Forward: The blame for these American atrocities should be placed squarely on the shoulders of American citizens who elect, by their vote, or their apathy, the political "leaders" who "order" these events. If we elected worthy leaders with righteous demeanor and values these tragedies would exist only in fictional accounts of imaginary societies. Every politician deserves a NO vote more than a YES vote. Get out and get involved! And Vote PRO-GUN! Editor

The Last flickering Days of Liberty

by Mike Straw

These are the last flickering days of liberty in what was once the united States.

A piece at a time, the great system put in place by our magnificent Founders has been dismantled and replaced by a dictatorship. Don’t believe me -believe Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman. They painstakingly document the transition from “democracy” to social fascism in their book, “The State vs. the People: The Rise of the American Police State.

Another convincing tool is the acclaimed “Death by ‘Gun Control’” by Aaron Zelman and Richard Stevens that fixes America’s place among the other totalitarian “governments” that systematically butchered their own citizens. Hard to swallow? Truth is a bitter pill.

Once, America was a country where, according to Theodore Roosevelt, “No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it.” Last week, in response to questioning by reporters, United States Supreme Court Justice Scalia announced that the Constitution was only a list of minimums. We can now expect, according to Scalia, that our liberties will be curtailed to be more consistent with those minimums.
We are at a unique point in the history of the Republic: all three branches of the Federal Government are now in complete agreement that the Constitution is no longer relevant.

We are now a nation of men, not of laws. What can we expect in this brave new world? Dead citizens. On any pretext. Among an extensive list, notable examples include Randy Weaver’s unarmed wife, Vicky, by shooting her in the face from two hundred yards away while she was holding her ten-month-old baby in her hands inside their home; his fourteen-year-old son Sammy, by shooting him in the back as he was running away and even his dog. Read “Ambush at Ruby Ridge,” by Alan Bock, available at Laissez Faire Books.

Emboldened by the total lack of resistance and public outcry when happily murdering harmless women and innocent children in Idaho, the feds, our erstwhile “defenders,” pressed on to Waco Texas and intentionally, mercilessly, and indiscriminately, slaughtered another eighty-six innocent Constitutionally-protected U. S. citizens, men, women, and children.

Talk show host Michael Reagan calmly pointed out that the Clinton Empire had used more tanks against American citizens at Waco than to support American troops slaughtered in Somalia. When Britain grimly paid fierce Hessian mercenaries to cheerfully slaughter brave colonial patriots, at least they didn’t torture and murder harmless women and innocent children: it took the bloody ATF to do that, and we’ve let them get away with it. Who’s heartless now?

Incidents like Ruby Ridge and Waco, although highly publicized, are the standard, not exception of “government” behavior. Before Waco, the last time any “government” burned innocent people alive for their religious beliefs was the Spanish Inquisition -and they didn’t do it on live disinformation media TV -are we progressing, or moving backwards? Watch “The F. L. I. R. Project,” by Mike McNulty, available from Laissez Faire Books, or just wait for the gore-covered ATF to appear ominously outside your windows.

What happened in Lidice, Czechoslovakia in 1942, and why is it chillingly similar to the events in Waco in 1993? Read “Stolen Lives,” available from Loompanics Unlimited, which documents over two thousand cases of citizen’s lives summarily ended by “law enforcement.”

This behavior on the part of our "beneficent“ government has been ongoing throughout our history.

In 1932, over twenty thousand World War One “the great war for civilization” veterans, led by the legendary double Medal of Honor recipient Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, already sickened by years of the most horrible warfare imaginable, peacefully assembled in Washington D. C. to beg congress (which should be more properly spelled “incongruous”) for their promised war bonus. General Douglas MacArthur, often described as an “American Caesar,” soon to be promoted George Patton and future Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower, whose most memorable quote is, “History does not long trust the care of freedom to the weak or timid,” burned them out with tanks; fully offensively-armed troops shot and bayoneted unarmed disabled veterans, their harmless wives and innocent children, just like at Waco.

Even resolute Israeli commandos refused to slay their bitter enemies, the murdering Palestinian terrorists holed up in the Church of the Nativity, and patiently waited them out, but here in the land of the free, we publicly incinerate eighty-six of our own innocent men, women and children with savage delight, even refusing permission for firefighters to douse their smoldering remains.

The May thirteenth 1985 Philadelphia “government” MOVE bombing, or those in the 1974 California Symbionese Liberation Army shootout are other examples extending back as far as 1890, when they murdered one hundred eighty peaceful, unarmed Native Americans at what the “government” described as the “battle,” one-sided as it was, of Wounded Knee. The common denominator is the same in our current undeclared “war.”

Either we’re a nation of laws or we’re not. The supreme law of the land is the Constitution -all of it -not just the bits and pieces “government” chooses to utilize for their own aggrandizement at a particular moment If, as our erstwhile Holy Lawgivers assert, they’ll “protect and defend the Constitution,” then when they betray that public oath, any further orders are therefore illegal. The Constitution plainly states that Congress declares war -it doesn’t provide the option to delegate that authority to a completely distinct and separate branch of “government,” the executive. The Constitution is the Federal “government's" Employee Handbook. It explains how the Federal “government” operates. Adherence to its edicts isn’t optional by those in “government.” If they find that they can’t abide by its rules, their only recourse is to resign their office or to amend the Constitution.

Was this Constitutional requirement fulfilled for our current expensive round of flag-waving? A mere matter of semantics, you say. Or would you phrase it, “it depends on the meaning of the word ‘is.’” Emotion is insufficient to compel a nation to destructive and irrevocable deeds, or should be.

At the beginning of the Civil War, the wealthy and politicians brought picnic lunches to casually observe what they believed to be the first -and final -battle, Bull Run. Murphy’s Law was in effect then, too. At other times, and in other nations, proud families patriotically waved flags and cheered on their brave sons to do glorious battle against the evil vermin at places like Auschwitz, Dachau, Sobibor and Treblinka. After the war, at their trials, they asserted that they “were just following orders,” a corrupt translation from the literal German, “it was legal for us to do so.”

Is Hussein a monster? Obviously. Should he be dealt with? Certainly. The vast majority of “anti-war” protesters don’t dispute it, they’re simply too politically naïve or ignorant to point to the proper legal documentation -forgive them, they’re products of our public schools -but like the supreme court’s definition of pornography, “they know it when they see it,” and they -and you -aside from your emotion, know that any “government” that refuses to follow the rules set down for it by the Founders is illegitimate, and its dictates shouldn’t be followed, legally, morally and ethically.

Sincerely, Mike Straw

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