Freedom doesn’t spell ADL!


By Ted Lang

If someone were to call you a “bigot,” or a “racist,” or “anti-Semitic,” it’s clear you’d have a problem, especially if you were accused of any of these things in public. After all, in our left-liberal-controlled, socialist-oriented politically correct society, things such as anti-Semitism are simply not tolerated in our “free society.” But isn’t a free society tolerant of all aberrations, as long as intolerance only takes the form of verbal abuse and not physical harm or the unlawful conversion of private property?

People nowadays are being proclaimed “intolerant” for merely voicing an opinion, or expressing themselves via an art form, or for merely wishing to live and let live by the rule of law as expressed in the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights. All citizens, no matter what their national origin, ethnicity or religious heritage, are accorded equal protection under our freedoms. And these freedoms are predicated upon the foundation that prohibits singling out one class and depriving that class of protections available to others. Conversely, these freedoms preclude preferential treatment for one class over another.

It is interesting to note, that the majority of Americans, under the guise of polite tyranny packaged via the term “political correctness,” are attacked for their majority status in this once free nation in order to discriminate unfavorably against Caucasians, Christians, and white heterosexual married males. The Founders recognized that majority rule was a threat to the rights and freedoms of both minorities and individuals, explaining why they opposed democracy. That is why they founded this nation as a republic with a constitutionally limited government. It should, therefore, be clear, that our Nation’s rule of law, if not sanctioning a dictatorship by the majority, certainly interprets a dictatorship by a minority as the height of both intolerance and tyranny.

Jews in America represent about three percent of the population. And by any comparison, their intellectual, patriotic, and religious contributions far exceed that of their total number compared to any other class or segment of our populace. They have representation in the arts, education, law, engineering, science and government that far exceeds their total numbers percentage-wise. And of course, they bear another distinction; Jews have indeed been discriminated against, and most violently by various governments, most notably, socialist governments. Modern liberalism, as opposed to the libertarian strain of classical liberalism, is really the socialism and communism of Karl Marx, himself a Jew.

Considering the horrific list of atrocities perpetrated against the Jews, notably by such socialist governments as Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s Communist Russia and Soviet Union, one would ascribe to all Jews revulsion for the persecution of any minority class anywhere. One would ascribe to Jews a rejection of intolerance, and a rejection of the aberration or dilution of those principles of freedom as clearly articulated in our Bill of Rights, especially both the First and Second Amendment.

Yet notable members of the Jewish faith, such as New Jersey Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg citing support from the League of Jewish Women, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, Barbra Streisand, and the Jewish families owning and operating the New York Times and the Newark Star-Ledger, all vigorously support precisely the same gun control legislation Hitler and Stalin used to murder and torture tens of millions of Jews. Why do such notable Jewish leaders support such laws? It has been irrefutably proven, that the liberals’ 1968 Gun Control Act is a carbon copy of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis’ 1938 Gun Control Act, with only one important distinction; the “American” version doesn’t specifically discriminate against Jews. Is that the reason these Jews support it?

Aaron Zelman, executive director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership [JPFO], has posted on that organization’s website all the facts involved with the investigation matching “American” gun control with Nazi gun control. Clearly, that’s why Zelman found it necessary to establish and nurture such an organization, one that demonstrates the difference between patriotic American Jews from the un-patriotic, anti-constitutional and Zionist Jews who find no relevance in our Nation’s rule of law.

In his August 16th article on entitled “My Passion About ‘The Passion,’” journalist Steven Greenhut expresses his outrage over the latest effrontery being perpetrated by a select class of individuals identifying themselves as Jews and also representative of Jewish opinion. Greenhut offers, “As someone who writes commentary for a living, I have learned to not get too emotional about most political issues, to take stinging criticism in stride, to not let disputes get personal. If I didn’t keep a little distance, I’d probably already have dropped over from a stroke. Yet once in a while an issue angers me so much that, try as I might, my eyes pop out of my head, my blood pressure rises, my hands start trembling. The debate – if that’s what you want to call it – over Mel Gibson’s forthcoming movie ‘The Passion’ is such an issue. I’ve even lost my cool at a local representative of the Anti-Defamation League. But I cannot help myself for a simple reason.”

Greenhut continues: “Organized Jewish groups are demanding that Christians change their religion to suit their sensibility. It’s as simple as that. Gibson is presenting a straightforward account of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, as portrayed in the Gospels. Jewish organizations can’t dispute that the movie is striving to be an accurate presentation of the Gospel account, but argue that such an account will lead to anti-Semitism.”

Greenhut’s anger is not an isolated incident. When I tried to form an activist group to fight for Second Amendment rights and tried to recruit NRA members in order to take retaliatory animus away from that organization, an NRA member and lawyer said to me, “Ted, you are very passionate about this [smart gun legislation that just passed].” Of course I was. I recognized what he too recognized, and what he became “passionate” about as well: Why would Jews like Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg and her League of Jewish Women support Hitler’s gun control and put them in place in America? Don’t they realize the “doubling implication” here in terms of how they help to unjustly magnify such tyranny?

What is the “doubling implication?” Why would Jews, the people who have paid the highest price in the history of the world for gun control, support it if it weren’t a good thing? Obviously, non-Jews are going to arrive at that very dangerous conclusion as regards gun control: If Jews aren’t worried about gun control, the people who have suffered the most as a result of it, then why should anyone be worried about government’s illegal suppression of the Second Amendment?

The ADL openly supports Sarah Brady and her campaign to enslave Americans with gun control by falsely aligning law-abiding Americans as vulnerable and convertible to a life of crime and violence by simply exercising their constitutional right to buy a gun. Her gun control hysteria generated from intolerant minority organizations and magnified by the socialist-leaning mainstream media, have created this hysteria, which led to the government and the airlines disarming pilots and making 9-11 possible. Even here in America, gun control has taken its toll on innocent American lives by the tyranny of a minority supported by the media.

Only Mel Gibson, a notable member of the Hollywood entertainment media, has supported American interests through his art form. Jews predominate media ownership in terms of newspapers, publishing and Hollywood entrepreneurship, and hundreds of movies and TV programs have been produced depicting Hitler’s Holocaust made possible by gun control. Where are similar movies showing the persecution and much larger body count and suffering perpetrated by the communists of the former Soviet Union and Soviet Russia? How many of such productions have been released?

It is quite clear that liberals didn’t appreciate Mel Gibson’s movie “The Patriot,” because it clearly spelled out how a people were able to stand up to government tyranny via gun ownership. And now, an organization of “Jews” calling themselves the “Anti-Defamation League” is attacking Gibson’s artistic expression as he passionately tries to portray his passion for his religion.

The ADL is a fraud! This is a contemptible minority organization of despicably intolerant anti-American, anti-Christian agitators and activists. The only ones they are protecting from defamation are Hitler and Mussolini in principle, and Joe Stalin and communism in total!

<Theodore E. Lang>>

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Ted Lang is a columnist for the The Patriotist and the Sierra Times. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone and is a political analyst and a freelance writer. Ted Lang can be reached at: