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A House Divided Cannot Stand

by Col. Robert Pappas, USMC, Ret.


When the US was attacked on September 11th, 2001, most Americans were perplexed and outraged. Perplexed that anyone would hate us so much as to attack us, and we were outraged by the dastardly deed. The past few days have been a vivid reminder of those tragic, heart-rending events. In the days and weeks following the attacks the nation was awash in public service announcements that displayed ethnic diversity, with a central message of, "I am an American." The nation spoke of unity, and even acted in a unified manner for a while.

The reasons for the attacks have been analyzed in every possible way with it boiling down to US support Israel's right to exist as a sovereign nation, a status which from its founding was cause for War between virtually all Arabs and Israel. (Only Egypt eventually recognized and made peace with Israel after Egypt attacked Israel, and its forces were summarily defeated. Thereafter, Egypt's President, Anwar Sadat traveled to Israel, made peace and was later assassinated by Muslim extremists.)

Today most of the flags have faded, some are tattered and many have come down. Patriotism that was genuine enough and pervaded the country has melted into disaffection and even alienation, if one believes media reports. With the passage of time and resurgence of partisan politics, all that was positive has changed. Ad Hominem attacks upon the national leadership and its motives, despite stunning military successes in Afghanistan and Iraq, gives aid and comfort to the nation's enemies abroad and at home. It is notable that despite the President's liberal "tilt" favoring traditional Democrat issues, Democrats attack him as though he is the enemy, when in fact, he is their best friend. "GW" is not a fiscal conservative all it takes is a look at the largest budget in history and the largest deficit in history, and he is a political liberal on most of the domestic social agenda. It's not what he says; it's what he does. From the perspective of this observer, both major parties are laboring under the erroneous impression that mainstream America favors their socialist domestic agenda.

More than anything, working Americans want economic prosperity and freedom, the latter of which has been presented to both Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, they have to work on the economic prosperity component, or they too will become "welfare slaves" similar to US domestic variety. In America, just as in Afghanistan and Iraq there are those whose "ox has been gored," (no pun intended), and they don't like the loss of status, power, and money. In all three instances, U.S., Afghanistan, and Iraq, the enemies of change are at work to undermine success and destroy hope.

There are those who, despite the tide of history refuse to accept its inevitable advance. The blather of the Democratic Party Presidential candidates is a case in point, most which express anti-American sentiments more eloquently and effectively than the al Quida network. It may only be politics, but one would think that with the world watching and listening the Candidates would be more discrete lest they transmit the wrong message. Or is it the wrong message as far as they are concerned? Despite the vitriolic rhetoric, none has offered any constructive recommendations to date, unless one buys "sucking up" to the UN as the solution. (It is more than apparent that the UN does not have the interest of the United States at heart. To his credit, President Bush seems to understand that "sucking up" to it will not help. The UN is about global government with elitists of one economic stripe or another attempting to exercise complete control of humanity in the name of "Human Rights.")

Will homegrown extremists, in league with domestic Muslim extremists make use of the Democratic Candidates' vitriol to attempt a political coup? We live in interesting times, and anything is possible.

Just as tides wax and wane, it is similarly true that despite the unprecedented freedom bestowed upon this great nation by its Founders, its present inexorable slide into socialism, its abandonment of its moral rudder (prayer in schools, Roe v. Wade, removal of the Ten Commandments, normalization of sodomy, abuse of the First Amendment by profiteers and etc.), its gradual balkanization, wittingly or otherwise, will happen.

When those things and more come to full flower, the greatest nation in the world will be "history." That is, unless the "silent majority" awakens, pays attention to what is going on and asserts its influence. But is there such thing as the "silent majority" anymore? Those who have an interest in its power have carefully analyzed and answered the question, "How can a powerful "silent majority" be neutralized?" Here's their key: create special interest groups, encourage them to join, feed them propaganda to narrow their focus and then emasculation of the majority through "divide and conquer" strategies will be complete.

"Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth." Luke 11:17.

Beware of PACs (Political Action Committees which are by definition special interest groups), and politicians that take their money then claim that the former have no influence over the latter. Ask your Representative and Senators if they are responsive to PACs that donate to their election campaigns. If one answers "yes" you have identified the "enemy," if the answer is "no," that one is lying. In either instance, if you value this great nation and its heritage, you need a new Representative or Senator. Try it.

Semper Fidelis

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