Rulers of law ~ THE LAW LOOKS AWAY

By Ted Lang

In a free society, decent, hard working citizens tend to their own affairs, help their neighbors when needed or when asked, and pull together as a community when a crisis affects them all. The latter temporarily requires a collective effort to benefit the greater common good. This is the simple application of both the Golden Rule as well as allowing for anything peaceful that does not harm or disturb others.

It is that historically proven most evil of human organizations, namely government, which dominates its citizens by law. Government has killed and maimed more humans than any other man-made calamity. And of course, it is tyrannical, despotic, socialist government, which leads the way in killing, maiming and torturing. Such governments subscribe to the thesis: Government is law, and law is government.

Tyranny is easily identified. It takes advantage and usurps the natural goodness in each person, saddling them with mountains of legalities mandating compliance and penalties for non-compliance. A rule of law that applies only to the citizenry and from which government has exempted itself is tyranny. Taxation without representation is not necessarily tyranny, but a rule of law enforced only against the citizens of a nation and not its rulers is unmistakably tyranny.

Another telltale sign is complex laws that virtually no one understands. This allows government rulers and their bureaucrats to employ any law of their choosing to target dissident groups. With these points in mind, true analysts of American government can arrive at only one conclusion: American government is tyranny!

God-fearing, decent, hard working, law-abiding citizens don’t need government laws! All that is needed by society is a government that can inform, unify, and marshal manpower for the defense of the nation if and when under foreign attack or reasonable threat thereof. All that is needed is a government that forces debate and disallows internal armed conflict. All that is needed is a government that protects intellectual property, such as patents and copyrights, and enforces contractual obligations and promises, and allows the people and their communities to establish criminal law.

We do not need a government that taxes 50 percent of our earnings, or that is beholding to a large central, private “federal” banking system that creates wealth from nothing, or one that squanders most of our earnings by sending payments to foreign nations and their socialist dictators, butchers and murderers. We do not need a government that maintains uniformed standing armies in foreign lands, and a suit-and-tie standing army of alphabetized SWAT teams domestically, such as the BATF, IRS, TSA, Homeland Security and FBI.

Horrendous taxes are diminishing both our wealth and our personal freedoms. Environmental legislation and eminent domain are abolishing private property holdings. Separation-of-church-and-state political correctness and communist atheism are promoting special privileges for certain racial, religious and alternate sexual classes, denying precisely those same privileges for the overwhelming majority of law-abiding citizens. No wonder such governments need gun control – enslaving the majority of the law-abiding and suspending their individual freedoms in order to give superior rights to selected minorities is always a risky proposition for despotic government rulers.

So when a Bill Clinton sells WMD secrets to a potential enemy state, and that enemy state then passes that technology to other states such as North Korea and Pakistan, his potentially decent, compassionate successor uses the weapon of law to saddle the law-abiding citizenry with Campaign Finance Reform. And when government in the form of the CIA and the FBI, units of America’s suit-and-tie standing army, fail to prevent and protect us from a 9-11 terrorist attack, the same bumbling, criminally incompetent government rulers saddle us with a Bill of Rights-destroying Patriot Act. And when government is incapable of capturing the DC Sniper, or in stopping school shootings, it’s yet more gun control for people who’d never think of harming anyone with or without a gun. This is tyranny, and it is here and it is now!

And as the rule of law applies only to the citizenry, whether an elderly, innocent black woman murdered by a NYC police SWAT team whose members are “reassigned,” or a black immigrant legally in this country jailed for defending his child with an “unlicensed” pistol due to bureaucratic foot-dragging, or a Cardinal and his ecclesiastical underlings who allowed approximately a thousand children to be raped, the government of laws and the laws of government look the other way.

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Ted Lang is a columnist for the The Patriotist and the Sierra Times. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone and is a political analyst and a freelance writer. Ted Lang can be reached at: