Time for a New Century!

Throughout the 20th century, laws governing the possession of weapons (not just firearms) all over the Western world were becoming stricter and stricter. Proponents of harsher gun-control laws whined that there was no such thing as the right to own guns for sport, and that we should restrict guns to ‘save the children’. Sports shooters pleaded and begged and groveled that their enemies ‘stop punishing them for the misdeeds of others’.

Well, they both had it wrong. Because guns aren’t toys. At least, not mainly. Guns are powerful tools, designed to defend their owner through deterring the attacker or even killing him, if need be. You think Mikhail Kalashnikov developed the AK-47 to shoot rabbits? Or that the AR-18 was meant to shoot foxes? Yeah, right. The main purpose of guns is to defend your life. Or mine. Take away the weapons, and you’ll take away the right to self-defense. And when human rights – any human rights – are eroded, bad things happen. Like Waco. Or Ruby Ridge. Or Dunblane. Think it would have happened if they had armed guards in Dunblane Elementary like they do in Israel?

And that’s why now the tide has turned against gun-controllers. Look at how the Canadian gun-grabbers are struggling to keep C-68 alive. Look at American carry reform laws. Gun control is dying, because somewhere along the way, somebody got the point. It isn’t about sport shooting. It’s about what happens if you get attacked by the next social predator – whether or not you’ll have a .357 or just a phone line to dial 911.

But we got to get the message through – not only in America, but also in Europe. That’s why I’m asking all of you to support this fight. I don’t care if you want a gun or not. Even if you are the greatest pacifist on earth, gun control – that is, government-sponsored violence against those who choose to be able to protect themselves – is probably not something that you should support.

The Self-Defense Network ( www.rkba.co.uk/sdn ) is organising a chain of rallies to oppose gun-control all over the world. Join us! If we want things to change, we must have our voices heard.

Throughout the previous century, gun-grabbers have been winning almost every single fight against – no, not against legitimate sport-shooters or hunters or even guns – they have been winning in the war against YOU. Time for a new century. A different century.

Boris Karpa, President, Self-Defense Network

The Self-Defense Network (SDN) is an international activist group advocating the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA) for self-defense. For years and years, "conventional" human rights groups have ignored that right, if not outright opposed it. Now, we decided to remind them of it. Join us in the good fight – it's time for a new century!

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