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By: Ted Lang

Writing this on the day before the first Tuesday that marks the end of 215 years of the greatest experiment in individual freedom-nurturing government in history, this election and its outcome have yet to happen. I could hold off publishing this, but what would be the point? From where I sit, the terrified, nervous American sheeple will reelect their incumbent war criminal.

What alternative is there in a nation that has gladly relinquished its freedoms and turned them over to lying, bribe-taking, feckless politicians, all of whom are warmongers and war criminals, who managed to either dodge the draft, hide and get stoned in the Air National Guard, or who shot unarmed men, women and children to protect them from communism? How can an internationally shunned liar and backstabber qualify to be president of this great land? Easily, since it is nowhere near being that which it once was.

Americans were killed by airplane-hijacking suicide terrorist even though the Bush administration had ample warning that the attacks were coming, yet did nothing. Still there are disquieting rumors that certain individuals in the Bush administration not only knew of the impending attacks, but also helped to clear their way in order to launch interventionist preemptive justification for declaring war on one sixth of the world’s population. Bush heard little voices inside his head. And Pat Robertson told our mad smirker not to worry – slaughtering all the world’s Arabs and Muslims will bring Christ back to walk amongst us again. Just ask Pat. He’ll show you where it says all this in the Bible. I wonder what Bush and Robertson might say to Jesus upon his arrival. Perhaps it will be: Behold Rabbi, all these that were your Father’s creation, we have killed for you – welcome back!

It always amuses me when Rush Limbaugh loses it and comes close to either inhaling or swallowing his microphone. His most incredulous bombast is: "The liberal media would have you believe that President Bush is more dangerous than Saddam Hussein was to America." But what is so ironic about that observation is that Bush is indeed much more dangerous than Saddam. In fact, much of our lost freedoms and increasing enslavement didn’t result from either the policies or war efforts of America’s timeworn international rogue’s gallery of "evil-doers": the Kaiser, Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini, Stalin, Milosevic Qhadiffi and Saddam. Virtually all of our freedoms were politically dispatched by our wonderful presidents, guys just like President George W. Bush.

Bush’s PATRIOT Act, actually created by the Clinton administration, has all but abolished the Bill of Rights and suspended habeas corpus. Which dictator, communist, fascist, or Nazi, accomplished that monumental feat? And who is creating the Hitlerian National ID card and "walking papers" all Americans will soon be required to have and present upon demand by either the military or the police [both local and federal]? Who has established Nazi Gestapo "checkpoints" at the airports? The latter will soon be established at rail, subway stations, tunnel entrances and bridge tollbooths.

Who instituted the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto government planks of a progressive personal income tax and a national bank [Federal Reserve System]? And who created the Socialist Security system that will soon be bankrupt? Were these communist butchers, murderers and dictators, or were they Presidents Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt? And then, which Democratic president decided to allow reserved funds for social security to be raided for general disbursements? It was Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson. And what Democratic President decided to tax Socialist Security "benefits" as though they were regular earned Income? None other than William Jefferson Clinton!

Indeed, who has done more damage to America and Americans than our dictatorial presidents? And now Republican Bush has finalized the trashing of our Constitution. Iraq has the world’s second largest oil reserves, and in order to remove Iraq as an obstacle to Israel’s conquest of the Middle East to enable the annexation of these oil producing states, Bush lied US into this war that not only was unconstitutionally launched for the sole benefit of Israel, but look at what it has cost US in terms of the lives and limbs of our duped military. Check out the prices at the gasoline pump. Then check out the $16 billion plus in foreign aid we send to Israel annually.

What will the American voter do about all this? Why vote for four more years of more of the same. After all, what are the frightened flocks of American sheeple to do?

"Published originally at EtherZone.com : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

Ted LangTed Lang is a freelance writer and political analyst. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Ted Lang can be reached at: tlang1@optonline.net

Published in the November 2, 2004 issue of Ether Zone.
Copyright © 1997 - 2004 Ether Zone.

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