By: Ted Lang

"Smart gun" legislation, now termed "personalized" or "child-proof" gun legislation, originated in the most corrupt state in the nation: left-liberal, Democrat-controlled New Jersey. The gun control activist that initiated that illegal infringement upon the ignorant residents of corrupt New Jersey lost his brother to gun violence. That is understandable to every intelligent human being anywhere within the Milky Way, except to this particular middle-tier activist.

He simply cannot come to grips with the fact that a criminal killed his brother, an FBI agent. Law enforcement officers have a high propensity for gun violence. But that didn’t impede this individual a bit, nor did it dissuade the corrupt politicians of New Jersey from passing this idiotic legislation. Of course, this unconstitutional and therefore illegal legislation, based upon a technology that doesn’t even exist, encountered little trouble sailing right past the ignorant, uninformed populace of New Jersey. And of course the New Jersey media never help matters by offering fair, balanced and unbiased information.

The New Jersey media is 100 percent behind any and all Democrats. Those Republicans that don’t accept liberalism are toast. Think Bret Schundler and Doug Forrester, both conservatives. Bush didn’t bother to help either, so Schundler never had a shot [not intended] at the Governor’s mansion. Left-liberal Republican and New Jersey Supreme Court Chief Justice Deborah Poritz appointed Democrat Frank Lautenberg as New Jersey’s Senator, replacing the corrupt gun controller Robert Torricelli who wouldn’t have been able to win against Forrester.

Lautenberg was eventually elected, but the time limit for his substitute candidacy had expired. Poritz, a left-liberal radical, summarily ignored the law she was sworn and appointed to uphold and put him on the ballot. Bush’s "Justice Department" couldn’t get the goods on Torricelli, so like Clinton, he skated. And now we have again in power, one of America’s most notorious and hateful gun controllers.

Why is New Jersey so corrupt? Where’s the competition in the media and politics? And what is New Jersey’s number one contribution? Gun control! Gun control, along with the highest income and real estate property taxes in the nation; the highest auto insurance rates in the nation; amongst the worst environmental polluters in the nation; and, the most corrupt politicians anywhere on the planet. New Jersey, gun control, and corruption; perfect together!

New Jersey has its own "assault weapons" law. "Justice" Poritz’s Supreme Court attack on the First Amendment rights of the New Jersey Boy Scouts required the intervention of the U.S. Supreme Court; yet, the latter refused to hear the violations of the Constitution by Jersey’s "assault weapons" illegalities. Not only is the Jersey ban illegal and unconstitutional with respect to the Second Amendment, it violates the Fourth Amendment concerning illegal seizures, and the Fifth Amendment by allowing confiscation of private property "without just compensation." It also violates Article I, Section 9, paragraph 3, prohibiting ex post facto laws. What in all of this is not within their purview?

The New Jersey "assault weapons" ban violates all these constitutional provisions, and is therefore totally illegal. Yet the Supreme Court refused to hear it! Get the picture? How’s that for "checks and balances?" How’s that for a "separation of powers?" Now if the highest court in the land doesn’t give a damn about the rule of law, why should we? If the Supreme Court of New Jersey doesn’t give a damn about the law, why should anyone obey the law or be intimidated by it?

Why should we, the people, obey any law used as a weapon against US to take away our property, our right to protect our families and ourselves, our earnings, and our wealth and the inheritances we wish to leave to our children? How is government serving the people -- by making the "assault weapons" ban permanent? The only ban that makes any sense for a free society is abolishing and banning government!

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Ted Lang is a columnist for the The Patriotist and the Sierra Times He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the May 30, 2003 issue of Ether Zone.
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