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Dorothy A. Seese
February 1, 2005

There are many people upset with what the US is doing in the world, in and to this nation, and not doing about the things that are the genuine concerns of government -- like protecting our national borders.

Every "paleoconservative" internet writer knows there are bunches of these people, some of them anxious to have a showdown with a renegade government running amok at taxpayer expense and meddling around the world. They write us. They tell us they are ready to lock 'n load. But they come by dozens, not by battalions.

The internet writers cover the entire spectrum of America's problems and the world's problem with America (although the world is not a good example they have a right to run their own lives as they see fit or do what the revolutionaries did in 1776 in America).

Since the Vietnam era, America has made a total reversal of what it once stood for and has joined the world of hedonists led by the elite, known and unknown, who comprise the "shadow government" ruling not only America but every other major nation on earth.

There are ruddy few "free" people alive today, including Americans. As to freedom itself, Americans above all have become too comfortable to fight the evils raging against them at taxpayer expense (yes, the American people are supporting the very leaders who are enslaving them) and they are too fearful to speak out as a unified group of dissidents who could make good on a threat to "throw the bums out."

The rest simply prefer to believe nothing is wrong when they know instinctively that things most surely aren't right.

The people feel too small and helpless, too fearful that government might do to them what it has done to individual dissidents who have attempted to fight for their constitutional rights ... they ended up in jail as an object lesson to anyone else who would stand up and fight the government alone. But what the government doesn't fear in individuals who can be put under the steamroller, it could never stop if they unified and became a force for American freedom.

The problem is, they can't find a single issue on which to unite. There's just enough freedom left in the USA to make people feel as if they are free, at least to a point (short of free speech or exercising the freedom to worship as they please or communicate without being surveilled). It's that phony freedom that has allowed the global elitists to convince Americans to vote them back into office, and continue their deconstruction of America. It's that lying, subversive tactic hiding behind a "good cause" that convinces most Americans that an attempted general housecleaning of our elected officials would land them all in jail or have their property seized, their children taken away and their jobs terminated, that keeps them in line. When the government can do the things they fear, and it can, has, and will continue to be able to do those things, then the people aren't free.

But what cannot be done by dozens can be done by millions. If the millions would wake up to what is going on. They should know something is wrong when their children come home from school unable to read or write in the seventh grade. They should suspect something is amiss when the government can take children out of homes and away from parents on the vaguest of excuses if those parents are "uncooperative" with the school agenda; and when judges order, in court, that a parent cannot instruct their children in the Christian faith when that faith disagrees with the political correctness of the gay agenda.

It's just holding onto a bare hope that things will set themselves right that keeps American sheeple in line. It's fear of the power of government to punish and destroy that keeps individuals and families in fear of stepping out of line.

Then our leaders want to spread our brand of "freedom" around the world. Indeed. They had our brand of freedom under Stalin, but he was a bit blatant about his dominion.

Americans need to learn the difference between "neoconservative" which is a liberal talking like a conservative or using certain terminology, and a true conservative, who believes in the very limited power of government, and that government officials serve at the pleasure of the people; the people do not live by the privileges granted by the government. Or at least that's the intent of the Constitution -- to limit the power of the federal government and give the people control over their leaders who are to represent the will of the people, not special interest groups with big moneybags to toss at cooperative leaders.

But if the people come to their senses and realize they've been had, could they unite in dissent or would we have worse than the French Revolution and blood in the streets? We'd surely have discomfort, insecurity, and loss of life. Patrick Henry is lauded for his "give me liberty or give me death" speech, but no one wants to step up and stand in his place against the present rulers who are running roughshod over the people with draconian laws and a system where martial law could be imposed instantly. We've had our trial runs, Waco being the most egregious, and Americans will not stand up to government and say "that's plain wrong."

One thing is obvious to any observant American, particularly those who lived in a far different American mindset forty or more years ago and who could depend on the Constitution to protect them. This isn't our America.

But as a nation, the people are too damned comfortable and too afraid to speak up as a united force and take back the power the Constitution gives them.

That is the inevitable course run by a nation that has progressively lost its faith in the power of God and placed it in the hands of mere mortals.

No wonder the elite want the Bible thrown out -- if we as a nation began to really believe and act on it once more, we'd be an indomitable force in the world. That would put the fear and the discomfort into the camp of the elitists.

Those who cower in fear now just don't realize what it is to be afraid of the One who holds the real power, and when they find out, it will be way too late.

Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. (KJV)

© 2005 Dorothy A. Seese - All Rights Reserved


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