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Anatomy of Freedom

by Dieter H. Dahmen

When his fruit offering, because it had come out of the ground that had been cursed, was rejected, Cain became enraged and would have slain his Maker had he been able to. But he was not! And so, fomented by jealousy, he slew his brother instead. “Am I my brother’s keeper,” was his blasphemous and loathsome challenge hurled at his Redeemer, when confronted with his awesome deed – blasphemous, because it impugned the grace of his God, and loathsome, because it injected, even though he implied himself exempt, Kevorkian style, into the human consciousness the notion that we should be our brother’s keeper. So the first natural born member of the human race was both a murderer and a socialist. Pure, unmitigated depravity! A ghoulish epitaph for a fallen species!

It is not strange then to find these rapacious monsters juxtapose and we do well to reflect on why this should be so. On this occasion and this occasion only did murder precede socialism. Since then, however, the one spawns the other as readily as the other spawns the one. And again, we must ask: “Why is this so?” What is the commonality that unites these two marauding, malicious, malevolent monsters into the same specie?

Both rob man of his free will! The one seriatim, the other collectively! And it is this that forms the brutal essence of their malady - the egregious and flagitious destruction of the human kind. In a sense murder is more benign than socialism. It robs the individual of his free will by first stealing his life, but socialism robs him of his free will long before it steals his life. Here then we see the monster’s ferocity, its zest for carnage, for free will is the exponent of freedom and freedom is the unencumbered expression of intent.

Prompted by a recent conversation with a friend, I find it necessary to digress here in order to expand the definition of freedom to include authority, i.e., responsibility and responsibility’s predicate: respect. Divorcing responsibility from freedom results in freedom without authority and freedom without authority is anarchy. Accentuating responsibility consequences in authority without freedom and authority without freedom is tyranny. Thus freedom is the antithesis to tyranny and anarchy including anarchy’s main constituent: criminal conduct. Therefore, when coupled with authority, responsibility is the projection of freedom and freedom then, with these parameters in view, simply describes that condition in a society, where the individual is free to act upon his decision without requiring his neighbor’s and above all his government’s permission.

This is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. This was their vision! This was the consummation of their struggle for which they pledged their sacred honor, their lives, and their fortunes. That not only they, but also their progeny should live as free men, for horror has reached its ultimate completion when acquisition and possession are by government’s permission only. Only once in all of human history, here on these golden shores, did men of incredible courage and wisdom understand that the combination of power lust and crusader lust, when let and left free to rampage, would leave government no choice but to gravitate toward total tyranny and unmitigated brutality. They understood, in deed, the full terror of unconstraint government and instituted a form of government designed to forestall it. The citizen, since he is government’s progenitor and, therefore, its superior, should exercise supremacy and dominion over it. And to secure that, to make certain that the “unlimited power of the sword should always rest with him,” they borrowed sovereignty from the Author of Liberty and vested it in him.

I am appalled anew each time I hear the same answer to the same question, “What is freedom?” It is abysmally devoid of understanding and I conclude, must conclude, that nobody knows anymore. For everyone believes permission to be the heart and soul of freedom and safety its essence! And it is then that my heart aches, because permission is not freedom! It is a disgrace, a debilitation and a nightmare! No slave ever needed to ask his owner for permission to go to the bathroom and no German ever required authorization from the Führer for permission to respond to any of life’s innocuous demands. And why was asking for permission not mandatory? Because permission was already granted and so not having to ask for permission did not make either of them free!

This was sum and substance of the first seventeen years of my life! Everything was either forbidden or allowed! Whatever was not forbidden was allowed! Until then I had never seen real light; prohibition and permission were my constant companions in whose black shadow I dreamed of light! For I had learned about America after I had seen Americans for the first time, at war’s end, when only nine years and nine days old. They were gracious each and every one of them, gracious beyond description, were gracious to me even while I was yet appealing to the holy grail to appoint me its knight and to turn me into a mighty Nazi warrior, so that I could destroy the enemies of my fatherland. They reflected greatness and it was this their light that lured me to America and to this day their magnificence epitomizes for me what it means to me to be called an American.

Oh how I wish I could transform surrealism into realism, feeling into flesh and share my ecstasy, which to this day still enraptures me, when I remember my first day in America. I had purchased and was enjoying a scoop of ice cream, when the realization, like hot lava, overcame me that just now, for the first time in my life, I had acted on a decision for which I had needed no one’s permission - not my neighbor’s and above all not my government’s - and that there was no one even having the authority or the desire to demand it!

But Americans of today, with rare exceptions indeed, have perfected the art of forgetting. Indeed, I find it difficult sometimes to subdue the impression that ignorance is desired, is viewed as an accomplishment, in fact, a contest among gladiators locked in mortal combat, wielding pencils without tips instead of swords, all for the glory of claiming greater ignorance than one’s adversary.

Again I must digress to express the for me incomprehensible deportment of the ladies of our land. Just and righteous antipathy toward male chauvinism directs their every walk of life and it is impossible not to sense it. Deep is their belief that every male is a suspect misogynist and that too is difficult not to see. Yet they inexplicably, blithely, and blindly permitted government to rob them of their most prized possession: to allow and to forbid. They gave up their judicial right to tell government what to do and what not to do, and glibly transferred that right to a male dominated government. Such is the curse of ignorance!

Ignorance, the monster’s child, rules supreme, because forgetfulness is its throne. Americans in torpor, Americans asleep! Forgotten is their heritage, forgotten is their true graciousness, and also forgotten is the source of their freedom. The pernicious expunging of freedom’s true essence has caused people to forget, to forget gladly, and someday the obscenity of that forgetting will avenge itself in the cruel travesty of the battlefield. For when a people can be compelled, under the sickening belief that safety is freedom’s halo, to relinquish personal control of their private affairs, it will earn them, and deservedly so, government’s unbridled and indescribably obscene contempt and unleash the most devastating of all lusts - crusader lust and power lust combined, which will then leave government no choice but to expound total tyranny and unmitigated brutality. The sure to come collision between a predacious government and the free will of the remnant of the Sons of Liberty will then ignite a firestorm that will obliterate the nation.

In vain will then have been the Founding Fathers’ vision, struggle, sacrifice, and pledge. Disproved will then also be Thomas Jefferson’s conviction he voiced on the day he would die, that the fiftieth anniversary of the American challenge had “laid open to every view the palpable truth that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God…” And for naught will then also have been his exhortation to “let the annual return of this day, forever refresh our recollections of these rights and an undiminished devotion to them.” And confirmed will then stand Pitt’s axioms when he warned that “Necessity is the excuse for every infringement of human freedom” and that “It is the argument of the tyrant and the creed of the slave.” And those who died as a last measure of their full devotion to the preservation of freedom and now forever mustered into the long gray line, will have died in vain!

Permit me to dwell on the greatness of these magnificent men. Liege is what they called themselves. Liege and in vassalage to one thing only – in vassalage to justice. Even only a perfunctory look will show the pages of American history to be replete with demonstrations of their magnificence. I am hard pressed indeed to find any flaw in them and could easily conclude them to have been immaculately conceived. If I were a church, they would be my icons and if I were a god, they would be my saints. I know of their failings. I know of their subterfuges. Their machinations are also known to me. Shortcomings are Adam’s legacy for man and these were men and no man is barren of them. But theirs flashed in unquestioned obedience to the tocsin’s stern and relentless call! Freedom was assailed! And freedom always, especially when assailed, is immune to the virulence of extremism! In fact, virulence metamorphoses and then becomes the imbuing spirit, the lifeblood of the patriot.

The British plenipotents, primitive and rude in their understanding of sovereignty, could only see their defiance toward the crown and were convinced “there was something in the air here” that made them so. The king, obtuse beyond belief, wondered how two, he and the colonies, could be sovereign under the aegis of the same crown? And their distinction between colonies and colonists only exacerbated his arrogance and propelled him toward the conflict that became, not the American Revolution, but the American War for Independence.

Independence! That great word! The consummate expression of human fulfillment and hope; and its epitome: magnificence, courage, graciousness, and freedom. And how often were these tested and demonstrated to be the hallmark of a new species of humans? Again I am hard pressed to see how anyone could fail to see it. One poignant demonstration will suffice.

On November 24, 1943, 15000 United States Marines, under the aegis of Ol' Glory, after less than four days of bloody fighting, often muzzle to muzzle inside fortified bunkers, took the atoll TARAWA, so heavily fortified by the Japanese that they believed “a million men in a hundred years could not take it.” In the stillness of the aftermath of battle, Generals Howlin’ Mad Smith and Julian Smith surveyed the Japanese defenses and overcome by sheer admiration for what the American fighting men had wrought, exclaimed: “How did they do it?” Then came the answer, from the sea. For there, in the soft surfing of the waves, among the floating bodies of some 300 Marines, was one only partially claimed by the sea. His upper body had clung to land and his outstretched right hand was near a small red and blue flag. A beach marker he had planted so that those who would follow ashore would know the way. Planting it had required his last measure of full devotion and had entered him forever into the long gray line. Seeing that pure dedication to duty for the preservation of freedom, the two voiced the answer to their own question. “How can such men be defeated?” It was not a question of uncertainty, but one of affirmation and my answer is of equal affirmation, “They can't!”

America! Graciousness, greatness, magnificence, splendor! All these had painted mountains purple here to match her golden shores. A great light shone forth and because of it, Mars, many times since, harnessed his war steeds here, seeking to extinguish it. He is no stranger to America’s palaces, for he came many times and each time he came, he came by day save for the last time! Then, a scant generation ago, he came by night and he came disguised! He also came accompanied by Cerberus, watchdog at hell’s entrance, and the gates of hell came wide open!

How could such magnificence be forgotten? How could so much greatness, so much splendor, possessed by so many, be destroyed by so few with so little effort in such a short time? The answer lies in understanding the nature and strength of the monster now devouring our national identity. Illusion is its nature and deception its strength! It comes malevolently camouflaged in the halcyon guise of prosperity, fiendishly replacing freedom with safety and its strength lies in the legerdemain to equate freedom with permission. Euphemisms are the seeding ground of the former and brutal usurpation of power is the magician of the latter.

Permit me to demonstrate the insidious obscenity of permission when it is the exponent of government first. Suppose you owned a sack of marbles, 1000 marbles all of different colors where 10 of them are red! Suppose that I, with some pretext, demonstrate these 10 to pose a danger and, having made that demonstration, propose to ban them, what then will have become of the remaining 990, if you do not challenge me? Most would admit banning the rest will only be a matter of time. True, but no one can tell me why! Is it not clear that, if the prerogative to ban, i.e. forbid, belongs to you, you then will have transferred that prerogative to me? And since forbidding goes hand in hand with allowing, because you cannot forbid a portion of a whole without permitting the remainder, you will now have transferred your sovereignty to me.

Remember he who allows is the sovereign and he who is allowed is the servant! And in this country allowing is the birthright and the jurisdiction of the people, for they “are the rightful master of their government!” The status of sovereignty, supremacy, rulership, or domination, therefore, does not nor did it ever belong to government. Government’s status was always intended to be that of a servant. But now it has brutally usurped power belonging to the people and their insane belief permission to be the same as freedom has paved the way to carnage. Government is become the hotbed for Jacobins! Hubris has replaced respect! The servant has slain the master and the Nation is hemorrhaging! The lifeblood of her patriots is ebbing to quench the monster’s blood thirst!

Let us not overlook the fact that the usurpation of power never occurs of itself, it does not have a hermaphroditic origin. It always is preceded by illusion - illusion that safety is the most essential part of life and should, therefore, replace freedom. The Nation is now teeming with millions who once needed to see to believe, but have now succumbed to the illusion that freedom and safety have a common root. Forgotten is the age-old truth that freedom and safety cannot have the same source, that each must have a different origin and for neither can that be government! If government were a person and freedom and safety a crime, any perfunctory test would immediately and irrevocably exonerate it.

Freedom is a right antecedent to all earthly governments. It existed long before governments came into existence. It has no beginning, because freedom is an attribute of the character of the Author of Liberty and He has no beginning. Safety, in contrast, is and must be provided for by each individual himself, because he is the author of his own destiny. It is he, who knows his needs best and, therefore, only he can address them. And this he can do, if he is free, if he is able to do so without government’s interference.

The illusion itself is both spawned and strengthened by confusion: not understanding the difference between good and evil. In the legend, King Arthur asks of Merlin: “ Where is the evil in my kingdom.” “It is always nearby, you will always find it near good, the two are never far apart,” was Merlin’s answer. He was almost right. The two, however, are much more than just near each other, for there is no difference between them; they are the same, the same, because good begets evil. Good is its womb, madness its midwife, and illusion its lifeblood! It is camouflaged, it is hidden in a sea of euphemisms and that is why it is so successful in its devastating destruction, for almost no one senses its suffocating strangle hold, not even when it is too late. And those that do, rarely, if at all, know what has strangled them. But when unfrocked, its tinseling removed, we uncover Cain’s legacy, the ancient monster, and this time it is pregnant - pregnant with catastrophe! Catastrophe, because now freedom itself has become an illusion!

Euphemisms have become a main staple food for intellectual consumption. So everyone supposes. But in reality it is only pabulum, the food of abecedarians. One of my neighbors steps into a voting booth every opportunity offered her and removes a chad from her ballot where none should be removed. Armed with raw arrogance, she has determined that I am in possession of my funds only at her discretion and that I possess them in more than sufficient quantities. So she robs me of them at every opportunity to complete her sick vision, looks to heaven as though to inform God of her greatness, calls it democracy and then pronounces it “good”. Imagine the unmitigated gall to make such a supposition: you have enough! Even if true, how can she deny me the right to exercise my choice on how to spend my “excess funds”? Once, when I confronted her with her destructive influence on my life, she told me, I should not feel this way. Can anyone define her hubris? Not only does she arrogate to herself the right to exercise discretion over my funds, but also to give direction to my feelings! Thus she stands there, naked in Cain’s nimbus radiating Iscariot’s greed.

When I first knew her, she was normal. But then something happened. She either felt lonely or unfulfilled and either in her loneliness or unfulfilment she turned to crusader lust and became intoxicated with it. Socialism then, or as I like to call it “Seelenkrebs” (German, meaning soulcancer or cancer of the soul), is the most corrosive form of cancer, because unlike its eponym murder, it not only kills, it is also contagious. This then is now the natural effusion and the dark effulgence of altruism since distorting into a religion what at one time was a natural outgrowth of American greatness: giving your neighbor a helping hand.

What then is the monster’s tinsel clothing? What does it look like, when standing in the light, when stripped of its tinsel clothing? A generation ago only four faces gave vent to its ferocity, but euphemism has now added two more. Nazism, communism, fascism, and democracy, yes democracy, were the first four and now liberals and moderates have expanded the monster’s reach. Americans now glibly talk about all six as though they were six separate and distinct political concepts, when in reality they are only six different, atrociously repugnant manifestations of the same horror.

I know this horror, for I know its author! A monster I know only to well! It is the ancient monster! Cain’s patronymic! I have smelled its foul breath! I have heard its awesome roar! I have felt its clammy touch! The world is replete with the exuviae of nations, where this monster left its feces, places where people lived, raised their children, and dreamed their dreams of a better life to be. But they succumbed to the illusion that safety could replace freedom and then paid the price of destruction deservedly due them. There were places where the monster could not tread, but only briefly so, because people there were wards of their government and, therefore, their defenses crumbled quickly. Nowhere, however, did its struggle to subdue a people require more violence than here, in America, for here, because of the vision of incredibly courageous men, the people had dominion over their government. Not quite two centuries it strove to overcome the defenses our Founding Fathers had erected here. And now, because of the deceptive persuasion that safety is an efficacious substitute for freedom, it has succeeded and, since the early 1960’s, is lairing on our shores, firmly ensconced in all of our institutions and that, sadly, includes our churches! Sadly, because it was America’s churches, where once the Author of Liberty was glorified for His wondrous graciousness, that formed the abatis behind which freedom appeared unassailable.

But Christians now, and I mean true Christians, hate God! Christians in hate with their God! Imagine that! It is beyond understanding! Too ashamed and too afraid to duplicate the ancient pagans’ practice of manufacturing gods according to their perceptions, Christians now manufacture their own way to worship Him even though He revealed in clear and unduplicitous words how He wishes to be worshipped. Superimposing liturgy over revelation, again because of ignorance, the monster’s child. So they unleashed the monster and opened the way for the destruction of the Nation, ultimate Divine discipline, the ancient and natural consequence, when those called by His Name choose to ignore Him. And so the monster of old now stands unleashed on our soil with his sword unsheathed, his rage unchecked, ready, as always, to suffocate freedom with his shadow – socialism – and thus wreak destruction on our Nation, the just and due payment for forgetting greatness.

Permit me to show you its faces. When socialism engulfs a single people, it is called Nazism, derived from the first two syllables of the way Germans pronounce their word “national”. When socialism expands to engulf more than one people, it is called communism. A hybrid of these two results in fascism and when socialism is mixed with altruism, we have its most insidious version – democracy, now with its two attending courtezans: liberals and moderates. The Founding Fathers, otherwise fearless, were afraid of this word. They hated it and sought desperately to expunge it from the American dictionary, albeit without success, and finally resigned themselves to it, believing they had “at least cleaned it up a bit.” But they had not, because now, almost two centuries later, it is wreaking havoc with our Nation.

Of the four - it bears repeating - democracy is by far the most virulent version of socialism. Nazism and fascism were but brief experiments in a violent attempt to destroy mankind. Fortunately, they were tried when blindness had not yet become all-pervasive and the world rallied to destroy them. Communism fared better. Its approach centered on the use of incrementalism and dialectics, but inverting truth and error for the latter, beguiling millions, thus securing for it its longevity. But now, even it is on the wane. Its most significant and powerful proponent is dismantled, many of its minor adherents are rendered effete, and its last great exporter is encircled and beginning to weaken. It is only a question of time until it too will crumble and democracy take its place. Then globalism will finally be firmly entrenched, but, because illusion is its foundation, it too will eventually disintegrate and then spawn the most massive carnage ever seen. Here in America, after sovereignty, both ours and our Nation’s, has finally been revoked, our societal structure will disintegrate. We will break into our various ethnic groups, and then devour each other. And a “deluded nation will then finally have become suitable for the ambitious purposes of the government.”

To those who still have doubts as to democracy’s incredible virulence only a cursory look at some of its adherents should give more than ample proof of its unbelievable viciousness. Old infractions and recent proposals will bring into even deeper focus its unbridled contempt of the people, and also, oddly enough, its fear of them.

The 1856 Congress had seated two Georgia apologists: Toombs in the Senate and Stephens in the House. Combining and slightly paraphrasing their beliefs, these two malignant predators voiced their conviction about freedom as it then related to the Negro. “The Negro’s inferiority to the superior white race is based on a great and moral truth,” they said, “his subordination to the superior race is his natural condition and must, therefore, be fixed, controlled, and protected by law.” Propelled by this madness these creatures, undoubtedly not the only ones, infected millions with their madness and were willing to plunge the Nation into war. And this they did! To this day this madness is still the focal point of democratic belief and I remain undaunted in my conviction that those clinging to democracy are also clinging to the old madness – slavery, the heart and soul of democracy. Given the opportunity, votives of this predacious system would gladly enslave the Negro again and in fact have. They made him a ward of the state and are now fully dedicated to the effort of joining all Americans to his lot. And why? To procure the maximum “good” for the greatest number of “slaves”.

But the debauchery of our national fabric does not stop here. A recent article in the Sacramento Bee alludes to an unbelievable infraction of California’s government. It told of an audaciously flagitious sale of stocks not belonging to government. Aided by an ad hoc law, legislators subsumed ownership of blue chip stamp stocks belonging to perhaps hundreds of small business owners and sold them at a considerable loss. And why? To defray a revenue shortfall! I can speak two languages, but I cannot find in either of them, separately or collectively, words that could adequately define the obscene contempt displayed here by California’s elected officials toward the people of this State. Suppose the State suffers another shortfall, as is very likely to happen, and by a quick change of the law takes your funds, e. g. your retirement fund, liquidates them to defray its shortfall? Would that substantiate my charge? Would you then comprehend the horror of languishing in this monster’s shadow? Or would you silently and cowardly acquiesce?

And the worst is yet to be! The nation’s top military authorities, also according to a recent Sacramento Bee article, have asked for the appointment of a four-star commander to coordinate federal troops to be used for homeland defense. A standing army! Nothing evoked greater resolve among the Founding Fathers than the preventing of a standing army on America’s soil. A standing army - the bane of a free people, the ready tool of every tyrant known to history for imposing his will upon the people. The Founding Fathers were determined that such should not be America’s fate. So they declared the citizen to be Caesar and, to ensure his supremacy over government, encoded his God-given right to keep and bear arms into our Constitution. No would-be tyrant, no matter how great his lust for power, would ever dare raise his arm against an armed people. If we do not challenge it, if we meekly consent, all of America’s institutions will then be eviscerated and the Nation will join the exuviae of other nations gone and become part of the midden at the monster’s lair. A vulgar resume of what once was the greatest nation on earth.

What then can we do to stem the crimson tide? What must we do to reclaim Caesar’s crown? One thing is certain; if we are to recover our dominance, we have to understand how we came to lose it. And that must begin by recognizing that all elected politicians of today “are wanting in the honesty and firmness to be guided by our Constitution.” The fact that they understand it only exacerbates their treachery and makes clear their lust for power and their intent to take it from the people. And we must begin to insist that the Constitution, “to be worth anything, must be held sacred and rigidly observed in all its provisions.” But even if we allowed for honesty among politicians, we should never allow ourselves to be beguiled into diminishing our guard over our precious Constitution. For after all are they not (wo)men? And (wo)men are the expositors of Cain’s dilemma and that renders them proclivitous toward tyranny. We should, therefore, forever remain cautious of “the (wo)man who wields power and misinterprets it (the Constitution),” for (s)he “is the more dangerous the more honest (s)he is.”

That finally brings us back to our original questions: “What is freedom?” “Who gave it?” “How does it manifest itself?” “How is it to be defended?” “Who destroys it and how?” And the answer to any of these will give the answer to the others.

We now know who the adversary of our freedom is and how he assails it! He is no stranger to the ring, violence is his orgasm, and destruction his ecstasy! It is Cain’s legacy, his profligacy, the monster of old! If we look with open eyes, we see America’s destruction resting on two cornerstones: the monster and its shadow. Both require appeal and the Founding Fathers had planted large red, white, and blue flags so that we, who must follow, should know the way to follow the colors. And what is the way? An appeal to Heaven and an appeal to arms! It must be both and in that order! It cannot be only the one or just the other, for the first must sanctify the second.

The appeal to Heaven lies within every Christian’s domain. He must first determine for himself if and how he stands on hallowed ground. A simple query to Him will reveal it. Then firmly rooted in and guided by Divine opinion, we will and can rescind the monster’s parole and reimprison it. That is all that can be done. Its genealogy has shown it to be immortal. We cannot kill it. We cannot alter it. We cannot persuade it. All we can do is recage it where it is found and hope that its recidivous attack on our heritage will remain arrested.

The appeal to arms must be to those that thundered long ago. Now it must restrict itself only to fully exploiting our First Amendment right. Although besieged, it is still intact and its potency undimmed. No violence must be allowed to soil its righteousness. And it does not have to be, for the battle was fought and won long ago. Let us then exploit our victory. Sovereignty is our fortress. A clear and present understanding of that sacred word will be all we need to reclaim the Republic and to restore the American way of life. Short of it nothing will succeed and nothing will be worth it. And if we do succeed, the monster’s suzerainty will be broken and confined to the far side of the river Styx.

With this as our ensign let us then begin by understanding a most important and irrevocable truth: the Second Amendment did not make us free, it was never intended to make us free, because it cannot make us free. What then did it do? It gave evidence that the American people were a sovereign people. And this it accomplished through its euphoric implication that the right to keep and bear arms was God-, not man-given. It is this single most important distinction, which removed digression on this wonderful provision from human participation and elevated it to the level of a natural condition. Let me say it again, the Second Amendment did not make us free, it affirmed us to be a sovereign people and it was that sovereignty which made us free.

Everything in the world is cause and effect and in that world causes cannot be secured by garrisoning their effects. Doing so inverts their relationship and in time will destroy both. Light causes shadow, but shadow does not cause light. You, therefore, cannot protect shadow’s cause by standing guard over shadow. So you cannot protect freedom’s cause by protecting freedom and freedom’s cause is not the Second Amendment, but our Sovereignty. Failing to see this irrevocable truth has brought failure to our cause. The incessant insisting on “having a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms” not only has failed it has succeeded in accomplishing the opposite. Here, in California, government has subsumed all our freedoms and the rest of the nation will soon share our fate. All it has achieved is to define pure insanity: the constant expectation of achieving a different result through the incessant use of the same method. By concentrating on our freedoms, every anti-gun-control advocate brought the Second Amendment into focus thus bypassing its true purpose: which is to affirm and to enforce our sovereignty.

I know, by any definition of certitude, that had we remained focused on the Second Amendment’s true purpose, millions of Americans, who chose not to own firearms, would never have been deleted from this crucial debate. They would have remained drawn to the vision of our Founding Fathers, which had entered them into elitism, and would never have forgotten the heritage bequeathed to them by the spirit of their greatness.

Even Timothy McVeigh, I am convinced, had he known of his legitimate sovereignty, would not have resorted to the madness that pronounced him anathema, but would have channeled his anguish in the only direction allowed him by his Constitution: his First Amendment. And it is this we must do. Appeal to the First Amendment and reinvolve our fellow Americans who chose not to own firearms. Reacquaint them with the euphoria of sovereignty. Forty years of trying, forty years of ceaseless, uninterrupted losses of our freedoms is poignant and sufficient proof that alone, though standing on truth, we cannot succeed.

Liberty is not a harvestable crop. It does not grow on some nebular tree, ready to yield its fruit upon demand in any quantity demanded. It is a transient fruit when neglected, for its endurance depends on courage, uncommon courage, a breed of bravery resident only in the breasts of those whose spirit is the progeny of them who were the Sons of Liberty.

At every opportunity then let us make sovereignty the focal point of all our talks, all our complaints, all our arguments, and all our presentations. There are said to be 80 million gun owners in the Nation and, therefore, some 200 million Americans who do not own firearms. Without them we cannot win, alone we are doomed. And if we win, if we restore the soul of our Republic, joy would be beyond describing, wealth beyond counting, safety beyond sensing, power beyond expressing, and pride beyond defining. Justice would prevail again, treasure would count again, we would determine our own fate again, respect would be ours again, and all this because government would obey again. Taking a little time to expound glory is all that is needed. No sacrifice, no inconvenience, and no cost. All that is needed is to spread the gospel of SOVEREINGTY.

In conclusion let me summarize. The Second Amendment did not make us free. It was not even intended to make us free. It conferred and affirmed our sovereignty over our government. It is our sovereignty that makes us free and protecting sovereignty cannot be secured by standing guard over freedom, you must stand guard over sovereignty. But how can I insist, in the concept of cause and effect, that protecting freedom requires standing guard over sovereignty, its cause, if sovereignty, although freedom’s cause, is itself an effect, an effect of the Second Amendment? The key to understanding that is to realize the Second Amendment has two effects: sovereignty and gun ownership.

Sovereignty is difficult to assail. It is gun ownership, which is the Second Amendment’s Achilles’ heel. If we reflect on the analogy of the 1000 marbles, we should understand in most perspicuous terms how a free people can be reduced to ruin and servitude. It is ignorance, the ancient monster’s rapacious offspring, sowing good and reaping evil, and it is harvest time. The gates of hell are wide open; government has discovered it acquired the power to forbid!

Dieter H. Dahmen,
Body and Soul American (December 2001)

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