I'm Mad as Hell!

Why do Most gun owners think like gun grabbers?

by Lori Broadhead, National Director
Armed Females of America

I just finished reading this very disturbing article, "More Newspapers Drop Gun Classifieds", about a type of gun control that's happening throughout the country, right under our noses, and nobody seems to care. Major newspapers are opting to refuse classified advertisements for gun sales from anyone who isn't a licensed dealer.

Are they going to restrict ads for antiques painted with lead paint, next? Or first have an item certified by the Gestapo that it's not stolen property? What about making people get a car certified before listing it so we all know exactly what's wrong with it, making it harder for the seller to lie about it?

You notice that they're not banning advertisement for karate classes, or sports equipment (lethal baseball bats), or kitchen knives! Just so you're not sucked into this controlling behavior, selling guns through the newspaper is free enterprise, advertising a legal item through a legal venue, and they have no right to ban it. Advertising is free speech, isn't it? Newspapers should know all about that.

What's really disturbing about this is that the newspapers caved to an anti-rights group calling themselves the "National Campaign to Close the Newspaper Gun Loophole." But the most disturbing part is that other anti-rights groups joined in their campaign to help back the effort. Gun owners won't unite in any large number for a charity shoot, let alone to back their cause.

Check out the NCCNGL web site and look at how many "Participating Organizations" (link toward the bottom left) they have. We can't get gun owners to even think alike, let alone participate! We have to start asking some very pointed questions, here. What are we doing wrong? What could we be doing differently? Why would any American jump on the anti-gun bandwagon so quickly but the average gun owner won't do one thing to save his or her rights to equal out the "teams" in the fight?

Granted, anti-rights people like to pick and choose which rights you get to have while personally enjoying all of theirs. And, they don't realize (or won't acknowledge) that as soon as our gun rights are taken away, the rest will quickly follow, even their rights. But you'd think that gun owners would know better. I always thought gun owners knew more, were somehow smarter than the gun grabbers, appreciated America more, wanted to fight for our constitutional rights. I guess I thought wrong.

I realize that pro-gun organizations all have different agendas and philosophies, where the anti-gunners have ONE -- take our guns (read, rights) at any cost! It's not hard for members to belong and participate when the agenda is laid out in front of you in such a simple package. But, don't gun owners see that we're being trampled on over technicalities? Pro-gun organizations don't want to work together to save our rights because . . . why? We're right and they're wrong? (not necessarily meaning AFA) Because we each want the notoriety? Because "everybody else" is willing to compromise? Because they don't reflect how I feel about the Second Amendment or guns in general?

One of the responses to Nicki Fellenzer's NRA article "Betrayal of Trust" is proof of this. The guy writes,

"I am an Arizona resident. I've worked at a shooting range, as a firearms salesman, and I am a CCW instructor. I own 3 glocks, several other pistols, an AK-47, AR-15, and all sorts of other evil "assault weapons". My degree is in criminal law, and I consider myself to be very pro-gun. I've recently read your article on the NRA and I wanted you to know that I have some disagreements. I share many of your views about the NRA. I will not compromise on the AWBan either, it must sunset or the Pol will lose my vote forever. I do, however, support the NICs system. I have seen felons get denied, it's a good thing. I can't understand why anybody would have a problem with an instant background check. I understand being passionately pro-gun, but do you really think that a felon right out of florence (prison, ed.) should be able to walk into any FFL and pick out anything that he wants? please let me know your response because this issue is the catalyst that will help me decide to support your organization or dismiss it.

Thank You, Michael H."

Here's your response, Mr. H. -- You might enjoy being treated like a common criminal to exercise a Constitutionally protected right, but I do not! I don't want anyone, least of all the government, snooping into my background because of what a criminal might do in the future. These people are known criminals, they have been convicted of a felony (not all felonies should be felonies either, by the way). What are violent criminals doing back out on our streets in the first place? Why does this seem so natural to talk about for everyone, that a violent criminal is not only alive, but out of prison? Why is letting someone loose on society that will never change and has killed before an accepted practice to Americans? Why aren't we allowed to protect ourselves from the very people the government is turning out and disarming us against?

Violent criminals shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets, let alone walk into a gun shop, or ice cream shop for that matter, Mr. H., so why should we be punished because our justice system isn't working to keep us safe from them? It's our responsibility to protect ourselves, but our government keeps taking away our tools. If we all were allowed to have guns with no restrictions, we'd at least be on an equal playing field with the criminals the government turns loose on us. As a gun owner you should know that the majority of criminals don't buy their guns from a gun shop, they steal them or purchase the "illegal" ones from the black market.

See what I mean about gun owners thinking like the gun grabbers? This is just one tiny example, there are many more like Mr. H.

Gun owners and the respective organizations they choose to belong to are as different as the guns they choose to own. How do we unite them? How do we make them understand that ANY gun control law, regulation, ordinance, or legislation is illegal under the Bill of Rights and cannot be tolerated any longer? That some gun owners are part of the problem?

Some, like Mr. H., actually like the background check, some don't mind registering their handguns, some willingly give a fingerprint to purchase ammunition. Duck hunters don't want people to own full-autos. Handgunners don't know why people have to kill animals and deem every hunting rifle a "sniper rifle." Deer hunters think people who own handguns are all out to murder somebody (of course I'm generalizing, but it's not far from the truth). But, they're all NRA members because they "want to protect the Second Amendment" (HA! These people will be the downfall of the Second Amendment). How do we WAKE UP GUN OWNERS, and make them see how stupid this all sounds, how wrong they are? It's not okay to be treated like a criminal, Mr. H., Ms. gun owner, anti-rights zealot! It's not okay, period!

This is where gun rights organization meetings would really come in handy to get all pro-gun orgs working together and working as a force multiplier to accomplish our goals. I hoped that meetings like these would be a main focus of Armed Females, that our main goal wouldn't be yet another pro-gun organization, there's already hundreds, probably thousands across the country, but to focus on getting all those organizations together, working on the same projects. How can we all come together if we don't even know where to find each other, or how many of us there truly are?

I envisioned Armed Females of America as being the hub for unity. I'm not saying that what we're doing isn't right, or isn't effective, because I truly believe it is or I wouldn't be here. Is it enough, though? Are our projects big enough to make waves, to make people sit up and take notice? Is what we're doing going to get our rights back faster?

That's the bottom line, isn't it, getting our rights back, at any cost? Or, is that the problem? "At any cost" might mean that gun owners have to change their stubborn minds about gun control. "At any cost" might mean having to part with a few lousy dollars a few times a year. The anti-rights crowd don't even blink when they hear, "at any cost," because it translates to, "for the children." We're losing our guns to them at OUR cost, for OUR freedom and theirs, in the face of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and most gun owners refuse to see that, or don't care.

This newspaper loophole organization got all kinds of publicity; we won't. We won't unless there are millions of us doing the same thing at the same time, whether that's sending postcards, marching, boycotting, calling/writing legislators, or even thinking the same. The anti-gun organizations have a few people here and a few people there. They might even have big chapters in large cities, but the few gather and make it seem like many because they all think the same, they're all doing the same thing -- taking our guns! (Getting huge donations from "celebrities" never hurts either. That will never happen for us so we have to think, work, and organize smarter than what money can buy.)

We are many, 80-million many, but so many gun owners are hiding behind the protection of the Second Amendment or the NRA, or all of these different organizations with all these different ideals, goals, and philosophies. How do we change that? How do we make gun owners think alike, come out from behind their shell, stand up and scream, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!"? Your ideas and suggestions are, as always, more than welcome!

Lori Broadhead

Lori is the National Director for Armed Females of America where she draws from her background as a Training Supervisor to carry out her duties. She is also devoted to her family, active in shooting sports, and horsebackriding in her home of Grantsville, UT. Besides her family, her main passion is her strong desire for the preservation of our Second Amendment freedoms.

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