupt judiciary dominate the rule of law and not distribute justice?

A legacy of letting tyrannical judges deny evidence in favor of the miscarriage of justice, and a legacy of letting feeble judges withhold instructions to a prejudiced hand picked jury, not of the defendants peers, in order to insure a favorable decision against justice?

You Sir, are responsible for these activist judges when they do not comply with the Constitution. Their orders are void, In re: Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888) he/she is without jurisdiction, and he/she has engaged in an act or acts of treason.

TREASON: Whenever a judge acts where he/she does not have jurisdiction to act, the judge is engaged in an act or acts of treason, U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200, 216,101,S. Ct. 471, 66L.Ed.2d392, 406 (1980); Cohens v. Virginia, 19U.S. (6 Wheat) 264,404, 5.L Ed 257 (1821).

Briefly stated Governor Owens, Rick Stanley, former senatorial candidate for the United States Senate, local Colorado Businessman, fund raiser for charitable events, and founder of the Mutual Defense Pact Militia, a political citizen activist organization, for liberty and justice - which I am a proud member - was railroaded by your activist judges who did not follow the law.

Mr. Stanley challenged a local unconstitutional firearm ordinance and was arrested. Acting as his own attorney, he sent a formal notice to two Judges; Charles Rose and Donald Marshall, after he had been incarcerated, putting his life in jeopardy of being forced to cohabitate with hardened criminals, he admonished these judges of their sworn oath of office, under what he understood was protected speech, under his First Amendment Right. The judges charged Mr. Stanley with trying to influence a public official. How profound! How else are you supposed to get attention when your rights have been abused, and you are thrown in jail for having committed NO crime? Your right to free speech IS influence! If it is not, then lock up all corporate CEO's for donating soft money to political campaigns. Lock up all special interest groups for trying to influence the government, and lock up all judges for influencing the citizens to vote to retain them.

Governor Owens, I can not see how a man of your stature would allow your courts to become a mockery for our rule of law. This case was a blatant and arrogant miscarriage of justice, starting at the beginning when Rick Stanley was unlawfully arrested contrary to constitutional law.

The climate in Denver was that of a lynching, as Don Harkins, Editor of the Idaho Observer can attest, when one of the court observers over heard a policeman make a remark about "blowing off Mr. Stanley's F---king head to save the county some money". Now that's what I'd call influencing or intimidating, but when this person reported this incident to an officer of the court, it was ignored, and he was told to forget about it. When a police officer makes a remark like this in open court with out fear of retribution, this shows a concerted effort to violate a person's rights, taking us back in time to the Civil Rights Movement.

I understand that all judges in Adams County recused themselves from hearing this case, so they appointed an 81 year old retired Supreme Court Judge to preside. He was not a resident of the county in violation of Colorado Law, and his oath of office had expired in the year 2000. Apparently it makes no difference in this kangaroo court, but was this old fossil ever tested to see if he was of strong and sane mind, to preside over this crucifixion?

The jury pool was cut loose if they had any knowledge of the law. The final jury was comprised of mostly young women who were intimidated by the court officials insipid remarks about the militia, and not given instructions about the court proceedings. They had the fear of God instilled in them about the militia, when in fact the Mutual Defense Pact Militia was intended to guard against injustice, by prudent men, patriots who love our country and want to preserve it from tyranny. Most of our members are businessmen and women. We are Veterans who helped secure our countries liberty - and according to our Constitution; all able bodied males between the ages of 17 and 45 are automatically in the militia. You know Governor, we are comprised of guys such as yourself, with your principles, bringing accountability to our government, just as in your speech at the Heritage Foundation; about our culture when you made this very important observation, "Great civilizations are not destroyed over night."

We're with you, we believe in vigilance. What happens to Rick Stanley in Denver today, could happen to me in Chicago, tomorrow.

As for myself, I run a small business and am a radio talk show host. Is that who these young women were afraid of...talk show hosts?

Reality should have prevailed in that trial and a change of venue should have been in order as long as these oppressors were persistent about having an unconstitutional trial.

You see Governor Owens, we have an impasse. Your judiciary wants to hang Rick Stanley for something - yet he has committed NO crime. They want to get him for something - but they have no evidence of a crime, so in order for them to cover their evil deeds, they must send Rick Stanley away and hope that something terrible happens to him so that everybody will forget about him, and they will be exonerated and move on to violate another persons intrinsic rights...but we're not going to let that happen. They have violated their oath of office and committed treason according to the way that I read the law. They can't get out of this predicament unless they commit more crimes, more abuses, doing more damage to Rick Stanley and his family, or to other innocent people, but you hold the key by granting executive clemency, or just calling a mistrial and vacating the judgment.

Then, in order to gain the people's confidence once more and to insure the rest of Colorado's population that another odious atrocity such as this, will never happen again - you need to hold these judges accountable for their despicable actions by impeaching them, or charge them under Chapter 24 of The Colorado Rules of Judicial Discipline.

Now this would send a message about a legacy, 'Governor Owens holds judges accountable to the people.' To protect the public from any improper conduct and behavior by judges; to preserve the integrity of the judicial process; to maintain public confidence in the judiciary and the public; and to provide for the expeditious and fair disposition of complaints of judicial misconduct.

None of the above occurred at Rick Stanley's trial, but you can make a difference and leave a fine legacy behind you for your successors to build on. Restore justice, honor, and integrity to the Colorado judicial system. Free Rick Stanley and return his money and assets. Try to correct this wrong which was unjustly thrust upon an American Citizen, in America.

Your campaign slogan states: "Candidates Promise, Leaders Deliver" - so be a leader Governor, do something through deed - and lead your state's judiciary out of this askew mess.

Rick Stanley is innocent Governor Owens.

You've got the wrong party - sentence the judges instead!

Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Biesada

PS: You are welcome to refute these charges anytime on my radio program, thank you.

Reply to: rick@stanley2002.org

Rick Biesada

Rick Biesada can be heard on The Angry White Minute each Tuesday and Friday morning at 8:10 a.m. over radio station WJJG 1530 AM, Chicago's Home Town Station. Visit his Web-site

The history of the race, and each individual's experience,are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal. ~ Mark Twain

Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing. ~ Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791



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