By: Dorothy Anne Seese

This is most certainly something no patriotic American who has lived through all the wars since Pearl Harbor would have any desire to write. There is just no other conclusions at which I can arrive from all the news items, the dot-connecting, the legislation, the political corrects mind/speech control imposed since 1992, and the involvement of America in everything against which our founding fathers warned.

On or about December 22, 1992, a geo-political map of the future divisions of what is now America appeared in The Arizona Republic, the major newspaper in Arizona. Many people doubtless looked at it and scoffed -- more professors of political science howling at the moon.

On this map of the future of the geographical area now encompassed by the United States were several regional political entities. Roughly, what is now the USA was chopped up as follows:

The southwest and Texas would become part of Mexico or at least a chiefly Mexican nation-state. We now call it Aztlan.

Northern California, Oregon, and Washington, along with parts of Idaho and Montana would become part of a Pacific Rim coalition, aligned with the Far East.

The South would become a black nation much like any other African nation.

The midwest and northeast would be all that remained of America.

Simply making a judgment as to the future of America based on a single geopolitical map would make no sense were it not for the events that have transpired since that publication, which may still be in the archives of The Arizona Republic. I tore that sheet out and kept it, but in three moves since that date it has either been lost or buried among stacks of papers still in boxes.

Nevertheless, at the rate of American legislation and judicial decrees burying our American heritage and creating more laws than anyone can count, most of them oppressive, opposed to American tradition and anti-Anglo or European (anti-white), the decrease in the ratio of European Americans to other ethnic groups residing in the US, the refusal of the government to halt illegal immigration across the southern border, and the political unrest in America due to continued racial tension, our nation is being destroyed one segment at a time.

The voice of the people of America has not been heard by elected representatives, paid by the nation's taxpayers, for a generation or more.

Our universities are filled with traitors to the American vision, its history and idealism.

Gross immorality is being taught to children who are too young to comprehend the nature or consequences of what is called, by federalized teachers, an "education" where the focus is on altering the minds of the young rather than developing them.

Science has run amok, experimenting with everything from DNA and the human genome to weather control and cloning of animals and people. One side of the scientific world is trying to prolong human life while the other side is creating virulent pestilences to annihilate it.

Crime, violence, perversion, treachery, special interest groups, politicized judges and justices, enormous personal and government debt, new sicknesses to replace older ones, the resurgence of once-controlled diseases, shortages of water in critical areas, and an array of mixed messages are combining to make once peaceful life in America a living Hell, a nightmare of uncertainty and fear.

Therefore, this I believe:

The US has passed the point of no return when it comes to restoring the Republic. We are an illusion of the America we were, and the illusion is maintained by our government to hide the truth from the public.

The executive branch of government is totally in control of what occurs in America, with the exception of the rampaging CIA, which answers to no one other than the shadow rulers whose incredible fortunes are directing America's future apart from any participation by the people who vote.

Foreign wars will continue, and American opposition to them will grow as the expense in lives and money grow too burdensome for Americans to bear. This will contribute to civil unrest.

When the government finally crosses the line of admitting that the Republic no longer exists and the Constitution and Bill of Rights are no longer the law of the land, violence will erupt to restore the Republic, but it will be too late to do much more than kill the patriots who want America restored.

Lawlessness, civil disobedience, chaos in some parts of the country, open rebellion in others, will cause the controlling interests to institute a form of martial law, particularly against those who are ordinary American citizens and in particular, of European origin.

At that point, a weakened and bankrupt American government will be willing to deal with Aztlan, the black South, and the Pacific Rim countries (including and perhaps mainly China) for the division of America into the segments noted on the geopolitical map of 1992.

There will be crises. Food shortages will occur due to disruption of farming, particularly in California and Florida, which will be part of other political entities. Transitions to a new map of what was the US into its various segments will be bloody and destructive. Manufacturing as we know it has largely left America, and what is left will be divided among the geopolitical entities or shipped overseas to join its brethren.

Health care will become nearly non-existent and what there is will be federalized, if there is any "federal" government -- as opposed to merely a ruling junta -- to administer it.

The American dream will be reduced to mere survival, with many citizens attempting to take refuge in other countries but lacking the requisite funds to relocate.

American assets will be sold by the ton to other nations and what is left will eventually come under UN control.

The greatest nation on earth has sown the seeds of its own destruction by violating every principle of liberty set forth by our founding fathers, and is reaping the devastation they foresaw should we do what we have done.

This is a bleak and pessimistic picture. But even twenty-five years ago no one ever heard of "political correctness" or thought of such legislation as the USA PATRIOT act. This kind of downward spiral to Hell is increasing in both speed and power at a rate unknown in this nation's history.

No nation that has once lost its freedom has ever regained it and remained the same nation. Just as the great Roman Empire broke up into segments, many of which are now Arab/Islamic countries, so can America be divided and conquered by its invitees.

Some call this multiculturalism or globalism. It goes beyond that. It is the destruction of the last bastion of the freedom we preach but do not live. If we are anything to the world, it is a target for destruction, not a light for liberty. Not now. Not ever again.

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Dorothy Anne Seese is a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers
and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the October 17, 2003 issue of Ether Zone.
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