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Armed Females of America
Mission Statement

AS ARMED FEMALES, our mission is to proudly represent all patriotic, strong, intelligent people who believe that…

NO-COMPROMISE means our rights and liberties are not bargained for, ever, especially when we get nothing in return. Giving something up without getting anything in return is not "compromise," it's surrender.

COMPROMISING our sovereignty, liberty, birthrights or honor is a direct slap in the face to our Forefathers' sacrifices, the Constitution, and all freedom-loving Americans.

OUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS is an individual, inalienable right endowed by our Creator, guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and directly supports our lives, liberties, safeties and pursuits of happiness.

A GOD GIVEN RIGHT cannot be legislated; cannot be turned into a privilege by a self-serving government who may then revoke it; cannot be judged or interpreted, and cannot be amended, added to a ballot, or repealed. OUR RIGHTS have no "loopholes." Any law restricting use, quantity owned or purchased, magazine capacity, configuration, caliber, firing operation, or age limits is unconstitutional.

REQUIRING ANY PERMITS, licenses, fingerprinting, background checks or ID cards is illegal under the Constitution. Registering guns means registering people and makes criminals of the lawful. All of the above mentioned restrictions are infringements on our rights as free Americans and we must not tolerate them any longer.

WE MUST PRESERVE and restore our rights immediately-and resist with full measure any attempt to reduce our rights with the same intensity, ferocity and commitment exhibited by our Founding Fathers and Mothers. BEING A "PATRIOT" is honorable; whoever says different is WRONG!

BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT, at the expense of the truth, is a weakness and has no place in a free society. GUN OWNERSHIP is our right as secured by the US Constitution, and we will not beg our government for permission to exercise that right.

OUR HUMAN RIGHTS are worth fighting for -- specifically, our right to keep and bear arms, and we're prepared to fight to our death to preserve those rights. We always seek peaceful solutions first, but never underestimate the aim of . . .Armed Females.

WITH GOD'S BLESSING and our diligence, we aim to remain FREE!

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