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Biased reports on gun control
(Believe it or not, guns save lives)

Anthony McKee, Opinion Writer TEC Online
July 07, 2004

Two hundred twenty eight years. That's the birthday we just celebrated for the good ole U. S. of A. this last weekend. The fourth of July is not just a celebration of our country's independence from England, it is also a celebration and reaffirmation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These documents are the cornerstone of our representative democracy and adhering to their contents has enabled the United States to become the greatest country in the world and has afforded us as citizen's unparalleled peace and prosperity.

Several of our constitutionally guaranteed rights have been under attack for many years, and instead of the attacks lessening, they are increasing in frequency as well as intensity. The First Amendment is all but trashed with "politically correct" speech, "hate crimes" laws and "sensitivity" requirements.

As bad as the attacks on the First Amendment are, the attempt to undermine the Second, our right to keep and bear arms, is more insidious and ultimately more dangerous to this country than anything else in our history.

When it comes to the subject of "gun control", only one side of the issue is being reported on in any detail. We are subjected to deliberately misleading statements and advertisements, such as the one that said "10 children die each day because of gunfire" that give us the impression that the "children" mentioned are all very young. The "10 children each day" the ad cites were obtained using every category, be it homicide, suicide or accidental death for all ages under 20. Twenty - not six as implied.

This specific ad was from the Justice Department in 1996. Incidentally, almost as many young children die each year from adult beds by falling between the mattress and wall/headboard. Where is the national campaign to outlaw adult size beds?

We all remember the horror of the rash of school shootings that happened several years ago. Places like Columbine, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, Pearl, Mississippi and the University of Virginia became household names and gun control buzz words. Each incident garnered media attention and brought cries for stricter laws. The only problem with the reporting is that some very important facts were left out.

Of these four incidents, three were stopped by armed bystanders.

The Edinboro incident was stopped by a person with a shotgun. The Pearl, Mississippi incident was stopped when the assistant principal retrieved his gun from his truck and stopped the killer. As for the Virginia incident, that was concluded when two students brandished their own guns and forced the killer to drop his.

Now, did you hear any of this on Nightline, 60 Minutes, The Today Show or any other purported "news" show? Nope. The only mention of outside involvement was stuff like "the shooter was subdued by others" or "the shooter was tackled by other students."

Have you noticed that the national media never runs a story about how a gun saves lives or stops crime? Stories like a 12-year-old girl who shot and killed her mother's attacker; or an older gentleman who held an intruder at bay until police could arrive at his house; or a lone female who scares away a would-be robber/rapist by pulling her gun. Why do these stories cease to appear in the news?

The next time you hear a story about another multiple shooting, or an ad advocating even more restrictions on gun owners, remember that you are being deliberately misled. You need to ask why.

Why are these people willing to lie and misrepresent themselves to remove guns from law abiding citizens?

The answer to that question may well determine the future of these United States.