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Thank you for being interested enough in your rights and freedoms to make AFA a stop in your research. Welcome. I hope you find what you were looking for, and if not, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At AFA, our main mission is to educate gun owners to the fact that their rights are in jeopardy. We want to unite gun owners from every discipline, from opposite ends of the gun-owning spectrum, and those who never saw themselves being politically active.

Whether you just have one home defense pistol, or you’re a hardcore gun collector who owns everything from a .50 caliber Browning machine gun to a Red Ryder B-B gun, this is for you. I don’t care if you own an Uzi, a high-powered hunting rifle, a .22 caliber pistol, or a nonfunctioning flintlock. YOU need to get involved. YOUR gun(s) are in danger of falling prey to some unconstitutional law, regulation, restriction, city ordinance, or statute; if it isn’t already, it will be. It is every American’s duty to protect, defend, and uphold our precious Constitution and Bill of Rights, whether you own guns or not, whether you “believe” in guns or not!

For those of you who think guns are evil and would like to see more gun control laws, it’s not gun owners whom you need to fear. We’re your neighbor, your child’s teacher, coach or dance instructor, your doctor, pharmacist, and bank teller. We mean no harm to you, your family, or to anyone else. We don’t like to see children die any more than you do. We love our children, and want to keep them safe.

It’s your politicians whom you should fear, although our Founding Fathers guaranteed us the right to keep and bear arms so our government would fear “we the people,” instead. They’re the ones leaving us defenseless while turning rapists, murderers, and child molesters back on our streets to offend again. You would think that they planned it this way as some sort of sick game of “Survivor.” They write the plot, but our rights keep getting “voted off” the record books because we don’t care enough to fight for them.

We can’t depend on our elected officials to protect our Constitution any more than we can depend on them to personally protect us from harm. They are not bodyguards, and neither are the police. We have to take responsibility for ourselves, there’s no way around it, there’s no getting out of it, it’s up to YOU.

Here’s AFA’s views on what can be done to help stop violence. Think about these items below and realize how much sense they really make. Then ask yourself, “How can I get my state and federal legislators thinking the same way?

Here’s a novel idea, instead of taking guns away from lawful citizens, let’s punish criminals. Murder is against the law no matter the instrument used. People who take the life of another person should not be wasting air. At the very least, they should get life in prison without the possibility of parole. The same goes for other capitol crimes. If criminals weren’t allowed to walk our streets, they wouldn’t be getting a hold of guns in the first place.

No plea-bargaining for capitol offenses. If their peers convict someone of a capitol crime, they should automatically get the harshest punishment. Do the crime, do the time!

No life-long appeals. If someone is convicted of a capitol crime, they should be allowed one appeal, and no more. If they can’t prove their innocence in two trials, don’t waste our time and money.

Punishment should be swift. If someone has failed to prove their innocence in their two allowed trials, and been sentenced to death, they should be put to death the next day. Feeding and supporting someone on “death row” is a slap in the face to their victims.

Enforce criminal code laws. We already have the legal means to get criminals off our streets, but they go free because of loopholes in the law, or they can turn state’s evidence against one of their cohorts.

Reinstate the death penalty in every state. If a criminal thought death was his certain punishment, he’d think twice.

Give every adult citizen the right to carry a gun for self-defense, in every state, no exceptions, no license, no background checks. An armed society is a polite society.

Fix the prison system so it’s not a “club fed.” Incarcerated criminals should have all rights and privileges revoked, no TV, movies, or radio. No state of the art gymnasium, or computer lab. Incarcerated criminals should not be allowed to waste our tax dollars by filing frivolous lawsuits from behind bars. These are rights of lawful citizens. Prison is a place where criminals are punished for illegal activities. If it doesn’t seem like a punishment when they come out, what will keep them from offending again on the outside?

Education. We need to get our kids trained on gun safety at an early age, so we don’t lose one more child to accidental shootings.

How can you get your state and federal legislators thinking like this, to change their attitude from, punish the innocent to punish the criminal? Vote! It really can be as simple as that. You can also write letters, many and often. As soon as an issue is presented that you care about, write a letter, tell your legislator how you want them to vote on a particular bill. Have your friends and family write letters, put a letter to the editor in your local newspaper, get people to wake up. You did!

Thanks for stopping by.

Live Free, or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime

Lori Broadhead,

National Director
Armed Females of America




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