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A Bill To Halt Global Gun Laws


Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) recently introduced legislation to ensure American taxpayers are never forced to fund United Nations gun control schemes. Several of Paul's pro-gun colleagues in the House of Representative have already cosponsored the bill, which prohibits the use of U.S. tax dollars for any UN measures that would infringe upon the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens.

Paul's bill, entitled the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act" (HR 3125), recognizes that perhaps the greatest threat to our 2nd Amendment rights comes from global Bureaucrats. The bill cites several examples of UN contempt for both American sovereignty and gun rights.

In fact, the United Nations has waged a campaign to undermine Second Amendment rights in America for more than a decade. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has called on members of the Security Council to address the "easy availability" of small arms and light weapons, by which he means all privately owned firearms. In response, the Security Council released a report calling for a comprehensive program of worldwide gun control, a report that admonishes the U.S. and praises the restrictive gun laws of Red China and France! Meanwhile, this past June the UN held an anti-gun "Week of Action against Small Arms" conference.

In fact, French President Jacques Chirac and the socialist president of Brazil, Luiz Lula da Silva, both advocate the imposition of a United Nations TAX on firearms for various utopian purposes.

Paul's legislation aims to halt the trend toward global gun laws by withdrawing American funding for UN gun control measures, while reaffirming that the 2nd Amendment is the law of the land within our borders.

"It's no surprise that UN bureaucrats want to impose gun control worldwide," Rep. Paul stated. "They don't respect national sovereignty, and they certainly don't care about our Constitution. Congress should make it clear that America will not pay for UN gun control schemes, nor will we allow the disarming of American citizens."

ACTION ITEM: Ironically, at the same time the United Nations was working to prohibit Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was called to investigate the illegal possession of submachine guns by bodyguards to Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.

This is ridiculous. Proposals to tax or otherwise limit rights under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution are reprehensible and deserving of condemnation. Go to our site below to send a FREE editable, pre-written message to your Representative, urging him or her to support HR 3125, the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act":


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