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Safe at Home!

By Ted Lang

Times have changed dramatically over the last half-century. Our society has become more technologically oriented with less reliance upon personal interactions and dependencies on other people. Of course, this lament could have been uttered by the adults of my childhood. Supermarkets were only just getting started back then, but there were still plenty of “mom and pop” delicatessens, small drug stores, butcher shops, bakeries, paint stores, candy store/soda fountains, etc. Today, one trip by car to the area mall, and all these things can be had. Warehouses now have been greatly modified, changing marketing distribution channels via such revised retail outlets as Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Electronic supermarkets and huge computer outlets are all the rage.

Kids used to play. Playing helps kids deal with each other, their differences, their angers, their frustrations, and develops constructive competition. For all practical purposes, playing has been abolished by law and obsolesced by technology. It is a felony for a child, especially boys, to point their finger at another child and utter the words: “Bang! Bang! You’re dead!” In the state of New Jersey, where the powerful New Jersey State Teachers Union and protective socialism rule supreme, the errant child isn’t seen as such, but as an embryonic monster and potential mass murderer, and is treated accordingly. The child is banished from school. The child is severely humiliated and subjected to the vilest mental anguish and torture. His parents are humiliated, and the school board’s spokeslady, Ms. I-hate-loathe-and-despise-dirty-little-boys, explains that such is the rule.

In New Jersey, if a child draws a picture of a gun, or a picture of soldiers fighting, or anything deemed harmful by one of the Teacher’s Union’s police state matrons, the child is so mentally traumatized, humiliated and persecuted so as to definitely leave a permanent mental scar. And if “boys will be boys,” well then those little squirts better watch out. The communist matrons can now bring the machinery of iron-fisted, jack-booted government into play, and begin feeding drugs to the insubordinate and active male children. There are still some limitations against lazy matrons who insist that all boys behave like controlled zombies, but give big drug money and corrupt politicians a chance, and they’ll be allowed to poison boys with mind and personality-damaging drugs without either parental or a medical doctor’s knowledge or approval.

The best solution is, of course, for parents to pull their kids out of the police state government-controlled schools, and to put them in either private schools, parochial schools, or to simply home school their own kids. But that option will soon be eliminated, because it has to be. How can the welfare-warfare Orwellian state lead and control if it cannot either mold the mind of young boys, or at least destroy their personalities? That is probably what the “no-child-left-behind” movement of President George Bush is all about; undoubtedly, Attorney General John Ashcroft is drafting legislation right now, which of course, will not be read by the Congress of Criminals, but will be passed immediately. Who wants to be accused of leaving a child behind?

And if “playing guns,” as we male chauvinists used to call it, is illegal, and toy guns are illegal, and “box ball,” “punch ball,” and “stick ball” are illegal without government organization, authorization, approval and licensing, then kids should just stay inside, play computer games, watch television or play authorized Little League or other government-controlled sports. And if kids get too fat and lazy, government can take them into custody.

As a child, whenever we got into a disagreement, one child would stand on the sidewalk in front her house, and the other would be on the sidewalk in front of his house, and they would taunt each other: “You can’t walk on my property! You’re not allowed on my sidewalk!” “Oh yeah?” the other would reply, “then you’re not allowed on my property.” This childish exchange, still employed by politicians, would eventually progress to name-calling, and making faces at one another. That would result in one child or the other offering this famous truism: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names and faces will never hurt me!”

Now we have government schools mentally traumatizing and torturing our children over names, faces, words and drawings. And using a banned word, such as the “n” word’ can lead to your arrest, handcuffing and imprisonment. And you have a right to remain silent, except when a policeman asks you a question. Are we safe yet?

Theodore E. Lang>>

© THEODORE E. LANG 7/01/04 All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.