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By Ted Lang

Ted LangGrass roots input to the election process has been eliminated. Elected representatives are answerable to only those forking over vast sums of money. Congressional representation is adjusted by mere redistricting as opposed to increasing the rolls to keep pace with the ever-increasing population. A sure sign of tyranny are laws so complicated and technical that only bureaucrats and "government officials" can understand and interpret them.

Big Brother must have gun control. So the government starts with Radio Free Europe, creates a federal secret police, which takes control of the New York Times, which in turn decides for all newspapers and network television news what to report, and then selectively produces "facts" that support gun control. The Times sends their most morally bankrupt fiction writer to cover the DC Sniper shootings to obviously generate yet more gun control propaganda. The government and the press are partners.

Gun control has been advanced under the guise of controlling crime, and gun accidents amongst children. But these are excuses to create fear and hysteria amongst the populace. The hysteria and liberal whining of Sarah Brady, Bill Clinton and his Million Mommies, the Violence Policy Center, and other Marxist front organizations, disarmed pilots that were armed. Three thousand of our fellow citizens were murdered, and national assets consisting of four airliners and two New York skyscrapers were lost by their extremism.

The establishment of total gun control in Great Britain and Australia shows gun crimes and violence skyrocketing at astonishing rates. Facts and statistics do not support the deliberately false claims of gun control. Yet, all this information is suppressed. And we know why: the government controls the Times, the Times controls the media, and the media brainwashes many ignorant, uninformed Americans. Generally, 70% of Americans reject more gun control. And upwards of 30 to 50 percent own guns.

Yet restrictions in violation of the Second Amendment continue because of media propaganda encouraged by government. And politicians are dependent on the press. So the grass roots gun owners opposed to more gun control are neither represented nor organized. Here is a world of opportunity for a supportive organization and a political party.

The traditional sources of such support have disappeared. Neither the Republican Party nor the NRA faithfully represents Americans anymore. I have consistently offered that a politician that distrusts and is afraid of an armed citizenry, should in turn not be trusted, and should be feared by an unarmed citizenry. President George W. Bush has shown his true colors as a typical lying and untrustworthy politician. He lied about "nation building," he lied about WMD, he lied about Saddam’s involvement in 9-11, and he lied about "regime change."

His continued protection of Bill Clinton and his continued assault on the entire Bill of Rights shows him to be a dangerous and addictive power monger. His support of the Clinton "assault weapons" ban is reflective of his growing despotism. And how sickeningly naïve for NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre to promise to his assembled supportive followers, "…the Clinton gun ban on semi-autos and so-called ‘assault rifles’ will not be re-enacted, I promise you that!"

Is Mr. LaPierre unaware of Mr. Bush’s ability to pass a major bill to significantly abolish the Bill of Rights via the Patriot Act? Has he forgotten how Bush savaged the First Amendment with Campaign Finance Reform? Has he forgotten how Bush teamed up with Senator Edward M. Kennedy to face down the individual by heavily financing socialist indoctrination of our young through the Department of Education? Is he unaware that even after the UN continues to demonstrate its support for communism, Bush continues to support its New World Order to rob America of its sovereignty? Is Mr. LaPierre aware that Bush is the supreme head of the Republican Party?

Then LaPierre and his NRA attack dedicated Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas, when he voted to oppose H.R. 1036 giving the federal government authority to ban state lawsuits against gun manufacturers, a violation of the Tenth Amendment. Wasn’t it NRA President Charlton Heston who advised Barbra Streisand that the Constitution, "which she was vaguely familiar with," is not like a menu at a Chinese Restaurant? "You don’t get to pick an item from column A and another from column B," if I remember his quote. "It’s all or nothing!"

Where was Wayne LaPierre when this transpired? Is it that he’s unfamiliar with Chinese restaurant menus? In his wacky, selective, structurally incompetent NRA world, it seems Wayne is always out to lunch!

Theodore E. Lang

© THEODORE E. LANG 6/29/03 All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.

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