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Suggested Ways for You to Make a Difference


Register to vote! Vote Gun Rights first!

Contact Your Hired Public Servants (Legislators)

Write letters to the Editor of your local newspaper

Introduce Someone to Shooting

Talk in Forums Join a Pro Firearms/Pro Liberty E-mail List

Strategize with Us - send us your ideas


A Three Year Plan for Activism


Join Pro-Gun/Pro-Freedom Organizations:

These organizations exist only to protect your rights. None of the small gun rights organizations are getting rich, most don't have a paid staff and their successes are directly related to your support, both financially and otherwise. Contact one and get involved. Don't expect anyone to speak for you - speak up for yourself through the organizations of your choice.

Contact Your Hired Public Servants (Legislators:

Find out who your state and federal representatives are, write down their contact information and keep it handy (e-mail address, fax number, home and office phone numbers, and home and office street addresses). Use the link on this page to find your representatives and to check on pending legislation.

Write letters to the Editor of your local newspaper:

Even blatantly anti-gun and anti-rights news outlets print our side from time to time. The practice will do you good. If you're not comfortable with writing a letter but are willing to send one written by someone else, pick from these letters -- ranging from mild and gentle to "in your face" aggressive. There are various sources on the web where you can find information on talking points on firearm related issues.

Introduce Someone to Shooting:

Some people are afraid of guns simply because they've never shot one. They've been spoon-fed fear by the media. They simply need a good, safe shooting lesson or two. Find a friend you care about. Share your excitement for shooting. Discuss the safety factor. Create an opening in their mind to the possibility that shooting is just plain fun. This is epecially true for members of the media.

Talk in Forums:

You can learn a lot and find inspiration and support by talking to other people about the various issues that arise around guns, activism, shooting and the like. Meet some good people. Have some good conversation on some of the many firearm forums. You can start up a thread at the Armed Females forum on the AR15Armory

Strategize with Us:

Send us your ideas for activism