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By Yelena Pawela

In the United States of America there are perhaps, no two topics of debate than the right of Choice for a woman to have a legal and safe abortion, should she choose to or not, many feel this is the main backbone to the movement which is called The Pro Choice Movement. The other heated topic of contention, is the argument as to the interpretation of The Bill Of Rights in Article II which reads:

“A well regulated Militia being necessary to stand to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

I find a rather strange irony in the fact the majority of women who support the right for women to choose if they want to terminate their pregnancy or not, are in fact the same group of women who would interfere or prohibit a woman’s RIGHT to defend herself with a firearm.

Oleg VolkThe women of the Pro Choice movement decry the need for anyone in modern times In a civilized society the need for private gun ownership, when as they put it “that is what law enforcement officials are for in the first place” and the women of the pro choice movement are quick to point out that there are to many accidental shootings and the killing of to many innocent children in the United States, their solution is to simply ban guns.

Is there not an irony in the logic of a group of women telling people banning guns will stop violence and yet these same women think it highly absurd to tell young woman to remain celibate or abstain from prematerial sex to avoid an unwanted pregnancy?

What seems to be more ironic is the fact the pro choice women tend to overlook the fact one of the number one risks for women who are pregnant and choose to have their child are often at risk of being murdered by the child’s father solely based on the fact both mother and child have become inconvenient to the father.

Further adding to the irony, is the one true measure of protection for a woman who is in an advanced state of pregnancy against a bigger, stronger, dominating man who is determined to kill both her and her baby is a firearm. The irony here is the main support group who’s dedicated cause to support the life of a woman to have a safe medical procedure in which a woman can terminate her child in a safe environment is against the principal notion for a mother with child to have the same safety measures, safe guard and precautions a firearm would give that woman to protect both her and her unborn child with.

While I will not debate against a woman’s right to choice, in the decision to terminate a pregnancy or not, though my personal belief is this countries loss of moral values, over obsession with pornography and sex, and the degrading portrayal of women as nothing more than whores and sluts in every aspect of the “entertainment world” which includes music, television, movies, fashion and magazine venues is it any wonder why so many women are having abortions in the first place?

In that same line of thought since women have been degraded to be nothing more than a mere object, women of today are exploited to sexual subjugation and humiliation in every media format in which the largest media venue is Hollywood movies, and since one out of eight movies produced contains a rape scene the irony here is people are shocked to find out that The United States of America has the most reported rapes in the world, with approximately 4.8 million a year. Further adding to the irony of debate for the pro choice movement is the fact the main reason abortion was needed to be available for women in the first place was first and foremost women who were sexually and physically assaulted.

And as a result of the heinous crime that was committed against their person became pregnant. That has always been the reason to keep abortions legal in the first place.

Another irony placed in motion by the pro choice crowd is they demand their first amendment rights be heard on the subject of pro choice, these are the same people who wish to silence their opponents with equal time to express opposing points of view. In fact when it is mentioned that more women die of medical complications as a result of having a abortion procedure that went wrong than children die as a result in accidental shootings in the home with a handgun, the pro choice people don’t want that information out to the public for some strange reason.

As previously stated as a woman I support Individual rights although people are misguided on what individual rights are as opposed to UNALIENABLE rights.

As a student of American history I know abortion was not a individual right the founding Fathers of this country saw as a right in pursuant to happiness. In fact the one thing that separates the great country of America from the rest of the world is the importance of its citizens the right to vote and the irony of the pro choice movement is every single time the issue was put to a ballet for a vote, the issue of abortion was defeated every single time. Knowing this the proponents for the pro choice movement went around the boundaries of a democracy and imposed their will at the hands of liberal Justices who sit on the surpreme court.

The irony in this is these supporters of women’s rights especially for those women of low incomes, these same supporters never seem to be around when women of low income housing are beaten, raped and murdered every day and due to the fact many of these women live in government subsided housing are prohibited from owning a firearm per rules and regulations of the government which is in clear violation of the constitution of the United States, which the forefathers clearly identified that it was not the right of a government to allow people the right to defend themselves thus allowing the people the right to bear arms no the founders of the constitution and the framers who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the people who argued in the Federalist all agreed that the right to defend ones own life and protect personal property was a unalienable right granted not by man or government but by the CREATOR himself.

One has to ponder the irony of those who say they are pro choice for a women to be able to terminate a helpless being that has absolute no choice in the matter as opposed to not supporting a woman’s pro choice in deciding to defend herself from harms way with a firearm against a real threatening human who is already been brought to full term, how ironic is that?

Yelena is a former Russian police officer (1995-1999)/ Tactical K-9 Handler who worked in Narcotics Detection and S. W. A. T. and a Survivor of Three separate Deadly Force Situations. Yelena's credentials and career highlights

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