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By: Joe Nizzari

Walt Disney Pictures has made the correct and moral decision not to distribute filmmaker Michael Moore's latest film, "Fahrenheit 9/11." Anything Michael Moore produces is nothing more than political propaganda (Bowling for Columbine), aimed at discrediting America and all who believe in her rich history and hard-won freedoms.stupid white pinko

I, as well as many other Americans have seen the light of truth shed on Mr. Moore - an individual who has repeatedly proven himself to be nothing more than an anti-American zealot who believes in communist doctrine. Mr. Moore continues to attempt to strum the strings of the easily manipulated and misinformed, in an effort to create some sort of divided harmony among Americans. Well it is not working anymore.

I am sure the decision by Walt Disney Pictures not to distribute another one of Mr. Moore's lies was based on not wanting to be directly responsible for widening an already deeply split America at a time when we have soldiers serving and dying, and so much pain and suffering that needs to be healed.

Walt Disney Pictures should be applauded for its common sense decision not to distribute another lie by this putrid excuse for an American.

The more we expose this perjurer and liberal Bolshevik the more gun owners will see just how many fronts from which we are being attacked. If this anti-American fanatic were to just once tell the truth it would be a miracle. It is a pity that such film making talent has gone to waste. What's more sad is that this guy could do so much good with his talents. Instead he insists on perpetuating lies, making everything he does and says a far-left political statement, and the tripe that he is offering up to his followers is being eaten and digested. What a sad state of affairs it is.

If Moore were to put his energy into making movies/documentaries on gun safety for children, proper use and storage, self-defense, avoiding criminal attack and the reason why we need firearms, ALL types of firearms in our society, he would be a positive contributor to the ever dropping numbers of gun accidents and guns being used in violent crimes.

But no. Mr. Moore can't take the high road like a responsible American. He has chosen the low and easy road to bring his smokescreen of lies and emotional knee-jerk films to a theater near you. You see it is a lot easier to move a flock of sheep than it is to corral a herd of bulls. Well, Mr. Moore's misguided followers are the sheep, and his sheep are being led to the ultimate slaughter: tyranny; a demise that is being guided by the Pied Piper of lies and untruths himself: Michael Moore.

If the sheep continue to follow in Moore's twisted, deluded direction, eventually there will be no more sheep to lead. And that my fellow Americans is Moore's whole intent.

Moore knew that Disney wasn't going to release "Fahrenheit 9/11" a year ago. The fact that Moore knew this proves further that he is a blatant liar and his antics are nothing more than a self-serving agenda to bring press and attention to himself.

All I can say is God save America.

Joe NizzariJoe Nizzari is the Training Director of Line of Fire, LLC tactical firearms school in Las Vegas, NV and is a frequent contributor to the Armed Females of America web site.

"Honor and Integrity is my way of life... Period." Joe N.

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