NRA says: 'Accept gun control' - ACTION NEEDED

By Ken Rineer

If you're an NRA donor, it appears your pro-gun money may now be funding an insider deal to push gun control into law. And with gun owners being dragged from their homes and disarmed in the wake of the recent natural disaster, this is the worst possible time for such complicity.

That's why you must call the NRA today, so we can pass H.R. 800 -- a clean House version of the gun makers and sellers protection act.

As you know, the Senate version of this bill (S 397) recently passed with several anti-gun amendments. But the House version, H.R. 800, is still a straight forward pro-gun bill with no concessions to the gun grabbers.

However, right now, NRA staffers are telling gun rights activists they "must" accept anti-gun provisions to pass the gun makers protection bill.

They are also telling activists that the trigger lock amendment is "no big deal" and the new provision to "study" so called "armor piercing" ammo is "nothing to worry about."

Don't buy it. You can rest assured, anti-gunners will draft legislation making it mandatory that you use those trigger locks in your home and THAT will be a very big deal. You can be sure all who voted for the mandatory trigger locks, will have no choice but to vote to mandate their use. What possible excuse could they have not to?

The excuses used to justify the anti-gun amendments are the same dishonest tactics that politicians use to appease and buy off activists. But coming from NRA leadership, one might wonder whether NRA bosses view themselves as activists representing gun owners, or as lobbyists working to justify the backroom deals of the politicians. Why are they making excuses for the people who voted to sell out gun owners rather than standing firm for the people who fund them?

This is worse than any politician's flip-flop, because NRA leadership said they would be sure to strip off any gun control amendments in conference committee. As you know, we opposed that strategy from the beginning and now you can see why.

Unless we hold the NRA leadership accountable, they will cut a backroom deal with your Liberties and go against their word.

This strategy is doomed to fail. You do the math: If we "accept" major gun control in exchange for one pro-gun bill, doesn't that equate to the anti-gunners advancing their agenda as far as ours?

We must not allow the anti-Liberty radicals to gain ground with the blessing of those who should be defending right to bear arms.

The "armor piercing ammunition" study could turn into more restrictions on almost any round that can be chambered in any firearm and the mandatory trigger lock legislation is a totally unacceptable intrusion into your business that serves no purpose other than to extend the heavy hand of the government. Furthermore, the mandatory trigger lock amounts to another tax on gun owners. We bear enough burden in order to exercise our right to keep and bear arms.

House Leadership will gladly roll over and ignore the house version of this bill -- H.R. 800 -- which is a good, clean bill without any gun control if they think they can get the thumbs up from NRA leadership, who say they speak for you.

Now is the time to pressure your Congress member, and NRA to pass a clean bill with no attacks on your gun rights.


1. Call the NRA at 800-392-8683 and tell them to stop supporting S. 397 and support H.R. 800. The NRA always says they don't support gun control. This is their chance to PROVE it. Tell them to fight for H.R. 800 -- a gun control FREE version of S 397. As you know, the NRA often reminds you that they are among the "most effective" and most "feared" lobbying organizations on Capitol Hill. Tell them to use that clout to protect your rights instead of negotiating with them.

2. Call your state congressional delegation. Tell them ONLY H.R. 800 is acceptable. Do not allow S. 397 to be marked up by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, in place of H.R. 800! There is no time to write. It will be months before they receive snail mail.

Contact Information:

Rather than calling their direct line, you may call the Capitol switchboard, toll free, by calling 1-877-762-8762. When they answer, ask for your representative.