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"Revolutionary Majorities" -- Part Two

An Essay by L. R. Beam

An examination of the depth and magnitude of policies fostered by federal rulers detrimental to the people of present day America make the abuses of the English King's government pale into insignificance. One thing is clear; comparison of the criminal acts of the two governments makes those who value their liberty and freedom long for the bitter days of English despotism.

While there are many similarities between the first American Revolution and the second (coming soon at a place near you), there are also significant differences.

The first and paramount dissimilarity is that while our heroic Forefathers fought to overthrow their legally constituted government and were thus revolutionaries in the truest sense of the word, those who seek to break the quickly tightening bands of servitude today war against an illegal government that imposes itself upon the people under the color of the law. By the Washington regime's disobedience to and violation of the bonds of the Constitution, established by the Founders of this country, it has made of itself an unlawful body with no more right to govern the American people than has the present Queen of England. That the government survives despite the crimes it has committed is explainable only because the atrocities it systematically imposes are papered over with a veneer of legality. Propaganda that numbs the mind keeps people from rising against those who abuse them.

There is no law in this country - other than power, which currently rests with the Pirates of the Potomac, who pose as our lawful government while using over powering force to quell those who resist their destructive policies. The Constitutional Revolutionist of today is actually fighting for a transfer of power from those who can make no legitimate claim to power, to those who inherently hold it as a natural right - the lawful citizens of this country.

Another salient difference between the first American Revolution and the second is the contrast between the quality of the people of then and now. Our ancestors were strong men, who stated often that they were resolved "to die as free men rather than live as slaves." They were conditioned to doing their own thinking while at the same time ever holding before themselves the guiding lights of honor and duty.

Today, raised in the lap of luxury, many people gladly exchange their freedom for the right to accumulate material possessions. Not one person in fifty can truthfully state that his opinions are the result of independent research rather than the mindless acquisition of pre-programmed "opinions" obtained by indulging in endless hours of obeisant T.V. watching (that modern day golden calf of those lost in the mental wilderness). Further, most Americans do not know the meanings nor values of honor and duty, the two great concepts of higher man.

It is quite clear that the virtue of the present generation has declined to such a miserable degree that most people will never voluntarily help to make themselves free. Consequently they will have to be made to make themselves free.

A great objective of revolutionary majorities is that of thrusting freedom upon those who are too weak to make themselves free while providing its blessings for the stronger, more noble elements of the race. This is done in the firm belief that under sound government, future generations will be naturally healthy in mind and spirit. The revolutionary patriot benignantly grants freedon to others while establishing framework that will allow posterity to be both free and strong. Other than the "great commission" of the Lord, no calling is as exalted or as honorable. These two significant differences - one of law, one of character - between the first struggle for freedom and the present one is deserving of substantial thought and analysis by those capable of so doing. Consider what type of self-preserving behavior can be expected from a government that already wades to its knees in the blood of young men deliberately sacrificed to the false god of Internationalism. Were the government really intent on opposing Communism, it would start a war in Washington and work its way to Vietnam. What behaviour can be expected from a people who willingly pass their sons through the fire to be consumed? Each of these concepts deserve most careful examination.

Opposing the federal purveyors of mass murder and the "the friends of government" who make such perfidy possible are men who trace their political lineage to times of Magna Carta, and who are mental as well as physical descendents of the Founding Fathers. They believe, as did their forebearers, that government is a social contract entered into by people of a similar mind for their mutual benefit. This agency created by the people can only, legitimately, be their servant - never their master. Further, it cannot possess lawful authority to deprive those who create it (or their heirs) of natural rights. In normal times men who arrayed themselves against the criminal acts of government would be called Constitutionalists, but "these are the times that try mens souls" as well as test their courage. Thus contemporary patriots become known as Constitutional Revolutionists determined to overthrow every vestige of unlawful government doing so with a firm belief that honor demands and duty requires the reestablishment of the law of their fathers.

It can be realized then, that those who remain guilty of loyalty to the present illegal government in the District of Columbia are chargeable with treason to the Constitution of the United States and deserving the same fate of their historical predecessors who, in the name of the King, trampled upon sacred rights of Englishmen in 1776.

It should be stated in their defense, however, that most of those who are participants in this odious transgression against the good of our noble forebearers do so in complete ignorance of the law. Having obtained ninety-five percent of their misinformation from government licensed T.V. and the remaining five percent from conversations with others who are also completely maladroit at obtaining facts on their own, they are victims of methodical thought control which began during their childhood and has been continued at a subliminal level throughout their lives.

Though no doubt the maxim "ignorance of the law is no excuse for its violation" makes these people criminals, the mitigating circumstances of their lawlessness should be considered by those who are seeking to reestablish lawful rule in this country.

A period of grace, commensurable with what the struggle will allow, is in order, thus providing the present supporters of unlawful government an opportunity to defect as they became cognizant of the law.

By this fraternal act to the erring members of our race we serve not only the interest of justice but, at whatever point in time the grace period is of necessity terminiated, all excuse for collaboration with the enemy will have been removed. Having held long aloft the olive branch of peace and forgiveness, no just complaint can be made by those who failed to avail themselves of it, when with the other hand, the terrible swift sword of vindication falls upon their necks.

Even after the patriots of today have invoked "the Sprit of '76," and have successfully dammed the Mississippi with rotting corpses of the lying politicians, criminal bureaucrats, racial tratiors, communists, assorted degenerates, cultural distorters, and those who resist the implementation of lawful Constitutional government, these patriots will have exhibited far more restraint and benevolence than the present government of the United States. For while Constitutionalists of today war against those guilty of the most heinous crimes upon our people, usurpers in Washington destroy in mind and wherever possible the bodies of those guilty of nothing more than having white skin.

Coalescing within America today is a second revolutionary majority whose members in the spirit of their forebearers are resolved to die as free men rather than to live as slaves. Like their noble ancestors, today's revolutionary majority must fight for the children of carping critics just as fiercely as for their own families. Emulating its predecessor, obedience is given only to the dictates of the code of natural law. For once again the enemies of liberty use the law of the nation as their shield - yea - even their justification for destroying freedom of the people. A government exceeding the power granted by their fathers - they are not bound to obey but bound to resist.

John Adams said, that "freedon is a counter balance for poverty, discord, and war," and that if the revolutionary struggle failed, it would be because moderates tried to find a "middle ground" and to conduct "half a war," for freedom. Likewise, today's tired voices are heard calling for politics as usual - moderation as always. Such thinking has allowed generations to die in chains in former times and will so again if adhered to.

The age of the conservative like that of the dinosaur, has ended. Now begins a new age, destiny calls for her great men who by their iron will alter the pages of history from that of a tale of shame, cowardice, and decline, to a saga of glory, bravery, and rebirth. Soon, very soon, we will have a revolutionary majority...

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