The Terminator or the Ultimate Conservative?
By Tom Barrett


I had decided not to comment on the California Recall Election because I normally deal primarily with national issues. But I received two emails this week which changed my mind. The first was from our Editor-in-Chief, Mary DeMuth; it contained some very compelling reasons why Californians should choose Conservative State Senator Tom McClintock. The second came from my good friends Keith and Tracy Buttrick; it showed a side of Arnold that most Americans have never seen. Realizing the impact of California's financial crisis and $38 Billion deficit on the US and world economies also motivated me. Did you know that not only is California's economy the largest in this country, but also the sixth largest economy in the world?

Of the 135 individuals vying for the California governor's mansion, only four are real contenders. On the Democrat side, Gray Davis was reelected with less than 25% of the state's voters pulling the lever for him. He has plunged the state into the largest financial disaster any state has ever faced, dwarfing even the financial crisis in New York following 9-11. Cruz Bustamante is Gray Davis, Junior, with baggage. He has recently come under fire for campaign finance irregularities, and has alienated many Democrats. He is a former member of the anti-Semitic, anti-black group MEChA (See Internet link below) and has repeatedly refused to renounce his association with the group. Instead of taking responsibility for his and Davis's failures, Bustamante blames the people of California: "The simple truth is: We all got into this mess together."

On the Republican side we have Schwarzenegger and McClintock. You will notice that I did not say "on the Conservative side" because I do not consider The Terminator a true conservative. Yes, he is a registered Republican, but all Republicans are not Conservatives, just as all Democrats are not Socialists.

Arnold is Conservative on some issues, but he is far to the left of the great majority of Republicans. The conventional wisdom is that since California normally votes Democrat, a liberal conservative (there's an oxymoron for you!) is needed to win the election. This defies logic. Gray Davis and his Lieutenant Governor, Bustamante, have, through a combination of corruption and plain old stupidity put the State of California into a decline so steep that it will take years for it to recover. Never forget that this recall could never have gotten off the ground without the support of the majority of their own party turning on them.

It seems to me that the time is ripe for real Conservatives to take over. Once Californians see what fiscal conservatism can do to repair the damage done by the Democrats, many Democrats will switch parties. (The rest can move to Cuba or China, where their economic philosophies are popular.) Enter Tom McClintock.

McClintock is the one person in the race with the experience and ability to rescue California. Sure, the polls show that Arnold is more popular than McClintock. After all, he's been in dozens of movies, so everyone knows his name. But the same LA Times polls show that twenty-five times as many Californians believe McClintock can actually do the job of governing the state than think Arnold can! Perhaps that is why McClintock is moving up in the polls relative to Schwarzenegger. It's a fun idea to have The Terminator running for office; it makes for good press, which is why the media has pushed him into the limelight. But when serious people start thinking about what is best for their state, they realize they need someone with experience dealing with something other than movie scripts and stunt men.

Then there's the issue of Arnold's moral character (or lack thereof). He pretends that he doesn't remember giving an interview to Oui, a pornographic magazine, 26 years ago. (See the Internet link below). I think I would remember if I had admitted to a national audience that I had participated in orgies at a gym, posed for a homosexual magazine, gotten stoned on hashish, and engaged in sex backstage just before competing in a major weight-lifting competition. But that's just me. Maybe such things are so ordinary to Schwarzenegger that he truly doesn't remember.

Schwarzenegger claims that was the "old Arnold." But Arnold insiders say that groping women he works with, making indecent proposals to strangers, and generally acting like Bill Clinton is the real Arnold. His staff is kept busy paying off women who complain and intimidating anyone who tries to publish the truth about him. In fact, Arnold staffers tried to stop a book publisher from publishing a biography unflattering to Schwarzenegger. When the publisher turned them down, they tried to bribe him with a promise of an "authorized biography." He turned down that offer as well.

One interesting Arnold quote from his website (See Internet link below). "As you know, I don't need to take any money from anybody. I have plenty of money myself. I will make the decisions for the people." I wonder is he realizes that last sentence can be taken two ways? Arnold supports homosexual "domestic partnerships", abortion on demand, and refuses to promise that he will not raise California's terrible tax burden even more. Do Californians really want to let that kind of man "...make the decisions for the people"?

Let's talk about Tom. McClintock is called "the most stubborn man in California" by friends and enemies alike. He refuses to bend an inch when it comes to restoring fiscal responsibility to California. He has vowed to cut taxes as well as the massive government waste in California. He is unabashedly pro-life, and unequivocally against homosexual marriages.

Here are a few paragraphs from McClintock's official website (See Internet link below):

"Tom McClintock is the foremost spokesman in California on conservative fiscal policy and state government waste. As the political columnist Dan Walters writes, "McClintock has consistently been one of the very few legislators who has been right about what California is experiencing."

The Wall Street Journal said of McClintock, "Mr. McClintock remains about the only man in California who has consistently projected correctly the magnitude of the budget crises of the 1990s."

The Orange County Register added, "Tom McClintock has consistently been among the most accurate forecasters of the effects of state tax and spending policies."

I was struck by the key word in all three paragraphs: "consistently". I have observed Arnold's rhetoric become more and more "Conservative" as the recall effort has proceeded. He has changed positions more times than Gray Davis in an attempt to win support. Tom McClintock states that he has not changed his position on any issue in his twenty years in government. I believe him.

Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante have made themselves irrelevant. Davis has shown how desperate he is by signing a law that he has twice refused to sign in the past, and which he vowed he would never sign (See the Internet link below). It gives illegal aliens state driver's licenses, the ability to vote, a cover for terrorists' activities, and access to all sorts of public services at taxpayer's expense. Bustamante is so desperate that he has cut deals with special interests for millions of dollars, deals that are now backfiring on him.

So it is likely that we will see one of the Republicans in the governor's mansion soon. Schwarzenegger thinks it would be fun to be governor. McClintock is dead serious about cutting taxes and government waste. Who would you rather see in charge of the largest economy in the nation?

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