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Killing may have been vigilantism?

By Mike Straw

How must honest citizens behave under a tyrannical scheme of unconstitutional legal defensive firearms “registration?”

On October twenty-second 2003 in Detroit's crime-plagued west side, surly Johnny Donaldson Junior, twenty-two, was illegally assaulting an innocent sixteen-year-old girl with a pipe in broad daylight at Northlawn and Plymouth when an alert motorist in a silver Pontiac stopped, and his compassionate passenger justly opened fire from inside the car, killing the vicious thug.

Like Massachusetts, the evil social fascist oligarchy of Michigan wouldn’t have handed the good Samaritans citizenship medals for aptly applying legal use of deadly force through disparity of force under the category “Male against female,” but would’ve maliciously prosecuted them for the nebulous and unconstitutional malum prohibitum “crime” of justifiably immediately protecting a citizen in obvious immediate danger of crippling injury or death -without a permit from “government,” so closely are the elitist extremist victim disarmament prosecutors of both the united States and Britain.

Clueless, or worse, evil-intentioned, the disinformation media have gleefully vilified the duo, cruelly labeling the saviors as “drive-by vigilantes,” in complete opposition to the correct use of the terms for the obvious purpose of alienating them from the goodwill of an unconstitutionally-disarmed victimized public terrified by rampant predatory criminals.

The term “vigilante” is improperly applied by the sly disinformation media to cases where the justifiable immediate employment of countervailing lethal force was the sole factor in continuing the life of an innocent citizen, in comparison to the sordid implication that death was needlessly dealt in a moment of passionate revenge without diligent proper regard for law.

Detroit Free Press: "Some hope incident is new chapter in area's long street-justice saga."

"You have individuals that may be out there committing acts they're not trained to commit, they may be jumping to conclusions that are wrong, and they may be violating the law themselves," Cmdr. Craig Schwartz said. "They become little better than the people they're trying to save the public from."

Lt. Charles Flanagan said "vigilantism is based on fear and desperation."

"When they draw the line in the sand and intend to stay and fight, and the police are restrained for whatever reason -- fear of litigation, manpower shortages, untimely responses to calls for service -- then citizens are going to protect themselves."

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