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Conspiracy Theories

By Kathryn A. Graham

I’ve just spent the last several hours researching various “conspiracy” theories concerning the current administration of the United States on the Internet. This hodgepodge of pseudo facts and conjecture makes me really tired - in fact, it’s giving me a migraine - but I do feel strongly that some things need to be said to the American people.

My first overwhelming impression on reading this collection of confused and paranoid conjecture is that there are a whole lot of people in America with nothing better to do than come up with this nonsense. Is there a conspiracy? Yes, of course there is. A blindfolded, brain-dead idiot could see that. Are the streets and major buildings in Washington, D.C., laid out to form various occult symbols? Maybe, although I really doubt it - but even if they are, what the hell difference does it make?

The occult can only harm you if you believe in it!

Frankly, I’d bet my Grandma’s backside the only real conspiracy has zero to do with religion, the occult, or aliens from outer space. Trust me on this. It’s all about one thing and one thing only - it’s all about the money.

If I read one more word about the Illuminati, I’m going to start looking under the bed. Do high-ranking Masons practice an ancient pre-Christian religion? Yes, they do. Is it evil? Well, it certainly isn’t Christian, but my Christian friends should recognize the Biblical quote: “By their works, you shall know them.” I once worked for a year in a Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas, and saw some pretty wonderful - even miraculous - works. I certainly wouldn’t describe them as evil!

I do have one elephant-sized issue with Masons. It annoys me when I hear higher degree Masons (those who are acquainted with the Pagan mysteries) claim to be Christians. I practice an ancient pre-Christian religion, too, but I have the intestinal fortitude to say so. When a 33rd degree Mason tells me that God told him to invade Iraq, I start wondering if he’s taken his medication today - because the “God” he claims to be talking about is Jehovah, and I doubt seriously that Jehovah talks to Masons. Maybe Osiris, but not Jehovah! My own beliefs and practices are Celtic, not Egyptian, but they are surprisingly similar to Masonic rites in many ways, and in no way evil. So what’s wrong with a little honesty here?

The problem with honesty is, quite frankly, politics. Politics are the cornerstone for building the New World Order, and any politician today who admits to non-Christian beliefs risks being stoned on the steps of the Capital.

The New World Order is all about creating a favorable climate worldwide for business - meaning their business, not yours. Unfortunately, creating that climate will require a world-wide dictatorship and very strict controls on the common man. I oppose it bitterly because I believe in freedom, not economic slavery - and theocracy, one very real possibility for establishing such controls, would be even worse. We don’t need Joseph Stalin waving a cross! Are many high-degree Masons very active in attempting to establish said New World Order? Yes, along with many others. Are all Masons involved? Certainly not! Many devoted champions of individual freedom down through the centuries have been high-ranking Masons.

I think Masons are a natural target for the conspiracy theorists because of the high degree of secrecy they have always maintained about their rituals and practices. My own faith was guilty of the same thing, especially during the Inquisition, but those rules have been relaxed considerably in recent years, and I believe that to have been a wise decision. We still get our share of it, though. It truly amazes me that many Christians today still believe the most outlandish things about us when the whole truth is readily available in any bookstore.

The freedom movement in this country needs to lose these hysterical accusations. Hysterical accusations only dilute the real ones - and many who would support you are alienated by this psychotic ranting. Dare I suggest that another conspiracy, COINTELPRO, might be responsible for some of this? Frankly, I doubt it. They aren’t that bright, but some of these conspiracy lovers are playing right into their hands.

Our founding fathers understood that a person’s faith should be a thing separate and apart from politics. It shouldn’t matter if you worship Jehovah, Osiris, or rub blue mud in your belly button, if you respect the welfare and freedom of others, you should be free to worship in your own way. That is the most fundamental freedom of all.

If you want to work for your freedom and that of your children, please focus on the real issues and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by wild theories. The danger to our beloved country is real and immediate. All you need to do is read the history (don’t read a schoolbook - buy a real book) of the past 150 years to see that there is something very sinister at work here. Laws have become ever more oppressive. Officer Friendly on the street corner has been replaced by Officer Decidedly Unfriendly in ski mask, flak jacket and riot helmet. Protesters may now be labeled “domestic terrorists” and jailed indefinitely without charge, without trial, and without access to family or lawyers. We are in deep trouble, as a nation and as a people, and the danger isn’t in the least supernatural.

On a brighter note, over the last fifteen years, something new has entered the arena. Despite ever more oppressive gun laws, 34 states have passed shall issue carry legislation - which means that more and more average citizens are going armed. Despite this being clear evidence that our Constitution is being ignored (if the Second Amendment were truly honored, there would be no need for such legislation), I consider this to be the most hopeful sign of all. It is impossible to tyrannize an armed populace, and you may count on the fact that our New World Order leaders know this. Horrors such as Ruby Ridge and Waco could have been stopped cold if a few citizens had said “Enough” and held the firepower to back that up. Oh, I think Koresh was a complete fruitcake, but he had an absolute right to be a fruitcake in his own way. Would it have been wrong to prevent dozens of women and children burning alive at Waco? I think not! And I’ve heard plenty of rumors about Horiuchi shooting at those who attempted to flee the conflagration at Waco. If there is truth to those rumors - and I honestly do not know, but I do believe it possible of Vicki Weaver’s murderer - he could have been stopped permanently by one brave man or woman on the scene with a firearm.

The medieval philosopher, William of Occam, gave us the principle known as Occam’s Razor. In layman’s language, Occam’s Razor states that the simplest answer is usually the correct one.


We are in Iraq because several cabinet members planned an invasion long ago when they were part of the Project for a New American Century. The purpose was for American companies to gain control of Iraqi oilfields. Saddam’s supposed weapons of mass destruction were an excuse, and a lame one at that.

We invaded Afghanistan to prepare the way for the Unocal/Halliburton natural gas pipeline planned in the late 90s - which was tabled until a more favorable administration could be established in that country. We had troops on the ground in August of 2001 - the horror of 9/11 just provided the needed excuse to move in.

Osama bin Laden is the bloodiest criminal in history, but he’s no Islamic martyr, despite what his deluded followers may believe. He has attacked us - repeatedly - because we supported him during his war against the Soviets, and then withdrew that support when he won. Cut off his huge source of U.S. funds, in other words. Old bin Laden is just plain pissed.

We haven’t attacked Saudi Arabia for its well documented support of Al Qaeda because the Saudis have something approaching a trillion dollars invested in our economy.

The USA Patriot Act was written a number of years ago and was only waiting for a plausible excuse. It has long been a part of the plan leading us toward a New World Order - and fabulous profits for a few evil men.

The War on Terror is all a sham, smoke and mirrors created for the purpose of establishing ever tighter controls on the American citizen. If we’d really wanted Osama captured or dead, we could have had him inside of two weeks. But then, our leaders would have lost their ready excuse for these ongoing assaults on our freedoms.

We don’t need the Masonic Illuminati under the bed to explain all this. It’s all about the money!

It’s time for all Americans to stand together, non-violently, and say “Enough!” Our future, and our childrens’, absolutely depend on it.


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© 2003 Kathryn A. Graham

Kathryn A. Graham kate@kathrynagraham.com is Texas Director www.texasarmedfemales.com for Armed Females of America www.armedfemalesofamerica.com, and author of Flight From Eden www.flightfromeden.com, a science fiction adventure in freedom

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